Win Zee welcomes 2008.

>> Monday, 31 December 2007

Currently listening to: Detlef Schrempf - Band of Horses

I really hate updating so frequently; makes me seem so lifeless. Well maybe I just am. Bleahh.

Oh, such a coincidence. Happy New Year.

Win Zee's Hopefully-Will-Suceed 2008 New Year Resolutions:
01Be thin - my ex-measurements, 48kg if possible (I miss being underweight!)
02Make up my mind on my future - career
03Nicer handwriting - elegant cursive, neater, readable
04Stop biting nails completely
05Speak French correctly (in terms of pronunciation)
06OVERCOME SHYNESS - more outgoing
07More confident
08More open towards criticisms and opinions

I so want to watch La Pianiste (French! xD)! Very, very controversial, very, very disturbing. And sounds more naked than Brokeback Mountain, teehee.
Erika Kohut (Isabelle Huppert) works as a piano teacher and secretly watches porn and plays SM games with herself. A student, Walter (Benoit Magimel), falls in love with her, but she refuses to simply sleep with him. She wants to play her games with him, but he's disgusted. He reluctantly follows her rules, which means disaster for both of them.

Elfriede Jelinek (as well as other Austrian writers) suffers from the coldness and casualness in Austrian families and society. Austrians (at least the Viennese) are often unable to articulate their pains, wishes, they suppress their emotions, often there is no real love, affection and nearness in their families. It's more important to show a perfect facade of society (even if this means to protect crimes within families to avoid scandals) than to deal with emotional problems.
I'm gonna marry a Viennese and introduce love into his life and create a harmonious place in Vienna. Jk, obviously. But that does give me an inspiration! HAHA.

While La Pianiste, this sounds sweeter. And it's set in New Zealand omg.
Mid 1800s. Ada is a mute who has a young daughter, Flora. In an arranged marriage she leaves Scotland accompanied by her daughter and her beloved piano. Life in the rugged forests of New Zealand's South Island is not all she may have imagined and nor is her relationship with her new husband Stewart. She suffers torment and loss when Stewart sells her piano to a neighbour, George. Ada learns from George that she may earn back her piano by giving him piano lessons, but only with certain other conditions attached. At first Ada despises George but slowly their relationship is transformed and this propels them into a dire situation.
Guess what? Rated R. Artistic porno. It sounds nicer on the summary. Too much info, OMGDNESS I'M SO HORNY. But I really love controversial movies, after watching I'll feel so high-class and all. Berlagak aje!

MOVIE HUNTING. That's, like, my dream. I'm a TV screen addict. Yeah la yeah la lifeless la.

2007 was quite an eventful year. I'm glad I made it more eventful than my other secondary years! Mainly because of the co-curriculum marks and all, but the other reason would be it's my last year (in DJ) to spend life. Well I wasn't sad about parting and all, somehow you're gonna meet again, like Yu Szen become 8TV punya CEO and Win Zee applying for news broadcaster post and saw Jo in TV3 discussing with Waning composing new tunes for McD and Qinmei become Win Zee's tormenting boss and Poh Hui the tormenting Vice CEO and Shu Zhen and Si Hui jointly published a book call The Facts Behind Neurology: What Dr. McDreamy Didn't Tell You and Yien2 the second Amber Chia and Mian2 the famous celebrity fitness trainer and Grace and Vivien started their own design company and... stuff. Life will turn out the way it does.

Bring it on, Life. I'm ready to accept your challenges. To start anew, to be belonged to this place and this self, and not feel lost.

Happy new year.


Randomly random. Seriously.

>> Sunday, 30 December 2007

Ok this is, like, so random. Just feel like blogging.

2008 New Year resolution still on-the-making... And this year, I SWEAR I'll try to accomplish at least one. No, make that two. Or three. Oh, well. I do hope I'll remember. I did one last year, forgot where I've put it. How pathetic is that xD

Am viewing DJ prom's photos. Yeah la yeah la I'm ancient and rare. OH MY GOODNESS can you imagine me looking at THIS PHOTO (view via facebook cuz I couldn't grab) slouching in my chair staring at the girl beside Michelle?
Poh Hui.
*sits straight* WHAT?!
(I think hor, DJ girls are prettier than CHS lor. Work hard, play hard is our motto.)
Adding photos to facebook.

It's so amazing how insanely gorgeous XY species can be. Insanely gorgeous, insanely beautiful. Seriously. The kind of gorgeous-ness where you just go...
*jaw drops, eyes bulging* Oh. My. God. So... so... WOW. BEAUTIFUL.
It's not the kind where you look at Miss Debra Priya Henry - that, you have to omit the 'omg' part. God is weird, man. No wonder they say God is a woman xD


Don't feel like sleeping. It's 0257AM now.

Job is boring. I learned how to photostat and bind! Ooh. The only 2 things I've learned besides eating Mentos to clear my breath -__-;; Today I was listening to a live broadcast of chick lit. Actually I was in the 'happening' place! The two colleagues(?!) of mine were talking about guys. Girl01 thinks hot bod is the #1 and only qualification. And some other stuff. I tell you I was listening and constantly laughing throughout the conversation until she left xD
I MIGHT leave work tomorrow. Some prejudicism :( Hopefully not. Cuz I need...

CASH. I NEED CASH FOR BOOKS. I saw Shahril Nizam's If Only (beautifully disturbing illustrations, beautiful poetry), Cecilia Ahern's Where Rainbow Ends, Love, Rosie, If You Could See Me Now and A Place Call Here. I'm a lovey dovey fan! Seriously I never thought Cecilia Ahern's books as chicken lit. I thought of them as love stories/romance novels, the modern, realistic-in-a-way kind. So hooked! Yeah I hook on to love stories/romance novels very easily, rush it in a day, remember the plot, read it dozen of times but never a favourite.

AEC currently broadcasting Qiong Yao's love novel-turn-drama Yi Lian You Meng (some Dream thing forgot the English title). Ridiculous! Where on earth got people in early 20s go to France to pursue PhD wan?! And the dancer has beautiful slim legs - which dancers don't have. Mommy's favourite novel :P Two sisters loves the same guy then something happened blabla. The theme song is nice though. Ridiculous! I'm currently reading one of her novels call Ting Yuan Shen Shen, halfway through, mommy's fave too xD She recommended it some more. Weird. Omgdness I love heartache despite its ridiculousness. The way Qiong Yao writes is very, very, very slow. I skip the sceneries, except the heartbreaking ones. Ouch! *clink clank* One good thing is that the names in lame old-school romance novels are really nice.

Ok done with the photos now going to get some shut-eye. Tomorrow getting passport photos. My shift would be 1-10. Borrrring. The minute I step into eBooks I already look forward for my last minute of shift. Sadness.

My name is, again, mispronounced and forgetable. Being in this situation for so many times, I don't bother, haha.

Ok nights.


Let's flirt so very randomly

>> Saturday, 29 December 2007

Ok so I'm kinda like browsing through teen websites these days and I found this site call which, like its name says, is all about lovey dovey stuff. And there I read the SWEETEST PICKUP LINES EVER.

If I could be anything I'd be a tear: Born in your eye, live on your cheek, and die at your lips.

Say 'hello' to the modern Shakespearian love.

Oh, the poetic!

If you held up 11 roses in front of a mirror, you would see 12 of the most beautiful things in the world.

You know those long walks on the beach everyone's always talking about? We should take one sometime.

This is SO realistically romantic it's SO much more romantic than the one above!

Ali Baba version:
Your Dad must be a jewel thief, cause he stole two diamonds out of the sky and put them in to your eyes!

The puppy-dog-pout watery-big-eyes version:
I lost my teddy bear... can I sleep with you?

If I was a puppy would you let me follow you home?

Who wouldn't fall for that?!

The scientific Pn. Lim-will-be-oh-so-proud version:
You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals, so let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel.

Another Shakespearian, SO Romeo and Juliet!
(Hands a girl a rose) I just wanted to show my rose how beautiful you are.

The, uh, religious version:
God was showing off when he made you.

The supposed-to-be-asked-a-few-months-ago-cuz-of-prom version:
You'd look great in my prom picture.

The fairytale version:
Your body is a wonderland. Can I be Alice?

This is very sad. Sadistic. SIIIIGH. The main cause of depression among the not-so-thin girls.
That extra weight looks good on you.

The I-don't-know-which-category version:
Can I have your phone number so my roommates know where to reach me in the morning?

This proves that American guys and girls are very open in sense of sex.
I'm abstinent. (Yeah la yeah la enough with your boasting.)

Am chatting with Waning and I hate the fact that every word I'm talking about school is in past-tense :(

Waning's bloggy is so student (SIGH) essay like I'm so lazy to read. Also I'm lazy to even view the photos she took cuz they're different photos for the same thing.

I WANNA GO NS. Good luck to those who are going. Good luck in getting in shape :P

Quote of the day (if I even start one):
Mae West - "Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before."

One minute of silence for Benazir, for whatever she had done to Pakistan, though I have no idea at all.



>> Thursday, 27 December 2007

Currently listening to: Ode to Serotonin - Nightmare of You

Sour shoulders. Ouch. RM4/hr is not worth it. My one hour worth at least RM8!

To Marry a Millionaire, Kim Hyun-Joo, Go Soo

Mom was hooked to To Marry a Millionaire. I watched the first 9 episodes (more than half! xD) and since the plot was so slow and predictable I ditched it LOL. In the drama Young-Hoon was SO dumb (in a cute way) he doesn't look cute at all xD But when he was acting as a millionaire he looks just extraordinarily dashing. I'm not angel la k.

And I totally love this picture. SO BEAUTIFUL.

Aren't they just cute? Go Soo looks like Won Bin and Kim Hyun-Joo looks like Song Hye-Gyo, so it's like another Autumn in My Heart! ARGHHHHFFF SO CUTE.

I realized if a Korean or Taiwanese drama is filled with cute people I'm more likely to be interested than a nice plot.

Job is very miscellaneous - not to mention sour! Ouch, my shoulder. Definitely not worth RM4 for one hour of my life!

How's the New Year resolution coming? I've yet to do mine, including the sewn thing we've said. Well since it's way past Christmas I'll just find another thing to do! That should be easier :P

I haven't been exercising! Stupid job.

Pregnant with a Swollen Heart, a very heartaching story. Her kid should be 3 now!
Sex, Etc. is a very informative sex ed site. I feel like changing the sex ed system (if we even have one) in Malaysia already! And maybe be the youngest recipient of Noble prize award.


Let's go treasure hunting

>> Monday, 24 December 2007

Currently listening to: Sky Blue Sky - Wilco

I watched National Treasure: Book of Secrets today!

Great effect. The beginning was a little boring though and at the end of the movie I don't understand the plot anymore xD Allover it's INTENSE. Sends heart pumping. It's the adrenaline.

Ben Gates (Nicolas Cage) has a great memory. Riley Poole (Justin Bartha) is funny and cute! I love the part when Ben kidnaps the President. And it's amazing how Mr. P is not angry - at all! Also, when Ben and Abigail Chase (Diane Kruger) went to the Oval Office of the White House, HAHAHA.

I'm fat and black and ugly. BLEAHH.

I'm hired! Look for me at E-books, no fixed time; flexible hours, part-time mah. Will start work on Wednesday at 1! RM4/hr. Yeah la I know very little but I don't even need that much money cuz I'm rich.
Can you actually believe I wasn't nervous AT ALL when I was being interviewed?!


Happy Dong Zhi.

>> Saturday, 22 December 2007

Currently eating: Tang Yuen

I watched Silent Night on Hallmark few days ago.
IT'S OFFICIALLY MY FAVOURITE MOVIE. (And Hallmark is officially my second favourite channel after AXN.)
(Favourite-r than A Walk to Remember.)
The movie is set during the winter or WWI in Germany. A German mother and his son moved into the warfront of Germany. Three American and three German soldiers invaded their little cabin and the woman found peace in them and eventually had such a touching Christmas together. :')
It's a wonder how the Germans love Hitler. They thought being drafted to war is an honour. Ooh, deadly honour.

Don't you think Christmas these days is SO commercialised? Christmas shopping doesn't allure me at all. Shopping never did anyway :P
Maybe I'm in the wrong religion to appreciate Christmas? xD

Ok maybe I'll go get another bowl of tang yuen ;D



>> Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Do you remember when we were just kids and cardboard boxes took us miles from what we would miss?
School yard conversations taken to heart and laughter took the place of everything we knew we were not

I want to break every clock, the hands of time could never move again
We could stay in this moment for the rest of our lives
Is it over now? Hey, hey, is it over now?
I want to be your last first kiss that you'll ever have, I want to be your last first kiss

Amazing how life turns out the way that it does
We end up hurting the worst, the only ones we really love

Is it over now? Hey, hey, is it over now?
Is it over now? Hey, hey, hey, it's not over now
I want to be your last first kiss that you'll ever have
I want to be your last first love that you'll ever have
Lying here beside me, palms and eyes open wide, I want to be your last first kiss for all time

I finally understand why there are so many penangguran these days. SIGH.


Good luck in Mummy Land.

>> Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Currently listening to: Marry Me - Nightmare of You

Do you know what's scarier than job application? JOB APPLICATION!

I hate bowties. Look so clown-y.
I might have well die when writing my resumé/CV. Or die at the minute the person pick up the phone.
Ok continue reading.

Trip to 1U yesterday was totally fulfilling. The fun-est trip! xD
Joanne Teo looks the same. Felt weird speaking to her in English, needs some getting used to and my English is, like, SO CHINESE. EEW.
Shu Zhen, Poh Hui and Jo couldn't recognize! Like, damn cool. xD
We went to so many stores.

#1 McDonald's
I went there, so proud that I didn't get lost! xD I went in and couldn't find Joanne Telur. Apparently she was waiting in Guardian! And I was the second to reach. Purposely go there late cuz nobody reaches on time! o_O And then Shu Zhen and Poh Hui came (Poh Hui is, as usual, casually hot!). They bought ice-cream, I bought medium-size French fries (waiting for SO LONG). Saw an American telling stories to his friends with all his 'like's xD He bought RM9.61. Then Jo called. She just woke up. At 11.00. LOL. She stared at me. I waved to her. She sat down. I felt disappointed. "EH WIN ZEE AH?!"

#2 Some random stall
CUTESY STORE. Milk carton radio, piggy radio, Hidamari no Tami! AHHH. And The Last Supper paper weight sculpture thingy.

#3 Miss T
The Taiwanese clam shop. I LOVE THE HUGE SOFT PIGGY OMG.

#4 Mini Toons
OMG THE CUTESY STORE. TOTALLY FELL IN LOVE. Jo got lost after talking to some guy forgotten his name. I waved to her. She just see me and walked away. LOL.

#5 Secret Recipe
Fish & Co. looks yummy but more expensive. So we ended up eating at the store beside that. Telur, Susan and me ate Set B, Spaghetti Bolognese (chicken), Iced Lemon Tea and Brownies. Poh Hui ate Set B, Spaghetti Bolognese (beef), soft drink (Coke?) and dapau Brownies xD Jo ate Noodle in Tom Yum Soup. LOL.

#6 Girls
OMG SO PINKISH. Jo and I fell in love with earrings xD The handbags, though glam and pretty and all looks so bitchy and I feel so wrong trying with one golden one. Omg the earrings xD

#7 Teddy Tales
Yay a normal-er store compared to Girls. OMG THE THINGS ARE JUST SO COOL. Vomit, bloody thingy, rubber scorpions and coakcroches and stuff, masquerade masks, ethnic necklaces, charm bracelets. Someday I'm gonna own Teddy Tales xD

#8 Momoe
The Japanese clam shop. The shop's design never fail to scare me, looking all crumpled and broken down xD

#9 Popular
OMG LANGUAGE BOOKS. Russian is weird. I forgot the French I read in the BBC talk book thingy xD That's where I learn my French and un-learn! Seriously, I don't remember what I learned except the numbers, some basic greetings and 'what is it?' xD Italian is nice but I'll just put that aside first. Cosmetics seriously can change a person's look. Waning since you got bored of my looks I'll put exaggerated make-up next March, like false eyelashes xD

#9 Jusco and Sinma - toy and cosmetics
We went to the toy section somewhere in the middle but I'll just put it here.
Jo and I went all crazy with the cosmetics in Sinma and Jusco - Silky Girl, Maybelline. LOL. Blue mascara is weird. Miss Eggy bought a lipgloss, Silky Girl, RM9.90 xD

Susan's sister is, like, SO HOT. OMGDNESS xD

Prom and after-party since boring. Thank goodness I did not go?

I was looking through jobs at Star Classifieds and found some... jobs I'm interested in. I think. There's one: Models & Talents wanted for commercial & catwalk. All aes are welcome. Call Ron at 0173475807. LOL.
No. I can get a job. Definitely can wan la.

House is nice. Eew yuck 60 feet tapeworm. C.I.P.A. is the insensitivity of pain, not lack of pain or something. Vitamin B12 causes guilt. WEIRD LA WEIH. I love British accent xD I love House's sarcasm.


Cute little cousin bro: Eek, papa don't love mommy already.
Papa aka my uncle: *stuns* Yeah lor, I don't love mommy already, I love qiqi aka me.
Who couldn't love him?!

Few days ago I dreamed that my mom was pregnant and she gave birth and congratulations it's a girl! now our family is similar to my second uncle's family. I was so disappointed cuz I was expecting a boy cuz girls are like so little air (xiao qi) not nice to play with. I love playing with hair k. :P


Some sort of marathon... movie and blog.

>> Monday, 10 December 2007

Currently listening to: Me and Mrs. Jones - Michael Bublé

I (finally) watched Brokeback Mountain! After 2 years since the movie's out, and after 3 months since Famine 30 camp :P

Quiet and melancholic. Though not as colourful as The Constant Gardener :) Colours make the world go round! I do deduced of something from this movie: I think Ang Lee doesn't read novels. Either his director life is too hectic and topsy turvy, or he just doesn't like words.

Laureen Newsome (Anne Hathaway) and her newfound beau. Waning and Jo and Hsiu Ling go all OMGOMGOMG when they told me about Anne Hathaway got topless/(half) naked. I thought it would be like she stood in front of Jake and took off her last piece of see-through silk shirt. (What, they say she was half-naked!) Apparently... no. And it wasn't anything to go OMGOMGOMG about.

Ooh, Ennis's (Heath Ledger) from Australia. Only his (supposed to be faux?) country accent sounds natural. Love his harsh voice even though I don't get a word he said xD I'm not a good listener. In a way.

Jack f*cking (his Ennis-christened middle name) Twist. Oh, speaking of that I start to like curse in every sentence I speak. Inside my heart, of course, DUH! I'm easily influenced, blame the brain LOL. Anyways, don't you think he resembles Woody? I stared at Jake Gyllenhaal for quite some time because he reminded me of somebody...

Next on with Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, starring Jim Carrey, Jim Carrey and Jim Carrey. That's what the trailer said. After 3 years the movie's out. I'm so ancient.

I love Count Olaf!
Violet: Roast beef?
Count Olaf: Beef, yes. Roast beef. It's the Swedish term for 'beef that has been roasted'.

Count Olaf: Why aren't you orphans in the kitchen preparing dinner?
Violet: Dinner?
Count Olaf: It's the French word for the evening meal.

Uncle Monty: Now, the children will be helping us extensively with the research in Peru. Do you have any experience with children?
Count Olaf: Children are strange and foreign to me. I never really was one. I do know that they are an important part of the ecosystem.
Who couldn't love Count Olaf besides Waning who thinks he's evil? x3

The poor, poor Baudelaire orphans. Inclusive of their primate infant. And idiotic Mr. Poe. Violet (Emily Browning) is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It's the Malay word for cantik. Oh, and she's from Australia too! Why is everyone from Australia?

I couldn't get enough of Klaus (I even like his name. Sounds so German!), so I got Liam Aiken :) Do you know that he's same age as us most DJians? Older than me by a year, that is? He's out there in Hollywood and we... we're not even picked by Yasmin Ahmad! Sigh. How do you pronounce his name? Lee-am, Lai-am, Lee-aam... something.

The Engagement Ring, a made-for-TV movie. Absolutely delightful, delicious (literally), and the Aspartame Italian romance! I feel so noble because I skipped CSI: Miami.
Alicia Rosa and Nick Di Cenzo were childhood sweethearts in vineyard. Nick got called to the army, and he decided to propose to her through mail! Aww, how sweet. The bad thing about this sucrose thing is that California has its daily mini earthquake and the letter somehow just got lost in the mail. She never knew, he never knew. Alicia got married with Johnny Anselmi. And then 40 years later the postman finally felt it was his responsibility and passed them the somewhat ancient letter. That time Sara Anselmi and fiancé Brian were trying to buy Di Cenzo's land for their wine business, but Alicia didn't want to. Sara met with Tony, Nick's nephew.
"It's the Di Cenzo curse!" Nick, Alicia and Johnny; Tony, Sara and Brian.
I LOVE THE CAMEO CHEF WHO IS SO FRIENDLY AND FUNNY AND BEING ITALIAN and I love that sort-of tradition of thanking the chef by kissing (on the cheek), cuz he was scolding Tony for interrupting while later kissed him (on the cheek) xD I mean, for Jo, what if the guy with you is extremely cute and you had a crush on him since forever? xD

I love sarcasm. I love Italian accent!

Yay tomorrow Romeo & Juliet.

Might go to Kedah for their Yamaha piano something. Heck, I don't even know why I go there. I did not say that. Maybe I have DID - Damsel in Distress Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Maybe after movies I'll go with K-drama marathon, HEHE. I bought like so many of them last time, didn't had the time to watch! I just love their mindless heartaches and romances. Have to get a job to prevent from falling into the bottomless pit of boredom. Wait, I already did.


Taylor's Open Day and off-topics

>> Friday, 7 December 2007

After attending Taylor's Open Day, I realized...

Taylor's doesn't have its own shuttle bus service for students. Most probably. And it's late.
Taylor's lecture theaters don't have like a long table with a long seat but instead individual seats with no tables.
Taylor's toilets are out of the world... more precisely, out of touch of the world.
College students have accents?
I'm afraid of heights.
I most probably don't wanna spend my years in a building.
I need to learn how to ask quality questions.

Maybe I'm not suited for mass communication. Cuz I feel guilty for unable to help people, and it doesn't seem interesting... that explains why all adults are boring. TESL can go to New Zealand, UK, Australia. OMG NZ AND UK. But I don't wanna teach perfect people, when there are still so many imperfect kids out there in the Sarawak jungle like Daneng running around naked waiting for their basic education rights. Actually I'm more for poor Africans :P

Bought doctorjob. Saw some people like Kevin, Jia Sheng, Sher Min who enrolled for SAM. And an Eurasian/a guy of mix parentage! He is pink, literally. After the talk and a round in the exhibition Jo and I went to the cafeteria. Saw buffet but the people who are eating are not visitors. Sigh. We sat there, smelling food, chatting, laughing, etc. Random stuff like our families, fortune telling, jobs, careers, pre-Us. Stuff. Throughout the day we drank only three small cups of cold Vico in rainy day. Not bad, eh?

Do you know that my mom ticks and circles jobs in The Star's Metro Classified?! xD I think she prefers me to work as a clerk than a waitress. But the job seems really anti-social. I thought besides earning $$ I'm supposed to develop some essential soft skills like SOCIALISING instead of just basic office skills like operating the photocopier. Like, ultimate sadness.

Researching for diploma is hard. Decided to continue my lessons on January cuz for December I'll only have 2 lessons, which is totally not worth almost RM400.

GAHHH. What if I ended up doing NOTHING?!
(Aww, this is so sweet! Marina Mahathir's latest post on 031207 is totally sweet. I mean, the way she uses her words in the last paragraph. Jo would be more interested in this :P)
What if years later I ended up in a course I don't really like that much and work in its related field for the rest of my life WITHOUT ENJOYING IT?!
(Eh do you know that Jien and Sarah Tan is going to get married low-profile in Bali?)
That's, like, the ultimate of ultimate sadness.
(And my never-before-seen cousins sister is getting married in Phuket, the place where Tsunami hits! I WANNA GO. Cuz #1 I don't remember how she looks like #2 she's a UK PR/citizen/something #3 I don't KNOW how she looks like #4 she comes from UK! #5 the boyfriend seems to be a non-Malaysian. Like, duh.)
I don't want my life to be SO boring! And I wanna do it for a noble cause to syok sendiri like working in a non-profit organization. They earn A LOT, you know, but jobs are limited since it's non-profit, gets little money from government etc. But but I don't wanna lead my life like a FAILURE without doing even a teeny weeny GREAT cause to syok sendiri like go to Sudan to teach or to Ethiopia to help people or to some war-torn country to help and die very noble-y (maybe I'll get a Noble Peace Prize or something) or to South Africa to see flowers!

Ooh, flowers.


THEY NEED HELP. I'M SO GONNA DIE NOBLE-Y THERE AND GET A HUGE SUM OF MONEY FROM NOBLE PEACE PRIZE AWARD. But I think they're quite biased, cuz some guy got some award for publishing a book about saving the environment, while Tun M doesn't even get an award for the Bosnia thing. (Don't know what happened but must be really great.) Same goes to Venerable Hsing Yun and Venerable Cheng Yen. Like, damn biased.

Think you so great ah?

Eh, off-topic.

Come on la, Malaysia is not that bad. Don't be too pro-Western cuz they think we tidak bertamadun (except Singapore).

Stupid politics. Stupid coloured glasses. We all semua human, kenapa mesti racist? It's, like, not respecting yourself because you're looking down on your same species, who is related to you in some ways; and when you're looking down on people who is related to you in some ways, you're looking down on yourself because the way you look at and treat people reflects yourself.

Wah, so philosophical.


Across the Universe is where we stay

>> Thursday, 6 December 2007

Spoilers? its wikipedia page and its official site.

This The Beatles concept movie musical is weird. Artistic. Don't watch. Great soundtrack! Love the strawberry. You'll understand why it's a strawberry if you watch/read this post, HAHA.

It all started like this...

Jude (Jim Sturgess), a Liverpudlian, singing Girl by the beach. Love his voice, love the song, HE'S SO CUTE. (Hey Jude)

Max (Joe Anderson) after he comes home from Vietnam. I love his character xD (Maxwell's Silver Hammer)

Lucy (Evan Rachel Wood) is Jude's girlfriend! Jude is very artistic. He draws. Doodles. Cartoons. Stuff. (Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds)

Stuff like this. They are strawberries pinned on a board. Represents blood? Do you know that in the movie strawberries represent bombs? o_O

Prudence (T.V. Carpio), whose sexual orientation I'm confused of. She's either a bisexual or lesbian. As long as she loves females. (Dear Prudence)

12th street riot if I'm not wrong. A very moving scene. The boy died. One of the goofs during the funeral when they were singing Let It Be was that the boy was breathing when he was supposed to be dead xD

Ooh, and Bono as Dr. Robert with his psychedelic bus. Somehow they were riding on the bus and they reached some unknown place. (Doctor Robert, Magical Mystery Tour)

And they went to a VERY disturbing circus. That scary guy is Mr. Kite. Ooh, it rhymes! "They're just blue and... chilled out!" (Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!, Yellow Submarine)

Ooh, Lucy and Jude jumped/fell/lied into the water (cut) and kissed very passionately under water. Really cool cuz Jim is hot and Evan is hot they actually managed to cover their private parts! Oh, and this pose was the famous nude pose of John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

And they lied on the grass and sang Because, really nice. Clockwise from top: JoJo (Martin Luther McCoy, Get Back), someone, Prudence, someone else, Lucy, Jude, someone someone else, Sadie (Sexy Sadie).

So after all the peace activism and Jude returned to Liverpool, he returned again to NY legally to make sure that Lucy did not die in the bomb explosion. He sang in the rooftop after Sadie and her band Sadie and the Po Band were captured by the cops singing Don't Let Me Down. Jude was singing All You Need is Love and then...

I nearly cried in this scene! I mean, Jude was almost crying, his expression made me wanna cry :')

I feel high-class for watching an artistic musical Not exactly a must-watch, I'm not even sure if Malaysians will actually like this o_O But after understanding the plot (sigh) I really love!

Walked around The Curve, entered Nichii, I think the lady remembered me as the girl who went it thousands of time HAHA. M doesn't suit me. Don't even know if it's a good thing.
Feel so fat today. Ate garlic bread from bread Story, hot milo in Kluang; a little of Sher Min's cotton candy; my cheese puff from Bread Story (HEHE); mom's spaghetti. Yumm.

Tomorrow's our class trip, which I'm not going, don't feel like it, hehe. Have fun.



>> Monday, 3 December 2007

Find me here, speak to me, I want to feel you, I need to hear you
You are the light that's leading me to the place where I find peace again

You are the strength, that keeps me walking
You are the hope that keeps me trusting
You are the light to my soul, you are my purpose, you're everything

And how can I stand here with you and not be moved by you?
Would you tell me how could it be any better than this?

You calm the storms, and you give me rest
You hold me in your hands, you won't let me fall
You steal my heart, and you take my breath away
Would you take me in? Take me deeper now?

'Cause you're all I want, you're all I need, you're everything, everything
You're all I want, you're all I need, you're everything, everything
You're all I want, you're all I need, you're everything, everything
You're all I want you're all I need, you're everything, everything

And how can I stand here with you and not be moved by you?
Would you tell me how could it be any better than this?
And how can I stand here with you and not be moved by you?
Would you tell me how could it be any better, any better?

Everything, Lifehouse



>> Saturday, 1 December 2007

Omgdness reading my previous posts makes me laugh but especially THIS
So unromantic and childish, haha.
Let's try another one.


Writer's block. HAHA.

Dear Anatole,

It is, still, a miracle to me of how we actually gotten together. We are distinctly different, like the sun and the moon; but we are the same - we are both part of the vast blue sky.

We met again randomly on the streets, after so many years, and we sat in a café and talked about everything and nothing. You changed into a more mature man, but you are still the same guy I've known in school. You said I seemed to be more attractive, physically, emotionally, mentally, and witty. You even added "guys like witty girls". Till now I don't know whether you are flirting or you are just simply complimenting me; you don't want to comment anything about it whenever I ask you about it, stating that things are best left mysterious. Whatever your mysterious statement means, one thing is clear: we got together.

You taught me French, that romantic language I had been wanting to learn so much, and it was only then I realized I don't have the talents for languages. Je t'aime aussi - the word you had been so enthusiastic about. For one week that was the only word you taught me. You tried to perfect my pronunciation, wanted to turn me into a native French belle, you said.

And then on my birthday...

You are such an evil man. And yet that was - is - the reason I love you. You're my exclusive Devil.

In exchange for your romantic French lessons, I taught you how to play the piano. Your friends once told me you went to pick up the violin so that you could play me that violin concerto I love a lot. You laughed at me when I confronted you with it, but your mother did tell me about the squeaky sound she heard from your bedroom! What can you say about that?

You promised me that when we get married (eventually), you would bring me to South Africa during spring to witness the ocean of flowers I always wanted to see. And you said you would bring me for a backpack trip in Europe and get a ride in the hot air balloon in Germany for our second honeymoon. How about our third honeymoon? I asked. You said you would be too poor to pamper me by then. Oh, how devilish of you! But I already feel like honey, even if we are not honeymooning.

Since the past 4 years, I've witnessed you changed from Mr. Romeo to a more mature, stable and humble man, not to mention less macho. You said it was because of the heavy workload; your friends said it was because of me. I don't know which to believe, but I can still embrace you like last time, because you're still mine, and because you're the same man I love. Have I changed? You give me the same answer everytime I ask you: you're still the same girl I know and come to love 4 years ago.

My answer would be 'yes'. Happy birthday, Devil.

Amorette, your exclusive Angel

Writing this is so difficult. I tried not to be so joking. And it's so hard to explain things, I don't know why o_O
Somehow, this faux love letter seems to reflect on something...
Sano from The Law of Ueki said before to the bead-bomb girl: "Even when you don't love somebody anymore, part of you still loves him."


Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer

Currently listening to: Holiday - Boys Like Girls

I, like, like Boys Like Girls's Boys Like Girls album :D

My calves ache so much I can't walk properly. Ouch. My punishment for walking more than 60 minutes and downloading too many much songs and cramp my beloved iTunes and not drinking water that often anymore and not concentrating on ming ju jing huas?

Omg, December already! Happy birthday, Eva :)

Gotta work on piano.


With all the rojak

>> Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Currently listening to: You Won't Be Mine - Matchbox Twenty

Ooh, did I become thinner? Say 'yes'! It's spelled as Y-E-S, not Year End Sales, people -__-;; I don't have a diet regime, I just go for brisk walking every afternoon at least 30 minutes/5 rounds, which my speed gets slower every round, boring sceneries. Do you know that if you exercise for at least 1 hour your body will continue to burn fat for 24 hours? And your fitness level will stay the same for 72 hours and it'll drop, thus exercising at least 3 times a week? Ooh, our body is fascinating, I guess. But taking bath shower after vasodilation and fuchsia tomato face is totally cooling. (Ignore the wasting water and soap and detergent for washing clothes hehe.) Do you know that I can yawn while walking?

Travis's The Boy With No Name album is great! :D

I start to type in perfect English. As in less Manglish. Is it a good thing? o_O

Apparently my parents can afford me to go to college. So we're not so poor after all. I want mass communications. And I don't care I don't care I'm not going to college that compact atomic size building with no grass at all and you can't ride bicycle or take a walk or run like mad to the next faculty and no trees like in Harvard I'll just use the excuse that I'm claustrophobic because I'm so not going to spend my last student years in a compact atomic size building with no trees and grass at all and graduate before I'm an adult I don't care if I earn less money than you rich people who will later inherit something huge cuz I want trees and grass.
Yum, sucrose. Heh.
Mom wants me to study Teaching ESL or pharmacy. OMGDNESS.

Harvard University
I couldn't get a better picture la! But here you see there are ROADS and TREES and GRASS and LARGE BUILDING.

Love Story at Harvard, Kim Rae-Won and Kim Tae-Hee the Aphrodite
How romantic is it to ride the bicycle with your lover in the university?! Obviously this is NOT the reason for getting into university but we all have the right to fantasize :P

I'm not a minimalist when it comes to buildings :P And don't you think Kim Tae-Hee is, like, Aphrodite? Last time some Korean professor created the most beautiful woman by combining different features from different Korean stars and she looks like Kelly Ng. And the beauty is not even close to Kim Tae-Hee's or Song Hye Gyo's or Chae Rim's or BoA's or whoever's O_O Seriously. Not that Kelly Ng's ugly or anything :P

I've been following Hui Niang Wan Xin (I prefer to call it Wan Xin Story than Maid Wan Xin cuz Wan Xin is NOT a maid; she's just a substitute wife LOL) very religiously. It's GREAT. Li Zong Han has a really gentle aura; Li Bing Bing looks so mature and girlie at the same time. OMGDNESS do you know that the people back in the early 1900s FRENCH?! xD I love their accent. Very graceful and elegant. I wonder if in the later development there'll be the WWII. I like watching WWII cuz only true feelings last in the harshest condition.
I'm such a die hard romantic :P

Travis's The Boy With No Name is really great.


The musical brain

>> Thursday, 15 November 2007

Currently listening to: Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron & Wine

Yay no paper today, and tomorrow's EST.

Anyways this will be a really short uhh musical update. (SPM is too depressing to be talked about.)

I love Travis, a British Scottish band! I love their The Man Who and The Boy with No Name albums! 12 Memories is is not bad.

The Man Who

The Boy with No Name
(The vocal Fran Healy couldn't name his son, Clay, until the fourth week. Hence The Boy with No Name :)

12 Memories

Yikes, downloaded too many albums.
Aiyah, I love la.

When I was SPM-ing, this song kept playing and I dunno where it's from: I love the way your body burns... Just that line. Hmm.

Missing Anberlin and Stephen Christian's vocal. Ladeedum.

Mommy says La Manila needs tenaga manusia. I'm so there for you cakey.
Chicken Essence is yucky. I have Brand's 6 bottles + 1 with wormgrass thingy on my table cuz the kitchen has no space for it, haha.
Side effects of SPM: Sleepy, drowsiness, fatigue, lethargic, flu, failing food-resistance.
Sometimes I wonder if PMS is a good thing. Cuz having PMS means you have not enough fats in your body.


Good morning, gorgeous!

>> Wednesday, 7 November 2007

It's a beautiful morning out there in Taman Megah at 10AM :)

You know what since I'm in one of my rare extremely good mood days I shall be laaame for a moment.

No la people I don't feel extremely good mood in normal days. Those are just... normal mood days. Duh o_O In fact I never feel good in the early UNGODLY hours in the morning - unless I'm by myself.

I have a guilty pleasure, people.
Ok lah some guilty pleasures. Chocolates, The Spill Canvas, The Feeling, seventeen (hehe :X), and so very absolutely,


I love alone time!

Appreciation and the Bomb, The Spill Canvas

Seriously, I love being alone. Especially when I'm feeling moody.
Yes, people! I get moody, at times! Most of the time it's the hormones, or maybe stress, cuz I'm usually moody without any apparent reasons.
(Let's see if I can write in British English.)
I don't think I have experienced what people term as loneliness. Or maybe I am not in touch with my feelings? I guess I don't!
Iish British English is so hard and so emo.
I like being alone! Because when being alone I can do (almost) whatever I want! I can listen to music, daydream, stare blankly at JJ posters thinking of nothing, write, daydream, stare blankly at nothing, etc. That's obviously NOT my dream life. Boringnya.

Blue Piccadilly & its hidden track I forgot the name, The Feeling

I like the way the English sing, the 'T' is very clear and precise. Since I can't do it, I like it, nyehe. (Jo: Zeeeeeeee!!!!!! swt.)
I need to find some more distractions to fill iTunes with chunks of songs cuz I will get bored of TSC and Feeling. I'm not God la k, I get bored with things too, it's just that I'm such a good person not to tell you

Jo is so bored she wanna become a clown.

Eh eh eh you know there's this novel to membangkit nasionalisme dalam kalangan penduduk Tanah Melayu call Putera Gunung Tahan, where seorang gadis Melayu menolak kasih seorng penjajah British untuk menahan maruah bangsanya.
Damn sweet la! Can we cancel off the word penjajah, pretty please? It sounds lagi menjatuhkan maruah for the British! Why don't people merestui their hubungan? Like this can memupuk perpaduan penjajah dengan penduduk tempatan, multiracial harmony! (And imagine all the angmohs wandering in Malaysia right now if they do! Ooh Waning will be so happy! xD)

The "interlude" between Blue Piccadilly and Hidden Track is funny. I think they should mend the door, the squeaky sound. And do you know that they say 'See you later, mate'? xD Australia berasal dari Britain but I wonder why that expressions "belongs" to them.

It's SO hard to imagine someone married singing love songs. Avril Lavigne is married Derryck Whibley and she sings "Hey, hey, you, you, I wanna be your girlfriend"! o_O Not saying that it's wrong or anything, it just sounds so weird xD

Waning is starting to speak like me. All the 'like's! xD Maybe I have to get a new style of writing. I pergi jadi emo and get a wider vocab so that I can write in UK xD

Again, good morning, people!


Spill some paint on The Canvas

>> Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Currently listening to: Blue Picadilly & it's hidden track which the name I've forgotten :P

I gathered you here to say my last piece, a few final words before I am deceased
If I could have your attention, observe this fuse
It leads to these explosives that I'm about to use
Before you freak out, just let me explain, this bomb is the answer to all of my pain

Don't change your plans, this won't take long, I packed it up nice into this little song

If there's one thing I've learned it's that we never feel the heat until we get burned
But we try so hard not to die, sometimes we forget to appreciate life

When the spark reaches powder, I will blow up, I'll become the mist you breathe into your lungs
All of my love will then turn into yours and you will feel hope bleeding out from your pores

Dad, you were there when nobody was, I followed your lead, now I'm proud of what I've become
Brittney, you never cease to amaze me, maybe someday we'll get another chance to be
Mom, I wished you would try a little harder, maybe catch a show or two, would that be such a bother?
To all my friends, where do I start? I know I'd be dead without you in my heart
~ Appreciation and the Bomb
Boom bada boom boom boom. Quoted from Hades from Hercules xD
If your feet hurt from walking too much then I will tend to them with a velvet touch
If your lungs just don't want to work today then I'll perform a mouth-to-mouth until you're okay

Don't you just love the feeling of my fingertips circling your lips?
Don't you just love the desire taking hold of you? I can tell you do
I know all your favorite spots, and tonight we will connect the dots

If your muscles are wound up and tight then I will loosen up the knots until it feels right
If your ears just ache from listening then I'll supply the remedy in the melodies I sing
~ Connect the Dots
My favourite lyrics *COUGH* and my bro's favourite song. Hmm, it sounds as sexy as the lyrics... omg my bro's a gay xD
There are things in this world that I don't understand
Like love, war, gravity, or the laid of the land
But all of these remain mysteries, but one thing is for sure, you are worth living for

Sometimes when I'm far away from you I get a little lost, a little out of my element
I miss the way your body burns when we melt alone

Sometimes when I let my mind run free it never fails, it goes right to you, and a smile takes a hold of me
I miss the way your body burns when we melt alone
~ One Thing is for Sure
This is so very sweet! x3
Ok sorry I amuse myself :P
This is just sooo random.



>> Monday, 5 November 2007

Yeah, people, Win Zee finally feels like resizing and uploading all 48 of her graduation photos to dear photobucket! Check it out ;D How you're gonna save the pics I dunno la, maybe you click on the photo and right click and save? :P


Memories of the smiles we left behind

>> Saturday, 3 November 2007

(This is the 400th post! And the post title is so emo that I amused myself xD)

I'll TRY to write in perfect Shakespeare language so that this whole post will seem more emotional and neater, nyaha. I am not gonna upload the photos I took though, am too lazy to resize them. Patience is a virtue!

Photos I bothered to resize and upload.

Yen Pin! I've known her since form 1, and I still remember what are the first words I spoke to her: What's the Kesatria teacher? I don't know how we actually became friends, since I sat with Kah Shin and she (and Pei Fang) was two rows in front of us. She had long hair and looked just so beautiful! And I remember asking her "Does Puay Chai produces leng luis?" because Mian Mian was from Puay Chai too =P

Pei Fang! Like Yen Pin, I've known her since form 1, and that time she still had her glasses, now I wonder how she would look like with it =P She can be really paranoid (remember when we went to Yen Pin's condominium and we went for a swim? You were afraid the bathroom is haunted or has rapists and wanted me to accompany you!). We had a really stupid argument and come to think of it it's really nothing to be fought about! She once said she would straighten my hair for my birthday =P Damn lurve you, even though we've grown further apart! *hugssss*

Waning Wan Ying dearest :) Well I've known you through Vi Iyin, where you still have your short curly hair and orange. We become closer when we were in form 3, and yes, Wan Ying, I KNOW YOU'VE HATED ME but somehow I don't seem to bother about it... And you knew my ahem secret, thank goodness you didn't laugh at me or play with my emotions, and I totally love you for that! I got your I-don't-listen-to-radios from you, are you proud? xD

Wen Jo, the sweet little flower heart =D We were in the same class during form 4! And I don't remember how we actually became friends, was it through Wan Ying? xD But anyway, you are just soooo gossipy, I love the one about Dr. Moo Moo Shake is a gay! xD You can be really really emotional and sentimental, and awwww don't cry when you're reading this post k? xD She can be soooo flirtatious when she put down her hair! SERIOUSLY. So go flirt with her, make her feel flattered!

Vi Iyin! I've known you since standard 6 right? =D

Michelle! I've known her since standard 3, if I'm not wrong. Our mothers were university friends, and maybe still friends now? That was just totally so cool =D And I can't believe we're speaking in English instead of Chinese! I totally forget you can speak Chinese xD

Shi Ching! I can't believe she still remembers me... *sobs*

Emily, my partner for the rest of the year after Joanne darling left!

Xinhui, my really helpful 06/07 ketua librarian =D

The (actually not so guai but really very noisy) Balau cliquey! (L-R) Jo, me, Sher Min, Wan Ying, Chuu Khai, Shu Zhen, Poh Hui. MIA: Qinmei, Si Hui

The canteen groupie! (L-R) Wai Fong, Rene, Jamie, Zhe Jiun, Yen Pin, me, Jackie, Choi Min, Sook Shiang

Voo Mun Kit, sorrs sorrs, I totally love yous, our beloved pengerusis :) (L-R) Si Hui, Qinmei, Mun Kit, Shu Zhen, Sher Min, Jo

Our very own beatboxer and Elvis Presley, Yu Szen :) (Was I tip-toeing?) (L-R) Yu Szen, Me, Wan Ying

As far as Biology is concerned, we love Pn. Lim! (L-R, clockwise) Poh Hui, Shu Zhen, Si Hui, Qinmei, Sher Min, Jo, Pn. Lim, me, Wan Ying

Our beloved sarcasm, Pn. Tan CK whose son's name is Wei Jin and oh so sweet!

And last, but not least,

I love you. We'll meet again, someday, somehow.

Don't cry because it ended; smile because it happened

(See you again in 9 days!)


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