>> Wednesday, 27 December 2006


Oh my God I think I'm just practically on the way to my grave.
Well, everyone is.
Observations: MidValley's MPH is not so cool than 1U's MPH.
I can practically ki siao in 1U's MPH. xP
Jasmin is nice.
Jia you, Zee. You can make it. Just suffer for 1 more year (or 3 more years? O_O) and you'll make it!
Reading improves your Mathematic and social skills.
Bleah. Social skills, bleah.
I wanna go to Egypt and Tibet and Africa!
But having so many unfinished work just in front of my desk...
Things on my desk:
» Biology revision book
» Chemistry revision book
» More than 5 Add Maths revision books
» Vita Brevis
» Some psychology book
» 15 blue buku nota's
» New subjetive pad
» HUUUGE pencil case
» Lots and lots of papers
» Black-and-white rabbit book
» Green teddy bear book
» Dictionaries
» 2 calculators
» The very very ugly, F3 project, tin can pencil... thing
» Book case
» The huge file
Now you can imagine how MESSY my desk is.

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?~^~>j0@nN3<~^~? 27/12/2006, 17:20  

means you must be studying the whole holiday!!! i can't believe it!

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