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>> Saturday, 2 December 2006

I just started my diploma lesson! And the pieces are sooooooo HARD.
And I saw Poh Hui. She's in my music school. She learns guitar! xD

My piano teacher is blurr and ahem stupid. Her bro said that, not me! And I'm not blaming anybody xD Cute threesome. Yes, the three of them are kawaii x3
We were doing IQ quizzes, and my teacher couldnt even guess one correct. -________-;;
So here's one.

I borrowed RM50 from A and another RM50 from B.
50 + 50 = 100
Now I hv RM100, and now I went shopping and used RM97. I got RM3 change.
100 - 97 = 3
With the change, I returned RM1 to A and another RM1 to B and left RM1.
3 - 1 - 1 = 1
Now I owe A RM49 and I owe B RM49, too.
50 - 1 = 49
49 + 49 = 98

And now, with adding the money I owed and the money I left, I hv RM99.
98 + 1 = 99
Observation: My piano teacher hates Maths and is easily confused, just like me! xD
Eh, Wan Ying, come to my music school. I tell you ah got annual concert wan, every November. And maybe my teacher willl inform you about any concerts or orchestra (OMG they're gonna watch Phantom of the Opera in S'pore in March OMG) or lends you DVDs. She's really nice x3 and kinda strict xD but she rarely has moody days. VERY rarely.

Abu Bakr - "Knowledge is the life of the mind."

Mine! =D

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