The assassin's agreement

>> Wednesday, 6 December 2006

I'm losing track of everything.
In the past during the long school hols I dont need touch pencils and pens.
Now I cant seemt to remember anything, ANYTHING I've learnt.
And then I started having the most horrible, terrible, VEGETABLE nightmare EVER - I'm failing SPM. And then I'll be kicked out of my family. And then I die.

I, Teong @ Qin (HAHA) Win Zee, swear that if I don't get at least B3 for all my subejects and exams at 2007 I will not attend JJ's next concert.

I rewatched My Fair Lady a few days ago, and realized that Audrey Hepburn has beautiful neck. Long and elegant. I read a book which describes someone's neck as "she has Audrey Hepburn's neck."
She's a Belgian. O_O No wonder her English accent is was so weird.

Aren't she just beautiful? x3

Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas - James Patterson
SERIOUSLY NIIICE. My no.1 favourite book after A Walk to Remember. x3

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