26 Facts About Me

>> Tuesday, 12 December 2006

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Once upon a time my mom told my dad something, and he told her this:
Getting married is like waiting for a ride in the bus. You are waiting in the bus stop, and there are several buses stop. You think the first bus is too old, so you don't ride it. You think the second bus is too dirty, so you again don't ride it. You'll never know if there's another bus behind, and so you have to make your decision - and a right one, too.

01 I'm very unflexible physically.
02 I dont think Paris/France and Eiffel Tower is romantic. If all romantic ppl and lovers are gathered here in Msia, Msia and its KLCC and KL Tower too could be romantic.
03 I fantasize that there would be no such thing as international borders in the future. People can get to anywhere without passport and there is no diff currency.
03 I can be offended easily. (HINT HINT)
04 I think I hv schizo. I worry too much, esp about death O_O
05 I prefer to be known as a tomboy than a girlie girl, but I like skirts and heels.
06 I like kids, even though I'm not good with them and kids prefer my sis xD
07 I like sitting in a cafe, facing the glass, drinking a huge glass of orange juice, and observe the ppl outside.
08 I wonder why do the PM and the Sultans wants their rakyat to buy national goods and cars, when they themselves buy a dozen of Mercedes and Rolls Royce.
09 I dont really like rich ppl because I think they're kinda snobbish xD
11 I love Msia for its beautiful sunny weather ^^
12 Even though I think those jealous guys in fictions and animes are cute, I wouldnt like them in reality for they're too posessive.
13 I dont like caffeine and alcochol and cigarettes and cigars.
14 I think I'm an atheist-buddhist.
15 I hv never liked and would never be involved in business and engineering fields since I was in the diapers.
16 I can be pessimistic.
17 I dont get angry or sad or emo easily. (So dont waste your time and energy to make me angry Jo and Shamp HAHA)
18 I think jazz music is sexy x3
19 I like ferocious, sometimes furry, huge endangered animals, like tigers, leopards, jaguars, whales, shark, and big big furry dogs!
20 I'm a semi-vegetarian.
21 I like Chinese instruments, especially the di zi and gu zheng.
22 I'm inspired NOT to bite my nails anymore because of Jolin.
23 I dont believe Jolin has a G-cup, and Lin Zhi Ling has a 34D. xP
24 I would like to adopt a few pets from the animal shelters instead of get a pure breed for 1k in pet shop.
25 I dont understand why ppl likes pure breed when other dogs/ cats/ animals/ other animals are still the same species.
26 I'm deadly afraid of death, flying insects and ghosts.

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