>> Sunday, 31 December 2006

I stole this from Vivien & YinMun's blog.

Why A, B, C, D, DD, E, F, G are used as bra sizes:
A - Almost there
B - Barely there
C - Can't complain
D - Dang
DD - Double dang
E - Enormous
F - Fake
G - Get a reduction
H - Help me, I've fallen and I cant get up

*cough cough*
Got H bra size meh? O_O That must be HUUUUGE.
I dont believe what's-her-name-again Lin Zhi Ling actually has 34D.

I'll be in school in 4 days time. OH MY GOD. This is the first time I'm so afraid of school. D*mn SPM. Damn damn damn!!!

Mr Merah entered the coffin. 1 minute of silence, please.

Gosh, I suddenly feel like getting hosted for a personal site lol.

Read Vanitee Bee in The Curve's Borders. Such an American-wannabe, May-Zhee. Everyone is! Okay I admit I'm a little. But I'm starting to be patriotic! Or at least I try to be. I'm gonna set my next fic in Malaysia. Oh yeah I love it.
Bleah. Perasan-ness.
That reminds me. My, uh, niece/cousin watched too much cartoons, and she's like a genuine American - only living in Malaysia and has yellow skin. She says 'bathroom' instead of 'toilet', and she says 'b(ae)throom' instead of Brits's 'b(ah)throom'. Omg.

Just 1 more day and it's 2007. It seems so far away, like so star wars-sy. So futuristic. Like watching iRobot. OMG I'm already OLD!! O_O I think people should call me Sophie from now on.
Oh sheesh.
Jia you jia you!


Flower Language

>> Saturday, 30 December 2006

I can't believe I'm writing this post in the middle of the night. Almost 2 now.
I hv insomnia lol CHOI CHOI.

Featuring: Zac Efron, Vanessa Anne Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Lucas... Something (omg i'm so sorry)
Synopsis: Zac and Vanessa enters parenthood... *COUGHtwinsCOUGH*


In Facade, Vic the womanizer gives Eugene the innocent spider flowers. "Elope with me," said the flowers.
"Really, can you at least tell me what does 'elope' means?" asked Yuuri the blurr king.
"Elope means run away with lover la," said WinZee the thinks-she-know-it-all.

"Will you dance with me?" said Viscaria.

"You have beautiful eyes," said Variegated Tulips.

I hope ppl will give me this. "Lasting beauty." xD

Forget-me-nots are just lovely. "True love; memories."

"Love at first sight," said Gladiolus.

"I'm jealous," said Yellow Hyacinth. (Ugly flower O_O)

"I'll ward away evil spirits (-________-;;)," said Hyssop.



>> Wednesday, 27 December 2006


Oh my God I think I'm just practically on the way to my grave.
Well, everyone is.
Observations: MidValley's MPH is not so cool than 1U's MPH.
I can practically ki siao in 1U's MPH. xP
Jasmin is nice.
Jia you, Zee. You can make it. Just suffer for 1 more year (or 3 more years? O_O) and you'll make it!
Reading improves your Mathematic and social skills.
Bleah. Social skills, bleah.
I wanna go to Egypt and Tibet and Africa!
But having so many unfinished work just in front of my desk...
Things on my desk:
» Biology revision book
» Chemistry revision book
» More than 5 Add Maths revision books
» Vita Brevis
» Some psychology book
» 15 blue buku nota's
» New subjetive pad
» HUUUGE pencil case
» Lots and lots of papers
» Black-and-white rabbit book
» Green teddy bear book
» Dictionaries
» 2 calculators
» The very very ugly, F3 project, tin can pencil... thing
» Book case
» The huge file
Now you can imagine how MESSY my desk is.


Peeling myself like an onion

Listening to: Amrita (instrumental)
Happy belated birthday, Iyin the Ee Yin! xP
And I'm tagged.

Layer one: On the outside:
Name: Win Zee/LeonarGoat/Serene
Birth Date: 26091991
Current Status: Single
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brownish black
Righty or Lefty: Righty
Zodiac sign: Vain Perasan Libra

Layer Two: On the inside:
Your Heritage: Chinese
Your Fears: Death, ghosts, insects, scary unloyal ppl
Your Weakness: Laziness, forgetful xD
Your perfect pizza: With lots of pineapples and cheese xP

Layer Three: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow...
Your thoughts first waking up: Sh*t is it 11 already?
Your bedtime: 12 - 2AM
Your most miss memory: Std 3, when we little cute kids all just freak out over PTS x3

Layer Four: Your pick:
Pepsi or coke: Both xD
Mcdonald's or Burger King: McDs
Single or Group Dates: Depends x)
Addidas or Nike: Neither
Lipton tea or Nestea: Nestea
Chocalate or vanilla: Vanilla!
Cappucino or coffee: None

Layer Five: Do You:
Smoke: I support Tak Nak campaign
Curse: Sometimes and so not proud

Layer Six: In the past month:
Drank alcohol: Yeap
Gone to the mall: Yeap
Been on stage: No
Eaten sushi: Yeap
Dyed your hair: Nope

Layer Seven: Have You Ever:
Playing a striping game: Eew NO
Changed to who you were to fit in: Sometimes, I didnt know it > <

Layer Eight:
Age that you're hoping to be married: Hmm, 27 xD

Layer Nine: In a girl/ guy:
Best eye colour: Brown, green, grey xP
Best hair colour: Brown black
Short or long hair: Shoulder length, or short

Layer Ten: What were you doing:
1 minute ago: Writing this
1 hour ago: Listening to Future Soundscape IV xP
4.5 hours ago: Still sleeping xD
One year ago: Taking PMR results. Ah, those sweet times

Layer Eleven: Finish the Sentence
I Love: All people in the world! =D
I Feel: Bored. Scared.
I Hide: Secrets
I Hate: Chillies, bitter, arrogance (?)
I Miss: Cute innocent kids. =(

Layer twelve: Tag 5 People
1. Wan Ying
2. Jo
3. Joanne T
4. Sook Shiang
5. People who's thinking "oh my god i'm so bored give me sth to do" xP


A salute to moms

>> Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Christmas is over. But anyway, merry jolly belated Christmas! xP

Read an article on The Star today.
Fraser Syndrome is terrible. VERY HORRIBLE TERRIBLE. It is also known as Cryptophtalmos-Syndactyly Syndome. It is an autosomal (non sex-linked) recessive genetic disorder. "Cryptophthalmos" is the complete fusion of eyelids, and "syndactyly" is the partial webbing of fingers and/or toes; a more rare form of this syndrome also presents with kidney complications and blockage of the trachea, among other problems. (www.webmd.com)
It's such a you're-destined-to-die disease.
I salute you, mothers. *bow 90 degrees*

Reopening of school freak me out cuz of SPM. SIGH.
I wonder how ppl are doing.
"Do you ever think while something is happening, about what's happening someplace else?" (p. 169, For One More Day, Mitch Albom)
I was wondering: while I'm typing this post right now, what's happening in Thailand? In Vietnam? In Lebanon? In Iraq? In the US? Make it smaller: what's happening with my ex-neighbour in my old house? In Ming Tien hawker center? Or even in my neighbour's house?
The world is so big.

If you talk to God, you are praying; if God talke\s to you, you have schizophrenia. ~ Thomas Szasz, 1973



>> Sunday, 24 December 2006

Future Soundscape III is nice.

I wonder how I'll look like 10 years later.

And before that, I hv to study. For the sake of SPM.
Some more omg.
I believe that before I can blink my eye, I'm already 17.

"When childhood dies, its corpses are called adults, and they enter society, one of the politer names of hell. That is why we dread children, even if we love them. They show us the state of our decay."
~ Brian Aldies, in the Guardian, 1971


Latin & Kisses

>> Friday, 22 December 2006

Home sweet home! xP

For One More Day is niiiiiiiiiiice.
EUNUCH (yooNIK): man or boy who had been castrated i.e. hv parts of the sexual organ removed.
a.k.a SIDA-SIDA.
Kenapa St Augustine mau jadi sida?!
I like Latin.

Salutem - Greetings
Plaudite - Congratulations
Nihil - Nothing
Scortum - Skin; also Prostitute, Whore

From Vita Brevis: A Letter to St Augustine (A Love Story) (The Same Flower) by Jostein Gaarder. Floria Aemilia, Aurelius Augustine's concubine, wrote a looooong letter to him, perhaps after he published Confessiones. He's just weird. Literally married to God lol.
Gaarder seorang Norwegian. No wonder the other names are so weird, like ΓΈ lol.

Their wedding photos
The bride's glance, stare, wtv, is so sharp, dagger-like. As if it pierced through me. *ouch*
And and and when we were in Bukit Mertajam the 'song jia niang' like urge them to kiss. First the forehead, then the eye (Halu in Pride) then the nose and then finally the mouth. (why does their Hokkien sounds so weird?) Not passionate enough to be filmed in movies, not innocent enough as a peck on the cheek (bleah, ppl now dont do that liao lo).
Still kisses are sacred. Or at least to me.
I'm such a romantic.


Syaoran & Sakura

>> Saturday, 16 December 2006

Who says anime sux?
I searched for Tsubasa Chronicles artbooks in eBay. And then I was hoping I'll grow up asap to have credit card(s) and PayPal account!
Does MPH even has artbooks? They seem so rare that owning one would be so WOW lol.

Very Greek-ish. I like.

(All from Katrya)

Teddy bears come from here:

I love Minitokyo.


26 Facts About Me

>> Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Listening to: Shi Yi - Fish Leong

Once upon a time my mom told my dad something, and he told her this:
Getting married is like waiting for a ride in the bus. You are waiting in the bus stop, and there are several buses stop. You think the first bus is too old, so you don't ride it. You think the second bus is too dirty, so you again don't ride it. You'll never know if there's another bus behind, and so you have to make your decision - and a right one, too.

01 I'm very unflexible physically.
02 I dont think Paris/France and Eiffel Tower is romantic. If all romantic ppl and lovers are gathered here in Msia, Msia and its KLCC and KL Tower too could be romantic.
03 I fantasize that there would be no such thing as international borders in the future. People can get to anywhere without passport and there is no diff currency.
03 I can be offended easily. (HINT HINT)
04 I think I hv schizo. I worry too much, esp about death O_O
05 I prefer to be known as a tomboy than a girlie girl, but I like skirts and heels.
06 I like kids, even though I'm not good with them and kids prefer my sis xD
07 I like sitting in a cafe, facing the glass, drinking a huge glass of orange juice, and observe the ppl outside.
08 I wonder why do the PM and the Sultans wants their rakyat to buy national goods and cars, when they themselves buy a dozen of Mercedes and Rolls Royce.
09 I dont really like rich ppl because I think they're kinda snobbish xD
11 I love Msia for its beautiful sunny weather ^^
12 Even though I think those jealous guys in fictions and animes are cute, I wouldnt like them in reality for they're too posessive.
13 I dont like caffeine and alcochol and cigarettes and cigars.
14 I think I'm an atheist-buddhist.
15 I hv never liked and would never be involved in business and engineering fields since I was in the diapers.
16 I can be pessimistic.
17 I dont get angry or sad or emo easily. (So dont waste your time and energy to make me angry Jo and Shamp HAHA)
18 I think jazz music is sexy x3
19 I like ferocious, sometimes furry, huge endangered animals, like tigers, leopards, jaguars, whales, shark, and big big furry dogs!
20 I'm a semi-vegetarian.
21 I like Chinese instruments, especially the di zi and gu zheng.
22 I'm inspired NOT to bite my nails anymore because of Jolin.
23 I dont believe Jolin has a G-cup, and Lin Zhi Ling has a 34D. xP
24 I would like to adopt a few pets from the animal shelters instead of get a pure breed for 1k in pet shop.
25 I dont understand why ppl likes pure breed when other dogs/ cats/ animals/ other animals are still the same species.
26 I'm deadly afraid of death, flying insects and ghosts.



>> Thursday, 7 December 2006

Listening to: JJ Lin - Cao Cao

I cant believe I completed a blend.
In an hour.
That's a record. Very short for me, cuz I usually finish a blend in a few days time, maybe a week.

Am doing something secretly in my mind and so was collecting Rainie's pics. And today I was so bored I blended it.

Thx, Rene, for the songs! You rock. x3


The assassin's agreement

>> Wednesday, 6 December 2006

I'm losing track of everything.
In the past during the long school hols I dont need touch pencils and pens.
Now I cant seemt to remember anything, ANYTHING I've learnt.
And then I started having the most horrible, terrible, VEGETABLE nightmare EVER - I'm failing SPM. And then I'll be kicked out of my family. And then I die.

I, Teong @ Qin (HAHA) Win Zee, swear that if I don't get at least B3 for all my subejects and exams at 2007 I will not attend JJ's next concert.

I rewatched My Fair Lady a few days ago, and realized that Audrey Hepburn has beautiful neck. Long and elegant. I read a book which describes someone's neck as "she has Audrey Hepburn's neck."
She's a Belgian. O_O No wonder her English accent is was so weird.

Aren't she just beautiful? x3

Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas - James Patterson
SERIOUSLY NIIICE. My no.1 favourite book after A Walk to Remember. x3


BV = beaver/Boredom+Vanity

>> Tuesday, 5 December 2006


Moi creation xP

Watched first episode of Autumn in My Heart and skipped to episode 3.
I havent watch Pride. And JJ's concert DVD. Iish.
Have not been studying and am SO NOT PROUD!


Echoica.net, Aethereality.net, DaFont.com


Blur teacher solving IQ quiz

>> Saturday, 2 December 2006

I just started my diploma lesson! And the pieces are sooooooo HARD.
And I saw Poh Hui. She's in my music school. She learns guitar! xD

My piano teacher is blurr and ahem stupid. Her bro said that, not me! And I'm not blaming anybody xD Cute threesome. Yes, the three of them are kawaii x3
We were doing IQ quizzes, and my teacher couldnt even guess one correct. -________-;;
So here's one.

I borrowed RM50 from A and another RM50 from B.
50 + 50 = 100
Now I hv RM100, and now I went shopping and used RM97. I got RM3 change.
100 - 97 = 3
With the change, I returned RM1 to A and another RM1 to B and left RM1.
3 - 1 - 1 = 1
Now I owe A RM49 and I owe B RM49, too.
50 - 1 = 49
49 + 49 = 98

And now, with adding the money I owed and the money I left, I hv RM99.
98 + 1 = 99
Observation: My piano teacher hates Maths and is easily confused, just like me! xD
Eh, Wan Ying, come to my music school. I tell you ah got annual concert wan, every November. And maybe my teacher willl inform you about any concerts or orchestra (OMG they're gonna watch Phantom of the Opera in S'pore in March OMG) or lends you DVDs. She's really nice x3 and kinda strict xD but she rarely has moody days. VERY rarely.

Abu Bakr - "Knowledge is the life of the mind."

Mine! =D

Jyouhoku: Academy of Romance
Featuring: Truly Yours


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