Experiment: 'I Love Myself' Mantra

>> Thursday, 9 November 2006

The 'I Love Myself' mantra

Aim: To increase confidence/to win competitions.

Manipulated - Human used
Responding - Confidence increased
Fixed - The mantra

Apparatus/Materials: Human, mantra, time, alarm clock

Technique: To increase confidence by using the 'I Love Myself' mantra.

1. The human is first woke up by an alarm clock.
2. He is then brought to the bathroom and face the mirror.
3. The 'I Love Myself' mantra is repeated 3 times.
4. Steps 1 to 3 are repeated everyday.

Precaution: The human is not allowed to press on the snooze button.

Results: Confidence is increased gradually and human is able to walk among the crowd looking beautiful.

Conclusion: The 'I Love Myself' Mantra helps in increasing one's confidence.

Today's Pengetua's retirement day. Sort of. Wah, so ba bai, even Chew Mei Fun came! O_O I tell you, Lee Su Lyn's voice is so BEAUTIFUL! Magnetic! How I wish I could hv that voice. =3
I just realized that I might be one who are satisfied easily. Why? Cuz Wan Ying said that I would only write some normal stuff on my blog, while she would only write BIG stuff that happened. Hmm... I like me. HAHA.

Jo over-reacts on everything, I tell you, OVEREACTING. Or maybe I hv no emotions.
I like.
No, anon, I dont fancy Vanessa. I just watched the Come Back To Me MV and she looked so OMG so mature, different from the cute cute sweet sweet self in HSM.

EEK German Cannibal EEK. I'm not sure whether the one I watched was the one, but, EEW. I remember some.
I'm sorry I put the penis skin into the potato strips.
This (the penis) is too yellow for me!
No wonder ppl experience psychological. EEW EEW EEW EEW EEW EEW.

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