>> Monday, 13 November 2006

Gah. Why must books be so $$? Because of imported papers. But... aren't our country full of trees till foreigners thought we stay on them? (xP) Ah! I was reading the MPH catalogue yesterday, and marked down the books I want (sigh, fantasy). 14 books. RM662.50. HAHA. I'm not that rich!

» Terry Deary - Flight Of The Fire Thief (RM39.90)
» Diana Wynne Jones - Conrad's Fate (RM29.90)
» Jeffrey Archer - False Impression (RM36.90)
» Nora Roberts - Dance Of The Gods (RM32.90)
» Judith McNaught - Every Breath You Take
» Cecilia Ahern - A Place Called Here (RM69.90) (Forgive me > <)
» Neil Gailman - Fragile Things (RM61.50) (Again, forgive me > <)
» Jessica Adams - The Summer Psychic (RM42.90)
» Diane Setterfield - The Thirteenth Tale (RM49.90)
» Robert Goddard - Never Go Back (RM35.90)
» James Ellroy - The Black Dahlia (RM33.90)
» Do You Think What You Think You Think (RM45)
» The World's Funniest Laws (RM28.15)

SIGH.... Government wants us to read more books. And the price is like so O_O How unfair can that be!

Btw, I feel like buying all D.N. Angel mangas and read it in one day and go, "Wow, Dark, you're so cute." Gah.

BBQ yesterday was alright. But little people went, as in maybe half of the librarians went only. Joanne hates taking photograph. Hmm, I think I'm vain. Hah.

Downloaded loads of pics and scores. This proves that I'm bored. GAH!! I need a new hobby! I dont want to sit down and watch The Law of Ueki (I tell you ar, the theme song is chunted and Robert Haydn can sometimes be cute x3), Kyou Kara Maoh! (My new found love: Wolfram), I'm Sorry I Love You, Midori Days... Ah!
No way am I gonna sleep and eat or study whole day! Come to think of it, studies arent that important to me. Gah, stupid ppl makes A's so important and makes F's = end of the world. Eeeeeeeeeek.

New fic: Surprisingly... (Short Stories)
Author: Roxy (Me) & Jayne (Joanne)
Features: Everyone we know.
If you feel that the characters are familiar, maybe it's you. ;)
See who discovers it first!

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