4 Balau's illegal trip to Zoo Negara

>> Tuesday, 14 November 2006

We went to Zoo Negara today. Illegal 4 Balau class trip. Lol.
Ser Siang suggested that we took photos with animals that look like us and put it in the Nostalgia '07 lol. Of course, the passion (?) faded away. LOL.
Wan Ying the ostrich + baboon + chicken aka Osboon Chic
Wen Jo the deer
Wei Jin the porcupine
Lee Jane the trashcan (?!)
Grace the Cornetto ice-cream (?!)
Dillion the girrafe
Yien Yien the peacock
Mun Kit the zebra
Wei Ming the duck/pelican
Me the lioness (mwahaha)
34 - 6 + 1 (Eugene) = 29. Not bad.

Jalan Pereira. HAHAHAHA. We saw Jalan Mrs. Poore too LOL.

This is a CAPYBARA. The biggest rodent in the world and a semi-aquatic rodent of South America. Scientific name: Hydrochoerus Hydrochaeris

A beautiful pony named Hobbit. Another black one named Wizard. Horse breath!

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