Abundance of boredom

>> Monday, 27 November 2006

Whee~ You rock. ;)

I love my stamp thing. x)

Aaron Kwok and Takeshi Kaneshiro have beatiful charming eyes. *stares deeply*
Zhou Xun's voice is so DEEP.
Jay Chou is a naughty boy. Naughty as in kiddie type of naughty. -______-;;

AH!! TRC is over!!!!!! > < I still hadnt had enough of Syaoran and Fye and Sakura... T______T
I'm so gonna download TRC and The Law of Ueki OSTs! Beautiful songs.

My grand aunt's son's house has a karaoke room. O_O Do they hv abundance of $$?


Quizzes = BOREDOM

>> Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Your Life Path Number is 1

Your purpose in life is to lead others.

You have great drive and determination. Nothing is going to stand in your way.
You seek out challenges and the spotlight. You'll take all the work - and all the glory.
Status and success are important to you. You demand the best from everyone and everything.

In love, you tend to take a protective role. You enjoy being the provider in relationships.

You expect others to be like you, and as a result, you are often disappointed.
A little selfish and vain, you always put yourself first.
Remember, everyone already knows you're great - you don't need to remind them!

Your Personality Is

Idealist (NF)

You are a passionate, caring, and unique person.
You are good at expressing yourself and sharing your ideals.

You are the most compassionate of all types and connect with others easily.
Your heart tends to rule you. You can't make decisions without considering feelings.

You seek out other empathetic people to befriend.
Truth and authenticity matters in your friendships.

In love, you give everything you have to relationships. You fall in love easily.

At work, you crave personal expression and meaning in your career.

With others, you communicate well. You can spend all night talking with someone.

As far as your looks go, you've likely taken the time to develop your own personal style.

On weekends, you like to be with others. Charity work is also a favorite pastime of yours.

What Your Soul Really Looks Like

You are very passionate and quite temperamental. While you can be moody, you always crave comfort.

You are a very grounded, responsible, and realistic person. People may not want to hear the truth from you, but they're going to get it.

You believe that people see you as larger than life and important. While this is true, they also think you're a bit full of yourself.

Your near future is still unknown, and a little scary. You'll get through wild times - and you'll textually enjoy it.

For you, love is all about caring and comfort. You couldn't fall in love with someone you didn't trust.

I'm getting spiritual.


Cakes and JJ

Monks hv 'normal' (brown simple robe) and 'official' clothes (depends on their 'rank'. Highest is the usual one we see, orange-and-red).

A VERY huge discovery. O_O Because when I realized I was like, OMG.

OMG beautiful cheese cakes OMG. *drools* <- main reason of flash floods. Iyin sent it to me. OMG OMG OMG OMG. I'll ignore my body shape for now.

For your wife. (She must be really lucky LOL)

For your little boy/brother. (He must be seriously lucky LOL)

For your mom. (She must be really really lucky! Look at the size!!) Cute design

For your gf ME! Weird colour.

Are they real, or just beautiful illusion?

Anyways, I'm sooooo gonna start a FANfic! *note the fan* I uh am almost finishing the poster. I so love it! x3 Btw I did a weird pairing cuz I read this fanfic, which features Eugene and Vic Zhou. Special. So I decided to do a weird pairing. Both of them are so cute. x3
I know you could guess who's the guy - none other than JJ the elf!


Grateful life

>> Monday, 20 November 2006

The purpose of life is not to be happy. The purpose of life is to matter, to be productive, to have it make some difference that you lived at all.
-Arthur H. Prince

Feelings of gratitude release positive endorphins throughout the body, creating health.
- Sharon Huffman

When we learn to give thanks, we are learning to concentrate not on the bad things, but on the good things in our lives.
- Amy Vanderbilt (1908-1974)
Etiquette expert

If Only; Next Time
IF ONLY is the saddest words in all languages - it’s too late to retrieve anything.

His Eyes


The nun named Miao Fa

>> Sunday, 19 November 2006

Monks can be so cute. =3
We went to this fa hui thing in Fo Guang Shan. It was about 2 hours and 30 minutes. And, guess what? We chanted for 2 hours. Non-stop. Kneel and stand and sit a few hundred times. Talk talk talk a few million mandarin and unknown-sanskrit words for a few hundred pages. We did that for 2 days and I cant tell you how pain my legs are now. > <
The nun (Reverend (?) Miao Fa) was chanting and talking and chanting non-stop. She is soooooooo cute!!!!!!!! x3 Her kawaiiness makes me like the robe.
If she has hair, she'll look something like this -

(From this angle the nun looked much more cuter than Eugene)

She's (the nun) so cute. x3 So bro and I named her The Cute Cute One.
After that, we got a holy water. It was said that the chants were like in the water, so it's holy. When I took it from The Cute Cute One, she just smiled - a little! But she's so cute. And taller than me haha. And serious like my sis.

» Monks usually look better than ordinary ppl.
» Monks wont get tired or pain legs when they were kneeling and standing and sitting for 100 times in 2 hours.
» Monks' robe is quite nice.


Books are not for worms

>> Friday, 17 November 2006

Currently reading: Nadeem Aslam - Maps for Lost Lovers

Went to Atria after school. Saw Conrad's Fate and Howl's Moving Castle and If I Could See You Now and When Rainbow Ends The price is almost half the price in other bookshops!!! AH!!! Gotta get mom to bring me there and spent kao kao on it. I'm sure she wont think it's useless.
I bought Glen Duncan's Death of ~ an Ordinary Man.

I got a huge pencil case, which is my (incredibly very) belated birthday present from Joanne (I want a farewell party, if you really are going) and Wan Ying and Jo even though the surprise isnt surprising (at all).

Tips for government to let Malaysians read more than 2 pages (PATHETIC-NYA) of books:
» Print own papers.
» Get volunteers to grow back trees.
» Dont simply restrict books, like How to talk about sex. -_____-;;
» Make libraries more convenient for ppl.
» De-brainwash ppl that books is not studying. Maybe you'll get rich if you read "The Dummies Guide on HOW TO GET RICH".

I'm a writaholic and a ficaholic and am proud to say that.


4 Balau's illegal trip to Zoo Negara

>> Tuesday, 14 November 2006

We went to Zoo Negara today. Illegal 4 Balau class trip. Lol.
Ser Siang suggested that we took photos with animals that look like us and put it in the Nostalgia '07 lol. Of course, the passion (?) faded away. LOL.
Wan Ying the ostrich + baboon + chicken aka Osboon Chic
Wen Jo the deer
Wei Jin the porcupine
Lee Jane the trashcan (?!)
Grace the Cornetto ice-cream (?!)
Dillion the girrafe
Yien Yien the peacock
Mun Kit the zebra
Wei Ming the duck/pelican
Me the lioness (mwahaha)
34 - 6 + 1 (Eugene) = 29. Not bad.

Jalan Pereira. HAHAHAHA. We saw Jalan Mrs. Poore too LOL.

This is a CAPYBARA. The biggest rodent in the world and a semi-aquatic rodent of South America. Scientific name: Hydrochoerus Hydrochaeris

A beautiful pony named Hobbit. Another black one named Wizard. Horse breath!



>> Monday, 13 November 2006

Gah. Why must books be so $$? Because of imported papers. But... aren't our country full of trees till foreigners thought we stay on them? (xP) Ah! I was reading the MPH catalogue yesterday, and marked down the books I want (sigh, fantasy). 14 books. RM662.50. HAHA. I'm not that rich!

» Terry Deary - Flight Of The Fire Thief (RM39.90)
» Diana Wynne Jones - Conrad's Fate (RM29.90)
» Jeffrey Archer - False Impression (RM36.90)
» Nora Roberts - Dance Of The Gods (RM32.90)
» Judith McNaught - Every Breath You Take
» Cecilia Ahern - A Place Called Here (RM69.90) (Forgive me > <)
» Neil Gailman - Fragile Things (RM61.50) (Again, forgive me > <)
» Jessica Adams - The Summer Psychic (RM42.90)
» Diane Setterfield - The Thirteenth Tale (RM49.90)
» Robert Goddard - Never Go Back (RM35.90)
» James Ellroy - The Black Dahlia (RM33.90)
» Do You Think What You Think You Think (RM45)
» The World's Funniest Laws (RM28.15)

SIGH.... Government wants us to read more books. And the price is like so O_O How unfair can that be!

Btw, I feel like buying all D.N. Angel mangas and read it in one day and go, "Wow, Dark, you're so cute." Gah.

BBQ yesterday was alright. But little people went, as in maybe half of the librarians went only. Joanne hates taking photograph. Hmm, I think I'm vain. Hah.

Downloaded loads of pics and scores. This proves that I'm bored. GAH!! I need a new hobby! I dont want to sit down and watch The Law of Ueki (I tell you ar, the theme song is chunted and Robert Haydn can sometimes be cute x3), Kyou Kara Maoh! (My new found love: Wolfram), I'm Sorry I Love You, Midori Days... Ah!
No way am I gonna sleep and eat or study whole day! Come to think of it, studies arent that important to me. Gah, stupid ppl makes A's so important and makes F's = end of the world. Eeeeeeeeeek.

New fic: Surprisingly... (Short Stories)
Author: Roxy (Me) & Jayne (Joanne)
Features: Everyone we know.
If you feel that the characters are familiar, maybe it's you. ;)
See who discovers it first!


Experiment: 'I Love Myself' Mantra

>> Thursday, 9 November 2006

The 'I Love Myself' mantra

Aim: To increase confidence/to win competitions.

Manipulated - Human used
Responding - Confidence increased
Fixed - The mantra

Apparatus/Materials: Human, mantra, time, alarm clock

Technique: To increase confidence by using the 'I Love Myself' mantra.

1. The human is first woke up by an alarm clock.
2. He is then brought to the bathroom and face the mirror.
3. The 'I Love Myself' mantra is repeated 3 times.
4. Steps 1 to 3 are repeated everyday.

Precaution: The human is not allowed to press on the snooze button.

Results: Confidence is increased gradually and human is able to walk among the crowd looking beautiful.

Conclusion: The 'I Love Myself' Mantra helps in increasing one's confidence.

Today's Pengetua's retirement day. Sort of. Wah, so ba bai, even Chew Mei Fun came! O_O I tell you, Lee Su Lyn's voice is so BEAUTIFUL! Magnetic! How I wish I could hv that voice. =3
I just realized that I might be one who are satisfied easily. Why? Cuz Wan Ying said that I would only write some normal stuff on my blog, while she would only write BIG stuff that happened. Hmm... I like me. HAHA.

Jo over-reacts on everything, I tell you, OVEREACTING. Or maybe I hv no emotions.
I like.
No, anon, I dont fancy Vanessa. I just watched the Come Back To Me MV and she looked so OMG so mature, different from the cute cute sweet sweet self in HSM.

EEK German Cannibal EEK. I'm not sure whether the one I watched was the one, but, EEW. I remember some.
I'm sorry I put the penis skin into the potato strips.
This (the penis) is too yellow for me!
No wonder ppl experience psychological. EEW EEW EEW EEW EEW EEW.



>> Wednesday, 8 November 2006

Ah, finally something that can really make me laugh out loud. HAHAHA.

Only Win Zee Can Prevent Forest Fires. (LOL)
The Win Zee of Paradise.
A Day Without Win Zee is Like A Day Without Sunshine. ;)
So Easy, No Wonder Win Zee is #1. ;)
The Win Zee That Likes to Say Yes. (LOL)
The Queen of Win Zee.
Did Somebody Say Win Zee? (Oh, that's me!)


With Great Power Comes Great Win Zee. (HAHA) (Spider Man)
I'm Here to Fight for Truth, Justice, and the American Win Zee. (HAHAHAHA) (Superman)
I am big! It's the Win Zee that got small. (HAHAHAHA) (Sunset Boulevard)
Have you ever danced with the Win Zee in the pale moonlight? (Batman)
We'll Always Have Win Zee. (Casablanca)

I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take duck anymore! (Network) (HAHAHAHA)



Vanessa Anne Hudgens

>> Monday, 6 November 2006

Delicious blog

Wow wow Vanessa means butterfly in Greek! That's nice~~

High School Musical 2: Sing It All Or Nothing!
Typical Disney.

Got most of the following pics from Vanessa Anne Hudgens Tribute and some other from Google.

Vanessa Hudgens in High School Musical...

Vanessa Hudgens in reality! O_O Eek green boots eek.

Miley Cyrus (from Hannah Montana) looked so... OLD. Like Vanessa's headband.

Zac Efron looked so... OLD. Why do ppl look so nice in the movie? Like her dress.

Vanessa without make-up?! Or was it just the wrong angle?

And, finally, my very very VERY favourite pic...

This is soooo SWEET!!! x3 Wonder what are they talking about? ;)

Imagine me *ahem* actually has a beautiful and sexy *ahem ahem AHEM!* side aka Dr. Jekyll like Vanessa.. *imagine*
I can't wait till that day. ;)

Come on, Joanne. Let's go audition for whatever musical available in the future and meet Vanessa and Zac LOL.


I have a very flowery heart...

...And I don't care.

I like Gloomy Sunday.
And I'm not dead yet.

Something's wrong with the modem/splitter. GAH.

TO: WAN YING - This is Krad! Aren't he just sexy? ;) Nah, Dark is sexier haha.

This is Dark. Ah!! x3

I just realized...

..that Wolfram (in blue circle) can be sooooooo cute!!! x3
Ah! D.N. Angel! AH!!!

Conrad and the purple-hair-guy-what's-his-name-again. Hah!
Shoujo? Hmm..


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