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>> Friday, 6 October 2006

I.. am unhappy. Very unhappy.

Exams are finally OVER!! Oh bloggie I'm so miss you. x3

I'm destined to fail my Add Maths. My mom will start to say things about "Your mother's an Add Maths teacher and you failed your Add Maths!" =)

I just realised my parents are really nice. I just didnt notice it before that. *hugs*

I'm guilty.
We went to Pizza Hut/KFC/Atria to celebrate our exam-over day. We bought the pizzas by using our voucher. It's so embarrasing cuz one by one we get the pizza. Can't we just take it all together? Then we ate it at KFC. We went to this clothes shop (call Network I think) and we tried on the clothes. OMG the shop assistant thought we wanna buy it. To be exact, she thought I wanna buy! Do I look rich to you? ;)
Anyway, I love that dress. And the top. =3

I just did this quiz.
I am a person who keep things to myself.
Any friends that came along, I'll accept and trust them completely.
What I want in my life is half fullfilled.
I am weak in my life and tend to be fragile.
I have, ahem, low sex drive.
I have a few good friends in my life.
My last relationship is not a good one and is not memorable.
When my partner is around, I'll flirt around with the others.
I have average ego.
I am proud and stuck up. (I'm not afraid to admit, but, yes, I'm stuck up. ;)
I have average bonds with my friends.
My partner in pure and good. (in my heart)
My partner is a homely and a humble partner.
I will seek my partner whenever I have problems.

You can ignore the partner stuff, but, wow, true!
When I'm a psychologist I'm so going to create quizzes like that lol. (They dont do this, btw. I think)
I hv to talk to my parents about my psychology thing. They want me to study pharmacy, or teaching. Hmm, speaking of teaching, I dont mind teaching kindergarten kids. Whee~

Do I really influence ppl that easily? I thought I'm influenced by others, in decision-making, I mean. Hmm, the others aren't influenced by me. (I think) Is it my fault? I still think not! DON'T blame them, Win Zee. DON'T. No one is blame-able. (Bleah) Everyone is (almost) blameless.
Is it that wrong to be influnced by others? Hmm. I'm influenced by Rene (Iish!) (Be proud, Rene. =D) and Esther (Sheesh!) (Yes, be proud.) and the movies (the gun-shooting act). I dont actually feel that I lost individualism. (Leonardo da WinZee Vinci and Michelangelo! LOL.)
Everyone is special in their own way
We make each other strong (each other strong)
We're not the same; we're different in a good way
Together's where we belong~

Everyone is special. No one will lose their individualism, I repeat, NO ONE WILL LOSE THEIR INDIVIDUALISM. There is always something different even if you wanna (or accidentally) imitate someone. Please bear in mind, people.
Somehow I wish that the ppl involved in this will not understand what I'm saying.

This is what makes me unhappy. =(

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