I know what her heart feels like from inside of her.

>> Sunday, 15 October 2006

I'm innocent. I just dont understand why some people would qualify sec students who are in a relationship as BAD students. Hey, that's seriously unfair! Ok, so I'm not involved in this crowd, but, it's so unfair! I mean, some ppl might still stay on their standard on their studies! GAH.

Stop the whining.

Anyway, have I told you that I lost my purpose in life? Bleah, after the end-term exams I just dont know what to do. Holidays is not even in the reach and I'm bored! I'm not using the broadband, as the use-all-you-want-it-will-only-be-RM88 one. Sheesh.
Btw, O2jam is hard to play lol.
I'm in the mood in chatting to strangers. And some other stuff you're not supposed to know. ;) LOL.

Have I told you how TOUCHING Mom at Sixteen is? It activates my tear glands lol.

Charley (5 years old): I'm Charley Cooper and I'm going into Kindergarten.
Bob: Uh ha and how do you feel about that?
Charley: I'm happy cause I'm good at reading and numbers.
Bob: Anything else new in your life?
Charley: I got a baby sister last year.
Bob: And Where did she come from?
Charley: Inside of my mommy's tummy.
Bob: And where do you come from?
Charley: Inside of my Jacey's tummy.
Bob: Who's Jacey?
Jacey Jeffries (Danielle Panabaker): Who am I huh?
Charley: She's my birthmother.
Bob: And what is so special about Jacey?
Charley: She helped me find my family.
Bob: Anything else?
Charley: I'm the only one that knows how much she loves me.
Bob: How's that?
Charley: Cause I'm the only one who knows what her heart feels like from inside of her.
Jacey Jeffries: Oh come here, I love you.
Charley: I love you too.

Can anything be cuter than this? *wipe tears*

I must watch Pride and JJ's concert DVD this holiday! And also Click, which I doubt it would be touching. It's so Scary-Movie-ish.

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