Gloomy Sunday

>> Tuesday, 31 October 2006

I wonder why do people actually deny about their jealousy. Maybe they don't know, or wanna keep face, or is really not jealous. Hmm.

I am listening to THE SUICIDE SONG aka Gloomy Sunday. This is the guy who wrote Gloomy Sunday, a self-taught pianist. He definitely made himself famous. (Please don't ring on my doorbell on 0000 lol)
Gloomy Sunday. I think.

I am still much alive and not disturbed! Maybe because I was distracted by my Add Maths project lol.
Anyways, the song is nice! Haha.
Next stop: German cannibal! (EEW)

Have you ever found yourself troubled about ‘black and white’ issues or simple answers? I finally understood this question. Yes, I have. Hah.

Huh? My fic is blog-like? Hmm.

I decided to take diploma! Jia you!

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