>> Thursday, 19 October 2006

I'm into DIY! I just killed my old shorts and spreaded out on my bed. I wanted to make a simple handbag but I'm inspiration- and talented-less. Gah!
Anyways, after a search on the Net and I went off-topic, I found this site and went "OMG that's so cute". Go check it out! =D
I especially love this top! x3
But I dont understand the procedure at all lol.
Some things are made for beautiful, thin people, but I think I'll just pretend I'm one.

Btw, my results sux like hell. I'm like, the last 2 or 3 person of the passing ppl in class. O_O

My average is 64.1.
I think I'll just drop that thought of getting scholarship and guai guai study STPM/matriculation and enter UKM. That's like the only local uni that offers Psychology course. -.-;;

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