Exam hiatus, and extreme LUCK needed.

>> Saturday, 9 September 2006

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Exam's coming! And I'm dying...
The only thing I've been studying is a little of Bio and very little of Sejarah. I'm destined to fail my Add Maths and Physics. Boohoo.
My aim: To pass all subjects 50 and above! CHS standard lol.

We made a seriously stoopig poem during POL class. Wan Ying's idea. I don't exactly remember the whole thing. It's about a cat missed a dog, a dog told the cat something, "I love you, do you want to marry me, and ride horse in France?" It's not so... obvious in English LOL. Don't ask me about the "ride horse in France" thing, cuz it's seriously so embarassing. Wan Ying will be glad to explain it to you.

I just realized my life is darn bored.
So on the holidays my cousins came, my cousin sis was obviously bored, so she asked me what do I usually do at home. I said, "Go to school, eat, play comp, watch TV, do homework, sleep... OMG damn bored."
And then Jo asked me the same question, because she was wondering what I do at home instead of doing homework LOL. I said, "Eat, play comp, watch TV, do homework, sleep... OMG damn bored!"

Jo said some artist wanna draw a manga about her fic, To Love With The Purest Soul or something. I thought she was just joking. She joked about everything! Apparently it was true! Hmm, if that artist wanna do it, JO WILL BE SO DAMN RICH. Copyrights wei. MY GOD. Akaka ignore my $$ face.

I will be in EXAM HIATUS until exam is over. Good luck to everybody out there, all PMR and SPM candidates, and to all people who think they're gonna die. LOL. just joking. Good luck!


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