>> Wednesday, 16 August 2006

My piano exam was, well, OK. Incredible, isn't it? =D
My examiner was a lady who majors in piano and, like, only plays the piano, and marries an Educational Director and has a 16-year-old daughter. Green eyes, smoky eyes. She isn't very tall, about my height, and her hair was so YELLOW.
My scales were OK, just that the chromatic scales in third I accidentally go down one octave lower and hit the wrong notes. O_O I wasnt paying much attention!
My pieces were OK. I repeated the first piece. Gah. The 2nd time I still made the same mistake, but I didnt care about that. My 2nd piece was, well, OK, a bit unplayed notes. My third piece was OK also lar. Not that nervous until the last part. GAH.
Sight reading was OK. 5 sharps, and the music was kinda nice. xP
Aural was damn SUCKED. I was standing behind the piano - yes, BEHIND the piano, and I was supposed to listen to the left hand melody?! O_O In the 3rd part, I answered the first one, then she played another one. Does that mean I got wrong?! O_O She played a piece in the 4th part. I commented, blah blah. Then she asked me questions. "Are there any dance rhythm in the music?" "Yes." "What type of dance do you think it is?" *plays a little chords* "Waltz." "Do you know any type of waltz in the Classical period?" *OH SH*T* "Uh, I'm not quite sure." *smiles* "That's alright. Thank you."
GAH! Classical period doesnt has WALTZ!! Does it?
Hopefully I'll just fail my aural instead of THE WHOLE THING!! O_O

Whee. I just reformatted the comp! DIY! x3 Ooh yeah. Ooh yeah. *dances*
Ok. I reformatted the comp. DIY. I posed a victory sign in my brain. A few hours later I'm onlining and was thinking of uploading the photos. Guess what?
And that consists of the Sports Day, and the Langkawi photos.. T T

PN LIM: Let's take you (Wei Jin) as an example. What are your good traits?
*noisy* (it seems that he's flaw-full instead of flawless)
PN LIM: Let's just say you're good-looking. Girls, do you agree? (I cut some parts)
PN LIM: So let's assume that the girls think you're good-looking lar, Wei Jin.
PN LIM: So what are your bad traits?
*draws something on whiteboard*

+ good-looking - Noisy
PN LIM: So now, Wei Jin's gonna find a spouse. *noise* It's just an example.
+ Quiet - Ugly
WEI JIN: No, I don't want!
PN LIM: Then what do you want? You're noisy, then she's quiet lar.
WEI JIN: Put me lazy lar.
+ Good-looking - Lazy
+ Hardworking - Ugly
PN LIM: So when we cross-breed Wei Jin and his spouse, we'll get Wei Jin Jr1
+ Good-looking - Quiet
Human + gorilla = Hugo! =D

I finally could check out on Melina's face! Before that I would like to tell you guys about a dream I had a few days before. Eventually before that I was onlining trying to get into Friendster but the comp jam. I dreamed that...
I was onlining, surfing on Friendster. There were about 8 photos there in Melina's profile, but mainly were his girlfriend's (I assumed). She was thin, wearing black sleeveless, and kawaii. I finally found a photo with his face on it. It was a blend actually, kinda blur, like took from a cellphone. He looked EXACTLY like Lee Hom, just that the eyes were Nigel's (Hmm). I went, "Oh. My. God. Ni hao SHUAI YO!!! x3"
My hopes were very much too high. I was expecting someone handsome and sexy. Hey, that's how Lee Hom looks like! xP *Even my mom says he's good-lookin'. Ooh yeah.

I cant wait till next Monday! x3 Yes, I hate school. Gah, I hv essay, 1 karangan, 1 drama, (all 4 Balau-ians will be a pro in scriptwriting), 2 Add maths, Bio, Physics notes (lol), MORAL PROJECT. GAH.

Bye Chern Jie. Bye Joanne. Everyone's leaving! T T

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