>> Saturday, 26 August 2006

I took this test in, and, uh...

Congratulations Win Zee, you are 53% not Malaysian.

That means you're as Malaysian as...

Guy Sebastian !

How Un-Malaysian Are You?

Hmm, since it stated "Congratulations", I think I should be proud. Bleah, dont kill me, Pak Lah.
Btw, who's Guy Sebastian? O_O Kinda reminds me of Eason Chen. Akaka.
How do you read his name? It's Gai Sebastian or Gee (as in gigi in Malay) Sebastian? I would stick to the latter. =D

...I took this quiz at

How Malaysian Are You?
Your score: 27 out of 45

You’re there, but there’s plenty of room for improvement. To start off your journey to becoming a true red-yellow-and-blue Malaysian, make sure you don't forget those little Malaysian flags that purebreds stick on their cars on Merdeka day.

Hmm. I'm kinda unpatriotic.
Ooh, Dad hung a huge Msian flag at our house. We went to Giant one day and we saw this flag sale, so my Dad bought it. I didnt know he's that patriotic! We're like the only house to hang a flag in the whole Tmn Megah. Akaka, just joking.

GAH. I hv so much homework to do! Essay, karangan, Add Maths, MORAL. AH. I'm gonna die.. T_____T
After all those homeworks, (I'm so envy of you, Chern Jie and JP) I'm living in despair.
I've been using the wrong words.

I love Hans Christian Andersen's version of Little Mermaid! Ok, the original version. After I read that story I aspire to be a fairy tale writer. Or... something like that. LOL. Ignore me, people. I'm seriously lame. I wanna stay up late (it's 0145 now) and read, go online, stuff, but, hah, I nv allowed myself sleeping too late. -_____-;;

Btw, I received a mail, saying that on August 27 (Sunday) 1230AM (which morning? THAT morning or MONDAY morning?) Mars will be shining brightly, as if Earth has 2 moons.
I really hate these early AMs (like 1AM). It never fails to confuse me.
Oops, wrong words again.

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