>> Friday, 11 August 2006

ROAR 10 days to my exam and I'm not fully prepared.. T_____T
Wish #1 Lenient examiner
Wish #2 Easy sight-reading
Wish #3 Easy aural

I've been writing this one paragraph for many times but then decided not to write it out. I'm a cold-blooded lion who cant seem to express herself well. Hmm.
But there's one thing.
Kitty is so cute. Kitty's like so serious and seldom smile. But Kitty's cute. Extremely cute, even though others will only say "cute" instead of "extremely cute".
I'm going crazy over a cat?!

4 Balau's Floating Class is now officially opened! You are welcome to visit us anytime, in the Bio lab (our #1 base), or in the canteen (our #2 base), or Chem lab, or 4 Bat, or 4 Cen, or anywhere else in the school compound. We are the happy whining famous homeless students.
Haha, I said that I'll write a post especially for Chern Jie, but now I'm not so sure about his leaving.. Pn Lim seems so sure that he's not leaving. Or perhaps I'm just blur. So anyway, the post will come. Soon. I guess.
My definition for "soon":
Before comp is crazy - A few days later.
After comp is crazy - Depends on the Big Guy Upstairs + mood + time

Class, I have an announcement to make. The announcement I made in the last post was not accurate. I'm sorry for the mistake. The actual announcement was that... *silence* I'm not quite sure about that too. Mr Fish seems kinda weird. It's very hard to understand even his action. O_O

It seems like a true friendship rarely exist. Hatred exist between two friends (or perhaps suspicioun).
"If you like yourself less after being with a friend, he's only your friend.
If you like yourself more after being with a friend, he's your true friend."
Do people actually analyse whether they like themselves more after being with a friend? xP I guess the interpretation is that whether you feel happy/contented? Hmm. I hate isi tersirat.

Life is too dull to talk about.

Looking at how lame Pony is, I think Lee Hom looks much better than him. MG's been obsessing about him. Nah uh, not love! It's obsession. Aiyoh, no experience, watch TV pun tahu lor. Pony + sexy voice + (sings as good as Lee Hom + JJ) - lameness - "bay" = beautiful.
*dramatically* Oh, but perfection do not exist. He shall live only in my imagination.

I think I'm extremely neutral + practical. I'm deadly afraid of ghosts, but I always convince myself that there's no such thing as ghost and it's just an imagination and stuff. And I seldom pray. I dont exactly depend on The Almighty Buddha. I dont even exactly believe in faith (but I do believe in reincarnation hehe). I think that wtv our personality and view is determine how we're going to live this life, whether with pessimism (bleah, how do you spell it?) or in happy-go-lucky. I'm the second one. Haha!
I'm too neutral + practical.
But I like.

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