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>> Friday, 25 August 2006

ROAR 3 (or 2) days to MONDAY!! I still hv so many homework to do. Roar.

Whee. I just had my haircut today (or yesterday)! I went for thinning, which my hair is destined to grow back again. And then the lady kept persuading my mom to give me a straightening, but she didnt want cuz she had to fetch my sis haha. My hair was so FLAT. Well, it's predictable. And after that, the lady asked her daughter to do the temporary straightening thingy for me. The thing was so hot and I can actually see smoke rising up from my hair. It's like a cartoon scene in reality! Hah! Ok so I did the straightening thingy and my hair is still flat. Hmph. But, OMG, it's so smooth! So this is how smooth felt like. Lol. Too bad lar, cant show it off in school. LOL.
Behold... The new Zee!

Ok, so the hair will not be straight when I return to school, but it'll be flat! For a few days. I think.
Mom was thinking of letting me to go for straightening. Hmm, I remember I told myself not to get a straightening in my whole life. Haha. I'm afraid that I will be the "lucky one", like the lady said. She said that the "lucky ones" didnt hv to do straightening over and over again to get their straight. No! I dont want straight hair.. At least not that straight. To be honest, I actually like my hair before this, just that I hate it for being so BUSHY.
Should I? I dont want it to be straight FOREVER. I actually like wavy. Hah. I'm kinda hard to layan. Call me indecisive, picky.

Ok. So Nicholas Sparks wrote like almost a dozen of books. Exactly a dozen. Hmm.
Wow wow. University of Notre Dame! Haha!
For the mean time, I shall be in love with him.

Ooh yeah. I fixed the speaker! Well the speaker isnt spoiled at all. Just the stupid comp didnt detect at all. Ooh yeah. I rock. I rock. *dances*
Oops, sorry. Cant a person just hv a vain moment?

Waning, there's a paper of short intro on the examiner. Thats why I know so much about her. The weird thing is, I dont rmb her name. xP I think it's Mary. Or Marie. Bleah.
What? I sound like Pn Lim? Hmm. Should I be angry? Akaka. I kinda admire her, you know. Haha. *oops, a major secret. rene would kill me on monday.

Anybody watched School of Life on Disney Channel? Ooh yeah, I love the scriptwriter.
Denise Davies: [about Mr. D] He's so shy. I think I'm attracted to that.
Coach Vern Cote: [trying to get a substitution for a football match] Whose going in? Anybody. I'll do your homework for a month...
Mr. D: Oh, this is the greatest find of all time. Ladies and gentleman - Swimsuit edition. March.
Matt Warner: [to the astronaut] The guy you're looking for is across the hall on Planet D. That's one small leap for man, one giant pain in the ass!
Mr. D: Now, get this game lost. I need to get home.

The quote I want is not here! So Mr. D had lung cancer and was in hospital. Everyone was so worried about him that they were in a bad mood. Matt Warner (GOSH his wife was so YOUNG!) then told the students that the teachers' knowledge is in a part of them, and when they teach they give knowledge to the students, which also means that they give a part of themselves to the students. And so in every one of them there's a part of Mr. D in it.

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