Diploma?! O_O

>> Thursday, 3 August 2006

I wanna celebrate for my success in BM lisan!
Hmm... I was staring at Pn Norita.. I think. Haha. Jo, Wan Ying and JoanneT said that I was doing my hair and stuff with my hand. O_O I didnt know that!
Conclusion: Preparation + deep breath + LOTS of jia yous to self = success in lisan.

My God I might be doing diploma. Heh, the recital level thingy is equivalent to PERFORMANCE in first-year of university! Ooh yeah.
When my teacher knew that I was thinking of psychology, mass communication and journalism, she went O_O Imagine me in front of your beloved idiot box talking about wtv stuff. Or imagine yourself reading some newspaper and you saw the words "Reported by TEONG WIN ZEE". xP Weird thing is that she didnt go O_O about psychology. Do I look like one? Hmm, a short and lame psychologist who cant seem to be serious at all.

TEACHER: You know, your daughter, Win Zee, is thinking of doing psychology, mass communication and.. what ar?
WIN ZEE: Journalism.
TEACHER: Ah, and journalism. It's very good, you know. I never thought she can talk, you know! Is she good in writing?
MOM: *stares at me O_O* She thinks too much of the celebrities. *still unbelievable*
No, this did not happen, but if my teacher did say that, that is what will happen. I havent told my mom about the psychology thing cuz she'll say "You cant find any job here". And, of course, she'll think that the reason I wanna do mass comm is because of the celebs I can meet. *wink* Actually I accidentally blurted out about the mass comm. Lol. And journalism, she'll say I cant make much money with it, sitting in front of the comp everyday typing and stuff.
Hmm, I think I'm kinda weird.

Topic: Imagine Wan Ying just came back from London after studying in wtv music college.
Clothings: Something mature and black, golden high heels (I love those), some silver jeweries here and there. *shiny*
Physical: Ahem. *tries very hard to imagine* Slender, LOOKS taller. Porcelain-like face (mwaha), wearing contacts/done laser aka *shinier* eyes. Hair no longer reddish purplish brown, but just brown! Very very very straight and long till the waist.
Personality: (Hopefully this can be changed) More outgoing, more initiative, LESS LAME, less insulting ppl, (I know what you did..) confident
Voice: (Imagine boleh tak? =D) Melodious, magnetic. =3
Extras: Took up violin/flute/harp during college/university. Speaks British/American slang (genuine).

My gosh "the Wan Ying" damn pretty. x3

Topic: Imagine The Vain just graduated as a psychologist.
WARNING: This topic is cancelled due to the lack of imagination of The Vain.
WARNING: The Vain would like to practice her vain-ness, so the topic is resumed again.
Another WARNING: This topic is cancelled again due to the lack of imagination of The Vain. *fed up tone*
The only thing I can imagine is myself in white robe. O_O
Wan Ying, you do this topic. Haha. I'm kinda unimaginable.

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