>> Saturday, 26 August 2006

I took this test in, and, uh...

Congratulations Win Zee, you are 53% not Malaysian.

That means you're as Malaysian as...

Guy Sebastian !

How Un-Malaysian Are You?

Hmm, since it stated "Congratulations", I think I should be proud. Bleah, dont kill me, Pak Lah.
Btw, who's Guy Sebastian? O_O Kinda reminds me of Eason Chen. Akaka.
How do you read his name? It's Gai Sebastian or Gee (as in gigi in Malay) Sebastian? I would stick to the latter. =D

...I took this quiz at

How Malaysian Are You?
Your score: 27 out of 45

You’re there, but there’s plenty of room for improvement. To start off your journey to becoming a true red-yellow-and-blue Malaysian, make sure you don't forget those little Malaysian flags that purebreds stick on their cars on Merdeka day.

Hmm. I'm kinda unpatriotic.
Ooh, Dad hung a huge Msian flag at our house. We went to Giant one day and we saw this flag sale, so my Dad bought it. I didnt know he's that patriotic! We're like the only house to hang a flag in the whole Tmn Megah. Akaka, just joking.

GAH. I hv so much homework to do! Essay, karangan, Add Maths, MORAL. AH. I'm gonna die.. T_____T
After all those homeworks, (I'm so envy of you, Chern Jie and JP) I'm living in despair.
I've been using the wrong words.

I love Hans Christian Andersen's version of Little Mermaid! Ok, the original version. After I read that story I aspire to be a fairy tale writer. Or... something like that. LOL. Ignore me, people. I'm seriously lame. I wanna stay up late (it's 0145 now) and read, go online, stuff, but, hah, I nv allowed myself sleeping too late. -_____-;;

Btw, I received a mail, saying that on August 27 (Sunday) 1230AM (which morning? THAT morning or MONDAY morning?) Mars will be shining brightly, as if Earth has 2 moons.
I really hate these early AMs (like 1AM). It never fails to confuse me.
Oops, wrong words again.


Hair in the School of Life

>> Friday, 25 August 2006

ROAR 3 (or 2) days to MONDAY!! I still hv so many homework to do. Roar.

Whee. I just had my haircut today (or yesterday)! I went for thinning, which my hair is destined to grow back again. And then the lady kept persuading my mom to give me a straightening, but she didnt want cuz she had to fetch my sis haha. My hair was so FLAT. Well, it's predictable. And after that, the lady asked her daughter to do the temporary straightening thingy for me. The thing was so hot and I can actually see smoke rising up from my hair. It's like a cartoon scene in reality! Hah! Ok so I did the straightening thingy and my hair is still flat. Hmph. But, OMG, it's so smooth! So this is how smooth felt like. Lol. Too bad lar, cant show it off in school. LOL.
Behold... The new Zee!

Ok, so the hair will not be straight when I return to school, but it'll be flat! For a few days. I think.
Mom was thinking of letting me to go for straightening. Hmm, I remember I told myself not to get a straightening in my whole life. Haha. I'm afraid that I will be the "lucky one", like the lady said. She said that the "lucky ones" didnt hv to do straightening over and over again to get their straight. No! I dont want straight hair.. At least not that straight. To be honest, I actually like my hair before this, just that I hate it for being so BUSHY.
Should I? I dont want it to be straight FOREVER. I actually like wavy. Hah. I'm kinda hard to layan. Call me indecisive, picky.

Ok. So Nicholas Sparks wrote like almost a dozen of books. Exactly a dozen. Hmm.
Wow wow. University of Notre Dame! Haha!
For the mean time, I shall be in love with him.

Ooh yeah. I fixed the speaker! Well the speaker isnt spoiled at all. Just the stupid comp didnt detect at all. Ooh yeah. I rock. I rock. *dances*
Oops, sorry. Cant a person just hv a vain moment?

Waning, there's a paper of short intro on the examiner. Thats why I know so much about her. The weird thing is, I dont rmb her name. xP I think it's Mary. Or Marie. Bleah.
What? I sound like Pn Lim? Hmm. Should I be angry? Akaka. I kinda admire her, you know. Haha. *oops, a major secret. rene would kill me on monday.

Anybody watched School of Life on Disney Channel? Ooh yeah, I love the scriptwriter.
Denise Davies: [about Mr. D] He's so shy. I think I'm attracted to that.
Coach Vern Cote: [trying to get a substitution for a football match] Whose going in? Anybody. I'll do your homework for a month...
Mr. D: Oh, this is the greatest find of all time. Ladies and gentleman - Swimsuit edition. March.
Matt Warner: [to the astronaut] The guy you're looking for is across the hall on Planet D. That's one small leap for man, one giant pain in the ass!
Mr. D: Now, get this game lost. I need to get home.

The quote I want is not here! So Mr. D had lung cancer and was in hospital. Everyone was so worried about him that they were in a bad mood. Matt Warner (GOSH his wife was so YOUNG!) then told the students that the teachers' knowledge is in a part of them, and when they teach they give knowledge to the students, which also means that they give a part of themselves to the students. And so in every one of them there's a part of Mr. D in it.



>> Wednesday, 16 August 2006

My piano exam was, well, OK. Incredible, isn't it? =D
My examiner was a lady who majors in piano and, like, only plays the piano, and marries an Educational Director and has a 16-year-old daughter. Green eyes, smoky eyes. She isn't very tall, about my height, and her hair was so YELLOW.
My scales were OK, just that the chromatic scales in third I accidentally go down one octave lower and hit the wrong notes. O_O I wasnt paying much attention!
My pieces were OK. I repeated the first piece. Gah. The 2nd time I still made the same mistake, but I didnt care about that. My 2nd piece was, well, OK, a bit unplayed notes. My third piece was OK also lar. Not that nervous until the last part. GAH.
Sight reading was OK. 5 sharps, and the music was kinda nice. xP
Aural was damn SUCKED. I was standing behind the piano - yes, BEHIND the piano, and I was supposed to listen to the left hand melody?! O_O In the 3rd part, I answered the first one, then she played another one. Does that mean I got wrong?! O_O She played a piece in the 4th part. I commented, blah blah. Then she asked me questions. "Are there any dance rhythm in the music?" "Yes." "What type of dance do you think it is?" *plays a little chords* "Waltz." "Do you know any type of waltz in the Classical period?" *OH SH*T* "Uh, I'm not quite sure." *smiles* "That's alright. Thank you."
GAH! Classical period doesnt has WALTZ!! Does it?
Hopefully I'll just fail my aural instead of THE WHOLE THING!! O_O

Whee. I just reformatted the comp! DIY! x3 Ooh yeah. Ooh yeah. *dances*
Ok. I reformatted the comp. DIY. I posed a victory sign in my brain. A few hours later I'm onlining and was thinking of uploading the photos. Guess what?
And that consists of the Sports Day, and the Langkawi photos.. T T

PN LIM: Let's take you (Wei Jin) as an example. What are your good traits?
*noisy* (it seems that he's flaw-full instead of flawless)
PN LIM: Let's just say you're good-looking. Girls, do you agree? (I cut some parts)
PN LIM: So let's assume that the girls think you're good-looking lar, Wei Jin.
PN LIM: So what are your bad traits?
*draws something on whiteboard*

+ good-looking - Noisy
PN LIM: So now, Wei Jin's gonna find a spouse. *noise* It's just an example.
+ Quiet - Ugly
WEI JIN: No, I don't want!
PN LIM: Then what do you want? You're noisy, then she's quiet lar.
WEI JIN: Put me lazy lar.
+ Good-looking - Lazy
+ Hardworking - Ugly
PN LIM: So when we cross-breed Wei Jin and his spouse, we'll get Wei Jin Jr1
+ Good-looking - Quiet
Human + gorilla = Hugo! =D

I finally could check out on Melina's face! Before that I would like to tell you guys about a dream I had a few days before. Eventually before that I was onlining trying to get into Friendster but the comp jam. I dreamed that...
I was onlining, surfing on Friendster. There were about 8 photos there in Melina's profile, but mainly were his girlfriend's (I assumed). She was thin, wearing black sleeveless, and kawaii. I finally found a photo with his face on it. It was a blend actually, kinda blur, like took from a cellphone. He looked EXACTLY like Lee Hom, just that the eyes were Nigel's (Hmm). I went, "Oh. My. God. Ni hao SHUAI YO!!! x3"
My hopes were very much too high. I was expecting someone handsome and sexy. Hey, that's how Lee Hom looks like! xP *Even my mom says he's good-lookin'. Ooh yeah.

I cant wait till next Monday! x3 Yes, I hate school. Gah, I hv essay, 1 karangan, 1 drama, (all 4 Balau-ians will be a pro in scriptwriting), 2 Add maths, Bio, Physics notes (lol), MORAL PROJECT. GAH.

Bye Chern Jie. Bye Joanne. Everyone's leaving! T T



>> Friday, 11 August 2006

ROAR 10 days to my exam and I'm not fully prepared.. T_____T
Wish #1 Lenient examiner
Wish #2 Easy sight-reading
Wish #3 Easy aural

I've been writing this one paragraph for many times but then decided not to write it out. I'm a cold-blooded lion who cant seem to express herself well. Hmm.
But there's one thing.
Kitty is so cute. Kitty's like so serious and seldom smile. But Kitty's cute. Extremely cute, even though others will only say "cute" instead of "extremely cute".
I'm going crazy over a cat?!

4 Balau's Floating Class is now officially opened! You are welcome to visit us anytime, in the Bio lab (our #1 base), or in the canteen (our #2 base), or Chem lab, or 4 Bat, or 4 Cen, or anywhere else in the school compound. We are the happy whining famous homeless students.
Haha, I said that I'll write a post especially for Chern Jie, but now I'm not so sure about his leaving.. Pn Lim seems so sure that he's not leaving. Or perhaps I'm just blur. So anyway, the post will come. Soon. I guess.
My definition for "soon":
Before comp is crazy - A few days later.
After comp is crazy - Depends on the Big Guy Upstairs + mood + time

Class, I have an announcement to make. The announcement I made in the last post was not accurate. I'm sorry for the mistake. The actual announcement was that... *silence* I'm not quite sure about that too. Mr Fish seems kinda weird. It's very hard to understand even his action. O_O

It seems like a true friendship rarely exist. Hatred exist between two friends (or perhaps suspicioun).
"If you like yourself less after being with a friend, he's only your friend.
If you like yourself more after being with a friend, he's your true friend."
Do people actually analyse whether they like themselves more after being with a friend? xP I guess the interpretation is that whether you feel happy/contented? Hmm. I hate isi tersirat.

Life is too dull to talk about.

Looking at how lame Pony is, I think Lee Hom looks much better than him. MG's been obsessing about him. Nah uh, not love! It's obsession. Aiyoh, no experience, watch TV pun tahu lor. Pony + sexy voice + (sings as good as Lee Hom + JJ) - lameness - "bay" = beautiful.
*dramatically* Oh, but perfection do not exist. He shall live only in my imagination.

I think I'm extremely neutral + practical. I'm deadly afraid of ghosts, but I always convince myself that there's no such thing as ghost and it's just an imagination and stuff. And I seldom pray. I dont exactly depend on The Almighty Buddha. I dont even exactly believe in faith (but I do believe in reincarnation hehe). I think that wtv our personality and view is determine how we're going to live this life, whether with pessimism (bleah, how do you spell it?) or in happy-go-lucky. I'm the second one. Haha!
I'm too neutral + practical.
But I like.


Unimaginable = my love.

>> Tuesday, 8 August 2006

So Iyin and I were seriously bored yesterday during POL, so we kinda made up a "story". I forgot mostly about it, though, cuz the relationship was complicated. It's like...
Zee likes J2, J2 likes JS and JS likes J2.
Will likes Iyin, Iyin thought she likes Jay, JAY LOVES WILL.
The "J loves Will" part is my idea. I think I'm getting more open, or, uh, hysterical. Haha?

I feel so useless. Roar. I've been copying other ppl's homework (including Maths+. Can you believe that?!) for so many days, I'm not paying attention to Physics and Chinese at all (worse of all, I have no tuition), I'm not paying much attention to Maths. I cant play all, I tend to play the wrong note while playing scales, I cant remember the melody and sing, I cant read and sing, I cant answer questions. I've been playing the comp for like 24/7 and stayed up late to complete homework. I have not started studying, seeing that exam is just around the corner.
Roar. I think I'm dying. Let me die. You'll see me haunting around.

I can't believe I'm n F4. I cant believe it's already August and I've done NOTHING at all. Omg it's like I've just entered 4 Balau yesterday. Boohoo. Why must time flies when we thought time is so slow like a tortoise? I hate illusions. Roar.
I feel so old. *crack*

Received a mail and read this poem. I thought it was nice. =3

Written with a pen
Sealed with a kiss
If you are my friend,
Please answer this:
Are we friends or are we not?
You told me once, but I forgot.
So tell me now and tell me true,
So I can say, I am here for you.
Of all the friends I've ever met,
You're the ones I won't forget.
And if I die before you do,
I'll go to Heaven
And wait for you.
No, I'm not being pessimisstic, but I like the last 3 lines. =3

Class, I have an announcement to make, please pay close attention. Mr Fish likes Mickey Mouse, I repeat, MR FISH LIKES MICKEY MOUSE. Thank you.

Everyone's leaving. Chern Jie's leaving for Nigeria by next next Tues (weird country to migrate to) and Joanne P will be leaving for UK by end of this year and Joanne T will be leaving for Aussie next year after her SPM. Lonely class.

I am so going to go for psychology, no matter how my parents will think how little money I'm going to make. Haha.
No, I havent tell them yet, but I'm gonna tell them sooner or later.
I dont mind being poor as long as I do what I want/love! I might as well die doing accounts/business/pharmacy/medicine. x_X
*imagines myself as a psychologist*
*force myself out of the white robe*
Hmm, unimagnable.
I like it.


Diploma?! O_O

>> Thursday, 3 August 2006

I wanna celebrate for my success in BM lisan!
Hmm... I was staring at Pn Norita.. I think. Haha. Jo, Wan Ying and JoanneT said that I was doing my hair and stuff with my hand. O_O I didnt know that!
Conclusion: Preparation + deep breath + LOTS of jia yous to self = success in lisan.

My God I might be doing diploma. Heh, the recital level thingy is equivalent to PERFORMANCE in first-year of university! Ooh yeah.
When my teacher knew that I was thinking of psychology, mass communication and journalism, she went O_O Imagine me in front of your beloved idiot box talking about wtv stuff. Or imagine yourself reading some newspaper and you saw the words "Reported by TEONG WIN ZEE". xP Weird thing is that she didnt go O_O about psychology. Do I look like one? Hmm, a short and lame psychologist who cant seem to be serious at all.

TEACHER: You know, your daughter, Win Zee, is thinking of doing psychology, mass communication and.. what ar?
WIN ZEE: Journalism.
TEACHER: Ah, and journalism. It's very good, you know. I never thought she can talk, you know! Is she good in writing?
MOM: *stares at me O_O* She thinks too much of the celebrities. *still unbelievable*
No, this did not happen, but if my teacher did say that, that is what will happen. I havent told my mom about the psychology thing cuz she'll say "You cant find any job here". And, of course, she'll think that the reason I wanna do mass comm is because of the celebs I can meet. *wink* Actually I accidentally blurted out about the mass comm. Lol. And journalism, she'll say I cant make much money with it, sitting in front of the comp everyday typing and stuff.
Hmm, I think I'm kinda weird.

Topic: Imagine Wan Ying just came back from London after studying in wtv music college.
Clothings: Something mature and black, golden high heels (I love those), some silver jeweries here and there. *shiny*
Physical: Ahem. *tries very hard to imagine* Slender, LOOKS taller. Porcelain-like face (mwaha), wearing contacts/done laser aka *shinier* eyes. Hair no longer reddish purplish brown, but just brown! Very very very straight and long till the waist.
Personality: (Hopefully this can be changed) More outgoing, more initiative, LESS LAME, less insulting ppl, (I know what you did..) confident
Voice: (Imagine boleh tak? =D) Melodious, magnetic. =3
Extras: Took up violin/flute/harp during college/university. Speaks British/American slang (genuine).

My gosh "the Wan Ying" damn pretty. x3

Topic: Imagine The Vain just graduated as a psychologist.
WARNING: This topic is cancelled due to the lack of imagination of The Vain.
WARNING: The Vain would like to practice her vain-ness, so the topic is resumed again.
Another WARNING: This topic is cancelled again due to the lack of imagination of The Vain. *fed up tone*
The only thing I can imagine is myself in white robe. O_O
Wan Ying, you do this topic. Haha. I'm kinda unimaginable.


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