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>> Saturday, 1 July 2006

I can't believe that I'm actually blogging for 2 consecutive days. Hmm, how many homeworks have I not done? Uh, people, borrow one more hand, please.

I just feel like blogging.

I just took The Brain Test, to check out which side of my brain is dominant.
And both of them are just equal. WOW. I never thought of that before. I thought I'm more on the left hemisphere, since I suck at arts. =/

A BIRD IN THE BUSH? Read again, please. =D

In black you read GOOD, in the white you read EVIL. Good can't exist without bad, no?

In that yellowish space, it's read as "OPTICAL", but if you notice carefully the scenery behind, you'll get "ILLUSION". Now why do we call this optical illusion again?

TEACH reflects as LEARN.

In brown you read "ME", but if you look through ME, you'll see YOU.

Seriously damn cool. Hah!

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