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>> Sunday, 16 July 2006

WTF I've written this for 3 times! ROAR.

I went to BU3 carnival! And it was, umm, it was OK. xP It had lots of weird stuff that you dont find it in DJ's carnival. Ooh yeah.

I went for, umm, painting. I got a lizard on my arm! It's not that I like lizards, but the design was nice, so I just get it. Lol. I must be the weirdest person in the world. Well, it only costs me RM3, and that's considered cheap for DJ-carnival rate. xP

It came off already, only some of the colours still on my arm.

And then we went for the Flying Fox, and it costs me RM10+20 minutes. But it's worth it. Seriously. The only scary part where you were let to float on air for a little while, and the rest was AWESOME! The guy asked me whether I wanted it fast or slow, and I, of course, said I want FAST! I think he was surprised. Akaka. When I got off, another guy asked me whether the thing on my arm was a lizard or not. Lol.
I dont mind going for NS. Lol.

We went for some python thingy. We took pictures with an albino burmese python!! (Chern Jie must've thought my looks are deceiving. xP) The snake wasnt slimy, it's dry. Lol. It's very scaly and plastic-ish. And when it moves you can actually feel its backbone, and that proves that snakes are not invertebrates. Lol. Well I held its head, and it kept coming towards me.. No, I didnt think I was going to die, but the feeling wasnt fear. I think. Akaka.
Snakes dont seem scary now. Lol!
My next goal: Touch a furry ferocious animal (eg. lion)! xP
I can imagine Joanne's reaction when she's reading/ know this. Lol.

The haunted house was OK. The principal was UGLY, I tell you, UGLY. Akaka. Her 2 daughters (but I prefer to know them as her granddaughters) went to complain to her that they cant get into the haunted house. It's actually that they didnt line up, and the ppl didnt want to let them in. HMPH!
The front part was not exactly scary, but the aura was. Lol. I dont know how to explain it, it's like going for "bai bai" with joss stick and stuff. Lol. That's scary. The rest was just OK, just screaming here and there cuz my bro was screaming. One of the principal's daughter clinged on my bro that I wondered if she took the wrong person. Cuz we dont know her! xP

I got blisters. Ouch.

Ooh, someone dedicated JJ's Saranghaeyo to someone else! x3
Speaking of JJ, this is what my sis had done to the report on JJ's concert in Msia:

And this is what I'd done to that report:

Oh no! Next month is August! Which means- yes, there's a week of holiday, but that's not what I wanna say. Which means my exam is near! ROAR!!!! My exam pieces! My sight reading! MY AURAL!!!! ROARness!! I. Have. To. PASS. Pass, at least.
Do I wanna do diploma? I dont mind playing classical pieces, but I mind doing aural A LOT. Not that I hate it, I suck in it. ROARness.
No, Joanne. Dont discourage me, even though it's hard to. You dont like diploma doesnt mean that I dont like it. I can survive. I've been surviving aural for so many years, and you tell me I can die because of diploma?!
Wow, G8 is O Level work. I rock. xP No, is it A Level? Never mind, I rock. xP

CLICK. This is nice.
I've read that in US, ppl become grandparents at the average age of 46. OMG.

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