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>> Friday, 14 July 2006

Hari Kerjaya was a bit bored. There's so little brochures about psychology! Argh! Or perhaps The Coward was too coward to ask.. T___T Yeap, I'm still thinking about that "unusual" course which seemed a little less unusual now. Hmph.
Lalala. Psychology seems really fun. I think I'm destined to cure your schizophrenia and bipolar disease. Haha.
Or you can just pay me a visit in my clinic (or wherever I work at. In the I-forgot-the-name J-drama he had his own clinic!) or call my hotline, 1-800-WIN-ZEE then press THE SCHIZO PATIENT#.
The Ignorant should be ignored.
Well, actually, I dont quite know the difference between schizophrenia, bipolar and split personality. Arent them the same?!
I'm a failure in psychology field, aint I?

This is nice. =)

Wan Ying's been lusting on the same guy I'm lusting on.
Not exactly lust but, uh, not exactly like, either. Not admire, not infatuation, not love, so is it an obsession? Not quite.
Never mind. In short, he's cute. Haha.
I still love your name, oh the-cute-one. Seriously. No, not your Christian name. I dont like your Christian name. Haha.
OMG I just realized that he's smaller than Wan Ying. Lol. Not a big deal, just a laate discovery.

Jo, I still dont know who's Another Apple. Serious. It seems like every cute pengawas I thought is Another Apple is not him. Lol.
Those cute pengawas came out to be only the same person. Gosh, I'm hopeless. xP
Let's wait for this year's Nostalgia.

Eating too much vitamin A really makes your skin colour goes orange-y.
EVIDENCE #1: Pn Lim said so. (Whatever she says about bio is law.)
EVIDENCE #2: Jo's skin colour. It's yellower than the normal skin colour.
EVIDENCE #3: It's in the book called something "The First Honest Book about Lies"
To tan-wanna bes out there who wears glasses, dont eat too much carrots. Instead, get laser treatment or wear contacts.

I still have my cold and cough. My piano teacher go "Win Zee, what happened to your voice?!" then "I wanted to give you aural test". Haha! Before I went back she said "Remember to take care yea, next week you must do your aural."
Ooh, I got 81 for my G6 theory. I forgot about my scores, so I decided not to write it down. Lazy to run upstairs, open up file, come downstairs and write lar.
President: His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales
I just realized that it's not William but his father. Roar. But I like the title. "The Prince of Wales" Haha.

Jackie thought I'm da Vinci.
Cool. Lol.
Btw, I'm the professional screaming fans. I'm professional cuz I dont get a soar throat after a few hours of screaming. Lol!

Our ex-class looks like it's going to collapse any minute. So, thanks to Dillion, we're in Blok G now. It isnt as scary as I imagined, just that when you walk down the stairs remember to pray. Whatever you laugh at might be the last thing you laugh at. Lol!
I hate the class. It's cooling in the morning, all right, but it's damn freakin' hot in the afternoon. Roar.
At the beginning Dillion even thought of swapping each class at the block at each subject. Lol.

Miss Charity! I like your voice. But you dont remember my name.. T_____T
You speak a little like your sister. Akaka.

We talk too much. Waaay too much.

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