>> Monday, 31 July 2006

I'm tagged by Khai Sim!

Still 5, going to kindergarten, dance sing and talk whole day in the kindergarten! xP

Still 10, not knowing much stuff, been teasing my friend's name. Haha, I kesian you, Matt. xP *hint* K la, dont tease you.

Hmm.. staring at the computer and typing story (xP)

#1 Bu Si Zhi Shen - JJ
#2 Whatever song from Craig David
#3 She Cries - C21
#4 She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5
#5 Mama - Il Divo

#1 Beautiful new comp, or just get the current one for a reformating.
#2 Vitamin M
#3 New purse *hint*
#4 Walkman
#5 Be thinner xP Or at least gain more confidence!

#1 Homework
#2 Study
#3 Eat my dinner
#4 Bath
#5 Uh, practicing my piano

#1 Overcoming obstacles ^^
#2 Family and friends! =)
#3 Writing/Reading =p
#4 Cam-whoring. Mwaha.
#5 Singing/dancing/playing piano/anything to do with music

#1 Wan Ying
#2 Rene
#3 Charis
#4 Jo (Wait till we get a blog, which is a long way to go)
#5 Joanne Teo (Wait till we get a blog)

My first cooking.. It's either during Std 5 or Std 6. Mom thought I should be learning cooking by then cuz she learned it when she was 9. Aiyoh, different generations lar. xP So she was teaching me the "simplest" meals ever - fried egg. And I actually cried for those stupid eggs. xD Cuz I'm deadly afraid of fire, and I dont know how to crack an egg. I know, I'm useless. Now the only thing I know how to cook is Maggie Mee. xD You see, I'm not one who you can force so easily. I dont menunduk kepala on autocratism (bleah).
Uh, my first "hold hand"? I seriously think I havent done that before, (seriously sad) except if you count the kokos who hold my hand so that I wont get lost when I was still little. Haha.
Any other firsts, Iyin or anybody else? =D

I think I mix around Howl a bit too much. I just realised I'm very vain. Extremely vain. The vainest of the vains. And and and I'm kinda self-conscious. I talk too much. My pride is very.. uh, I dont know what's the correct adjective, but is high/a lot/strong/something. Uh huh, serious. I know, looks are deceiving. xP I think I watch too much Pride. Akaka.
Gah, I'm getting lamer. Perhaps I got kinda serious this afternoon. =/
Oh, POL was nice minus the teacher. xP


Sports Day 06

>> Thursday, 27 July 2006

Happy (belated) birthday Shi Ching "Wormie" and Ser Siang!

I call this, The Hole-y Shoes.
L-R: Hooi Teng, Iyin, Me, Wan Ying.

The girl at the most left is seriously leng chai. I think she should pose like that more often.
L-R: Hooi Teng, Rene, Iyin, The Poser Me

I DAMN love Rene's pose! =D
It's not an ultraman sign, it's an anti-Maju sign. xP Initially they were taking photos as The Maju People, but I added myself in. Haha.
L-R: Hooi Teng, Rene, Iyin, Ultraman Ultrawoman Me

After that we went to McD. A little Malay boy knocked on the window. I saw him, of course, and then he smiled at me. Smiles back to you, little guy. =D
Khai Sim was seriously bored, so she came and sat with me.
Khai Sim: Eh, is that your little brother?
Me: No, it's Pin's.
Khai Sim: *Look at Pin, then brother, then Pin* They dont look alike leh.
Me: Uh huh.
Khai Sim: I thought he's your boyfriend. *giggling*
Me: O_O HUH?! He looks like my boyfriend meh?!
Khai Sim: Yea.
Me: Does he looks like he's elder than me?
Khai Sim: Uh huh.
Me: -_____-;; But he's smaller than me by 3 months la.
Khai Sim: He's in Form 4?
Me: No, Form 3.
Khai Sim: O_O You're a PTS student ar?! *unbelievable* *stares at me*
Me: Uh... huh. I thought you knew it already.
Iyin: *shouts from somewhere* Just like before...
At least I dont feel much insulted, cuz Pin's bro is cute. xP



>> Tuesday, 18 July 2006

Happy birthday, Mommy! ^^

I just went to KLCC's skybridge! x3
I'm just 1.54m.. That's just freakin' short! But nvm, my mom is only 1.55m. Haha! xP

I LOVE this lyric.

WHEN THERE WAS ME AND YOU (High School Musical)
It's funny when you find yourself looking from the outside
I'm standing here but all I want is to be over there
Why did I let myself believe miracles could happen?
'Cause now I have to pretend that I don't really care

I thought you were my fairytale; a dream when I'm not sleeping; a wish upon a star thats coming true
But everybody else could tell that I confused my feelings with the truth when there was me and you

I swore I knew the melody that I heard you singing
And when you smiled you made me feel like I could sing along
But then you went and changed the words now my heart is empty
I'm only left with used-to-be's once upon a song

Now I know you're not a fairytale; and dreams were meant for sleeping; and wishes on a star just don't come true
'Cause now even I tell that I confused my feelings with the truth
'Cause I liked the view when there was me and you

I can't believe that I could be so blind
It's like you were floating while I was falling and I didn't mind
I'm not quite sure about the melody, but from how Vanessa Hudgens sang it, it seems really hard.
Who cares, I'm so gonna make myself reach that note! x3
I love Troy's Zac Efron's eyes. But it seems that every foreigners have clear eyes.
EVIDENCE #1: That foreigner I saw at the skybridge.
EVIDENCE #2: That another foreigner I saw at KLCC.
Yes, practically every foreigner that doesnt has dark coloured eyes has clear eyes. Ooh, pretty. xP

My mom's colleague said I looked like my sister, which means I looked like my dad, which means...
So sorry, dad. But you looked OK when you were younger. Akaka.
Right. When we were taking the ticket to the skybridge, the guy asked me my age. When I said I'm 15, he asked, "Really 15?" I nodded. "You looked like 11 lar." O_O
Imagine myself in my 20 and some guard tells me I look like 15. GOSH.

THIS is cute. =D

I feel like writing a story! But I dont know what to write.. I havent been writing one since a loong time ago! No, wait. I've never written one before. A long one, I mean. Haha.
Hmm, I think I'll write something based on Jo's true story.. Her life is like so exaggerated (especially her Another Apple). Lol.

SMK Tanjung Apple. Principal: Lin Jun Jie.


BU3 carnival

>> Sunday, 16 July 2006

WTF I've written this for 3 times! ROAR.

I went to BU3 carnival! And it was, umm, it was OK. xP It had lots of weird stuff that you dont find it in DJ's carnival. Ooh yeah.

I went for, umm, painting. I got a lizard on my arm! It's not that I like lizards, but the design was nice, so I just get it. Lol. I must be the weirdest person in the world. Well, it only costs me RM3, and that's considered cheap for DJ-carnival rate. xP

It came off already, only some of the colours still on my arm.

And then we went for the Flying Fox, and it costs me RM10+20 minutes. But it's worth it. Seriously. The only scary part where you were let to float on air for a little while, and the rest was AWESOME! The guy asked me whether I wanted it fast or slow, and I, of course, said I want FAST! I think he was surprised. Akaka. When I got off, another guy asked me whether the thing on my arm was a lizard or not. Lol.
I dont mind going for NS. Lol.

We went for some python thingy. We took pictures with an albino burmese python!! (Chern Jie must've thought my looks are deceiving. xP) The snake wasnt slimy, it's dry. Lol. It's very scaly and plastic-ish. And when it moves you can actually feel its backbone, and that proves that snakes are not invertebrates. Lol. Well I held its head, and it kept coming towards me.. No, I didnt think I was going to die, but the feeling wasnt fear. I think. Akaka.
Snakes dont seem scary now. Lol!
My next goal: Touch a furry ferocious animal (eg. lion)! xP
I can imagine Joanne's reaction when she's reading/ know this. Lol.

The haunted house was OK. The principal was UGLY, I tell you, UGLY. Akaka. Her 2 daughters (but I prefer to know them as her granddaughters) went to complain to her that they cant get into the haunted house. It's actually that they didnt line up, and the ppl didnt want to let them in. HMPH!
The front part was not exactly scary, but the aura was. Lol. I dont know how to explain it, it's like going for "bai bai" with joss stick and stuff. Lol. That's scary. The rest was just OK, just screaming here and there cuz my bro was screaming. One of the principal's daughter clinged on my bro that I wondered if she took the wrong person. Cuz we dont know her! xP

I got blisters. Ouch.

Ooh, someone dedicated JJ's Saranghaeyo to someone else! x3
Speaking of JJ, this is what my sis had done to the report on JJ's concert in Msia:

And this is what I'd done to that report:

Oh no! Next month is August! Which means- yes, there's a week of holiday, but that's not what I wanna say. Which means my exam is near! ROAR!!!! My exam pieces! My sight reading! MY AURAL!!!! ROARness!! I. Have. To. PASS. Pass, at least.
Do I wanna do diploma? I dont mind playing classical pieces, but I mind doing aural A LOT. Not that I hate it, I suck in it. ROARness.
No, Joanne. Dont discourage me, even though it's hard to. You dont like diploma doesnt mean that I dont like it. I can survive. I've been surviving aural for so many years, and you tell me I can die because of diploma?!
Wow, G8 is O Level work. I rock. xP No, is it A Level? Never mind, I rock. xP

CLICK. This is nice.
I've read that in US, ppl become grandparents at the average age of 46. OMG.


Blok G

>> Friday, 14 July 2006

Hari Kerjaya was a bit bored. There's so little brochures about psychology! Argh! Or perhaps The Coward was too coward to ask.. T___T Yeap, I'm still thinking about that "unusual" course which seemed a little less unusual now. Hmph.
Lalala. Psychology seems really fun. I think I'm destined to cure your schizophrenia and bipolar disease. Haha.
Or you can just pay me a visit in my clinic (or wherever I work at. In the I-forgot-the-name J-drama he had his own clinic!) or call my hotline, 1-800-WIN-ZEE then press THE SCHIZO PATIENT#.
The Ignorant should be ignored.
Well, actually, I dont quite know the difference between schizophrenia, bipolar and split personality. Arent them the same?!
I'm a failure in psychology field, aint I?

This is nice. =)

Wan Ying's been lusting on the same guy I'm lusting on.
Not exactly lust but, uh, not exactly like, either. Not admire, not infatuation, not love, so is it an obsession? Not quite.
Never mind. In short, he's cute. Haha.
I still love your name, oh the-cute-one. Seriously. No, not your Christian name. I dont like your Christian name. Haha.
OMG I just realized that he's smaller than Wan Ying. Lol. Not a big deal, just a laate discovery.

Jo, I still dont know who's Another Apple. Serious. It seems like every cute pengawas I thought is Another Apple is not him. Lol.
Those cute pengawas came out to be only the same person. Gosh, I'm hopeless. xP
Let's wait for this year's Nostalgia.

Eating too much vitamin A really makes your skin colour goes orange-y.
EVIDENCE #1: Pn Lim said so. (Whatever she says about bio is law.)
EVIDENCE #2: Jo's skin colour. It's yellower than the normal skin colour.
EVIDENCE #3: It's in the book called something "The First Honest Book about Lies"
To tan-wanna bes out there who wears glasses, dont eat too much carrots. Instead, get laser treatment or wear contacts.

I still have my cold and cough. My piano teacher go "Win Zee, what happened to your voice?!" then "I wanted to give you aural test". Haha! Before I went back she said "Remember to take care yea, next week you must do your aural."
Ooh, I got 81 for my G6 theory. I forgot about my scores, so I decided not to write it down. Lazy to run upstairs, open up file, come downstairs and write lar.
President: His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales
I just realized that it's not William but his father. Roar. But I like the title. "The Prince of Wales" Haha.

Jackie thought I'm da Vinci.
Cool. Lol.
Btw, I'm the professional screaming fans. I'm professional cuz I dont get a soar throat after a few hours of screaming. Lol!

Our ex-class looks like it's going to collapse any minute. So, thanks to Dillion, we're in Blok G now. It isnt as scary as I imagined, just that when you walk down the stairs remember to pray. Whatever you laugh at might be the last thing you laugh at. Lol!
I hate the class. It's cooling in the morning, all right, but it's damn freakin' hot in the afternoon. Roar.
At the beginning Dillion even thought of swapping each class at the block at each subject. Lol.

Miss Charity! I like your voice. But you dont remember my name.. T_____T
You speak a little like your sister. Akaka.

We talk too much. Waaay too much.


Friends forever?

>> Saturday, 1 July 2006

I can't believe that I'm actually blogging for 2 consecutive days. Hmm, how many homeworks have I not done? Uh, people, borrow one more hand, please.

I just feel like blogging.

I just took The Brain Test, to check out which side of my brain is dominant.
And both of them are just equal. WOW. I never thought of that before. I thought I'm more on the left hemisphere, since I suck at arts. =/

A BIRD IN THE BUSH? Read again, please. =D

In black you read GOOD, in the white you read EVIL. Good can't exist without bad, no?

In that yellowish space, it's read as "OPTICAL", but if you notice carefully the scenery behind, you'll get "ILLUSION". Now why do we call this optical illusion again?

TEACH reflects as LEARN.

In brown you read "ME", but if you look through ME, you'll see YOU.

Seriously damn cool. Hah!


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