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>> Wednesday, 7 June 2006

Have you ever dreamt of writing a best-selling novel? Yeap! xP
Do you like to read and think about issues and what changes are needed? Uh huh uh huh. *nods*
Are you interested in people and cultures and how they work? Umm, I guessed so. Quite.
Do you like to create (stories, plays, webpages, pictures, etc)? YES! I modify pictures (and then perhaps will be involved in copyrights stuff). Akaka.
Are you imaginative? I hope so.
Do you enjoy interacting with people? So so.
Have you ever wondered why people think and act the way they do? Yes! And that's partly why I wanted to take psychology. xP
Are you interested in the issues of media, news-reporting and how the ‘truth’ gets processed? A bit. I think.
Do you like history, politics, philosophy, literature, sociology, and popular culture (films, TV, Internet, music etc)? It depends. If the, uh, lecturer (xP) is nice and fun and all, I'll like it. And if I try hard enough to like it. xP
Do you enjoy science-fiction, fantasy, role-playing games or surfing the Web? Duh! I read science-fiction - no wait, is it Star Wars? Then I dont think I like it. LOL! - and fantasy. I'm so gonna try my hands on cosplay! Though I hate sewing. -_____-;; (If you see somebody who looked like me and Yuna on the street one day, that must be me. xP) And I'm definitely surfing the web now!
Do you wonder what technological change will bring in a few years, and how that will affect people and cultures? Yeap. Almost-always. xP
Would you like to see more equality between the genders, the races, the classes and the world’s cultures? Triple DUHs.
Do you wonder about the power of statistics? Uh, statistics? No, not really.
Have you ever found yourself troubled about ‘black and white’ issues or simple answers? *Don't even get the question* But I dont think so.
And have you ever wondered why the world is the way it is now, and if things could be different? Yes yes yes!

So does comm studies suits me?
Hmm, it said that "a degree in communication will get you into the areas of arts, mass media, popular culture, public affairs and just about any field where information and people meet." Don't really get it, but it seems boring. xP
Uh, is this social study? O_O GOSH, I thought I'll nv take social study! Cuz my cousin sis took social study and she ended up teaching Sejarah. xP She said it was supposed to just be a part-time job. OH GOD.

Journalism are not for people who are:
» don’t like writing (I love it!)
» are not motivated to do work (If only I like the work. xP)
» don’t have a good sense of direction (If you mean North South East West, count me out.)
» are tardy (Umm.)
» are not interested in what is happening around them (I am! I think)
» not thick skin (Uh, I can if I must xP)

‘To be a journalist, you need to have an innate sense of curiousity – of finding out how things work, why people do certain things or think in certain ways, and what can be done about it,’ she (Sharifah Rozita Bt Syed Sulaiman) says. In short, she feels that journalism is for people who are interested in life itself.
O..K. I dont think I have the 'innate sense of curiosity'. Much. Interested in life? Uh, I'm not sure about that.

The starting salary for journalists with a degree in a relevant field in a media organisation ranges from RM1,500-1,800. In the corporate sector on the other hand, a communication executive with three to five years experience in a fairly sizeable organisation or a multinational organisation can earn approximately RM4,000-5,000. A senior manager or head of department with 10-15 years experience can command RM12,000-15,000. There are very few such positions around and the job can be highly stressful.
OMG beautiful money! xP But is this (RM1.5k - 1.8k) just for experienced journalists? Oh, not. Beautiful money! xP I think I'll just do journalism. xP Just kidding.

(Source: doctorjob.com.my)

Oh no. I'm obsessively obsessed with Cecelia Ahern. You see, I got inspired to, uh, take journalism cuz she took it too.. -_____-;; Someone please help me! I dont want anyone to be my, uh, guide (everyone needs one, but I just take advices) for my future!

I wanna laugh. I really wanna laugh. It's supposed to be a secret why I wanna laugh. Akaka. So just let me laugh like siao po and you'll think that I deserved to stay in Tg. Apple while the thing is I'm the owner. Haha!
I think Jo loves fiction. Those on the Net, you know.

Domain that ends with .fi is from Finland. The unknown-language-might-be-Swedish Reader's Digest I, uh, "read" in the resort is Finnish. I'm sure I'm not migrating to Finland in the future! GOSH, cant even interpret a thing!

You know what? Perhaps I'll start a story in winglin.net, entitled, uh, I dunno, "Modern Snow White"? Jo took B&B, and Cinderella is hot. Akaka. There's even Cinderella Man. LOL! Ok, just joking. I wont start that weird story. But might someday. People! Keep your eyes wide open! I might just writing a story in winglin.net using a totally different name and you thought it was some girl from US. LOL! Just joking. No, am I? Akaka.
I'm really excited now. Haha!

There's "aha reaction" in psychology... O_O

Look up on me, people, for I will be the next Dan Brown! Nah, I cant write mysteries sort of stories. I dont hv the brains. I always thought that these ppl are SMART. Cuz I nv could solve the mystery. I'm such a lousy detective. xP Hmm, or I'll just be the next Diana Wynne Jones. But I cant seem to write funny stories. It always ended up a bit melancholic, like "White Rose" or "1000 origami birds" (Nah, they dont hv English names; I just translated it directly) some of you hv read (Jo: OMG there's so much feeling! Wan Ying: "Ngo bai lei wai si". Pin and Iyin and Sook Shiang for being the most discouraging readers ever: It doesnt seem to connect.), they were supposed to be something happy.. T_____T I think I'll just be the scriptwriter for Autumn in My Heart. xP

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