>> Thursday, 15 June 2006

I hate myself. ARGH.

My results were OK. Pn Norita said that no girls failed BM, so I'm quite sure I pass everything safely. Yayness! I love my Bio marks (akaka).
Someone read my chinese essay till she cries. LOL. The story (I'll never write fakta for English and Chinese) is about the friendship of a girl, that is "me", and "my" late-friend. "We" met since kindergarten and had been best friend since. The guy is such a sweet guy; he wanted to write a book especially for "me", he wanted to fold 999 origami birds for "me" (inspiration from the Chinese story I read in Friendster), and I think there's one more thing I don't remember. Akaka. Before he got to finish his book and the origami birds, he died in an accident. This whole thing was "my" memory, or something like that. "I" don't quite remember his looks already because "I" didn't have a photo of him.
Is it really that touching? Well at least somebody gave some response I never knew I will get! Akaka.

There's no more innocence in children. Have you seen any kids not cursing "F*ck"? Or kids who don't know a thing about Nokia N90? Haha, if you found any, keep them in the museum. They're just the rarest thing. Kids these days are getting more and more grown-up. The, uh, age thingy was brought forward. So sad lar, can't find any kids who doesn't has a cellphone. They act like grown-ups that sometimes I wonder where did innocence of a child went. Innocence now is like exist only in babies. GOSH.
I hate people cursing, but I can't do anything cuz it's not my business. My bro was like cursing everybody in this world that I just feel like belasah him and tell him not to curse. Is cursing really that "shuang"? I dont mind if you curse "Sh*t" though. Akaka.
Now the relationship between friends is not that simple. Keep the "I'm in love with my best friend" thing out of your mind. It's like, there'll be competition between friends. I don't mind any small ones, like "Haha, my BM is higher than yours!" or "My shirt is nicer than yours!", I mean, it's impossible to have no competition between human, but "You don't deserve that kind of marks; I do"?! GOSH. It's like so hurt to the other person if he/she befriended you because of no reasons, just purely wanna be friends.

Note to self: NEVER compete too much of myself with human. Or anything.

The flowery-heart girl's crush life is always like TV dramas. Akaka. Perhaps she just exaggerated it abit. Maybe she wrote too much fictions.

I'm officially the advertiser and commenter of SERIES OF NIGHTMARES: WHISPERS OF A GHOST fanfic. GOSH. How *ahem* is that?! Never mind, since I've been given that *ahem* job, I might as well just do it.
The weirdest horror fanfiction you've ever read. You'll always check under your bed whether if there's any bloody red eyes staring at you, whether if there's any sharp claws already grab your leg, whether if there's any bluish greenish purplish furry monster behing your closet. Better pray before you fall asleep, because you'll never know when is your last breath. *gasp*
Constantly laughing out loud (and shivering moments), all you wanna comment about it is "LOL" or "ROFL" or "LMAO" or some other things that have similar meaning.
You'll regret if you dont read it, though. ;)

Cheer 2006! Haha! So going to go! xP

When I'm absorbed on certain something, it's impossible for me to get hungry. That explains why I didn't feel hungry when I stayed back in school today. Haha, Jo and Joanne, didn't you notice me eating nothing after school?

I. Have. No. Confidence. At all. I feel so useless. =(

I think I write best under pressure (minus BM). Woot, explain my English and Chinese essay! I can never write something like that during my free time. I didn't say it was good, but I can't write that standard of stories unless I'm under pressure. Is this a good thing, then? Hmm.

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