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>> Saturday, 17 June 2006

To Jo
for being such a novel-ish friend.

How many times have I restarted the comp? 10 times... AT LEAST!! GHUK!! I don't care about manners now. This comp is so going for another of reformatting, and I'm saving all my backing up all my beloved stuff into the CD Jo gave to me for that GSP thingy. Hah! I'm downloading so many stuff that I think the comp was getting mad at me. Movies, songs, anime pictures, mangas, piano scores. Hmm. I'm backing up all my stuff. Haha. This comp is certainly going for another trip to the computer store to get it reformatted. It's just practically useless. ROAR.
Perhaps it's my sis and bro, for playing so many Adventure RPG. And my bro for surfing Cartoon Network websites and play games, go Googling and click on a website and play games. But do online games actually send virus in? o_O
I bet that after I post this post, I have to restart the comp again.
Hmm, I only restart this comp when I was onlining. But the comp doesn't go crazy when other people plays it. What's wrong with me?! T_____T I dont hv Down Syndrome, therefore I look perfectly fine! TO WAN YING AND JO, I'm certainly still 15, much younger than you guys (I picked Sophie cuz I think she resembles me a lot, not because of other stuff including Howl) and even a kid-at-heart, and therefore I look and AM young! Plus, I'm not that fat. My BMI is perfectly nice for an Asian. Boo hoo, this comp is not racist right? Cuz I'm as black as a Malay. Drinks too much Milo + loves the beach + hates putting sunblock + Dad is the black species. Akaka.

On Sunday Jo will go like "Her dad is the black species," or "Assamualaikum," or "The girl who has Down Syndrome." Jo is really quite.. predictable. I guess.
#1 If you see her guy whispering to her, you'll be hearing "My heartbeat quickened." You dream too much, read too much, and you write too much. #2 Gossiping is not for her cuz she'll just say it out anyway. ("Tumour." I remember everything, so BEWARE!!!)
She's more flowery heart than anybody else.

No! I'm bad at counselling! I sucked at it! Jo, what do you expect in me? A future counsellor? You better expect me as Mojojojo wannabe. Mwahaha. Or Him or Drakken. Haha. I'm really evil, though I dont usually show it. ;) I wanna be a psychologist not because of counselling stuff, and certainly not about hypnotizing, Wan Ying (I'll hypnotize you and ask about your crush(es)!! Haha!). It's because of the dumbest reason - I watched a Japanese drama about a psychologist. It's seriously beautiful, and that's why I wanna be a psychologist, which, unexpectedly, actually becomes my #1 choice. Hmm. The main actor is not even handsome to keep me go "OMG beautiful eyes/lips."
Nah, journalism is just the 2nd choice.
Gossiping about people behing their back, and they're their friends, too! I'm in their list. Don't think I dont know! I knew it since like a long time ago. NO, I'm not that blunt! I'm just blurr at everything I'm not supposed to be blurr at. I'm kinda sensitive. I think. Akaka. Once again, I pick Sophie cuz she resembles me quite a lot and she's all I wanna be, and sometimes tidying Jo's stuff reminds me of Sophie (and that's the main point). Plus, I'll be just almost like Sophie if I'm hardworking enough and there's no comp, piano, TV and my imaginations to distract me. Yeap, I'm quite of a cleanliness freak, just that I'm too lazy to tidy things up so my table and bed is really messy. Haha. And NO, I didnt choose Sophie because of Howl (serious!) and not because she's "unique", as in, OLD? Haha! GOSH. Howl is older than her (but his voice is sexayy)! ARGH.
I solemnly swear that everything I said above is true. I didnt know I was wearing a colour on me.. But of course I know that I wasnt the true me in front of you guys, just that I dont know who I really am. I'm not that evil, and I'm not angelic either. I believe in other people a bit too easily. Cheering me up is easy, but making me down is easier. I might not look sad or angry or anything, but you'll never know what I'm saying about you inside. Mwahaha.
Give me a little bit of courage and motivation and I'll show you that I can be more than what I want myself to be. Really..
Jia you!

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