>> Monday, 12 June 2006

Why is everyone so moody lately... -_____-;;
Hmm, I seemed like, "tak apa lah," when I saw my A. Maths results.. Actually, it wasn't that bad. 62! Gosh I'm lan xi-ing. Haha.
I'm feeling a little blue. Yeap, I'm that easily influenced.

The Dragon's Child is such a flowery heart person.. O_O She seemed like, so quiet and obedient and stuff, but OMG she's so flowery heart. Or maybe she's just attracted to him (don't ask me who he is, cuz I don't know too) and she mistaken it as a crush or something. Hmm, I usually do feel like that too, but, haha, don't ask me who, cuz it's like, a thousand or so. Akaka. Nah, not that much. I guess. I don't count these attraction stuff. Lol. Like this time I saw JJ and thought he was cute, I'm attracted, blahs. The next minute I saw, uh, Won Bin, and then I'm attracted to him. That easy, but it's not crush. (DUH, JJ and Won Bin! xP)

Right, I dreamed that somebody liked WalNut, but it's seriously long, and so many ppl involved, OK, just a few, like, uh, 6 or 7 or so, but usually my dreams only have 2 or 3 people. Oh, I remembered once that I dreamed, we all will become gorillas in the future, and my mom and her sister will go save the world. Har har. That's just the stupidiest dream I've ever had, but I felt so afraid in the dream. Akaka.
Right, the WalNut dream. I don't quite remember it. The details weren't very interesting, just usual, happened in school, a classroom in Block B or C. There was no teacher in class. Wan Ying was staring blankly at the notice board again, and unfortunately, Jo wasn't in there. WalNut and I was doing our homework. 3 guys sat behind of us, another in front.
Mr C: You like her ar? (to Mr Y)
Mr Y: Which one?
Mr C: There, in front of Mr S (SH*T SH*T SH*T I sat in front of Mr S.), beside her. (Which is WalNut.)
Mr Y nodded.
Wan Ying turned and smiled to me wickedly (cuz she heard it), and I smiled back to her. WalNut seemed like she didn't heard any of it.
Haha, I think I'm polluted, or perhaps I read too many lovey dovey stories. Har har.
I can only tell you Mr S and Mr C, and the guy who sat beside Mr S but was just a kelefe, but definitely not Mr Y, cuz you'll laugh laugh laugh and laugh and the next thing you know you're in Tg. Apple.
Oh, in case you're wondering why I'm cursing when I thought Mr Y liked me (sorry lar, heard only the front part and go panicky already), it's because I don't like him, plus I don't really have any "hao gan" for him. Haha.

There's school tomorrow, it's 10:24PM now, and I haven't pack my bag yet.
Never mind, I love staying up late, though just until 11.30PM or so and I have to go "Zzz..."

Somebody cried when she (I think, but Jo said te person is not male nor female LOL) read my Chinese essay. Haha! And Pin thought it was very TV drama-ish, and she felt like laughing. T_____T I really like what I wrote (LOL), and I didn't want to stop when I was writing the ending. Haha! It's about I reminisince about my "old friend" who died in an car accident. Is it? Bleah. So he was a really sweet guy. Oh gosh I would've fall for him if he existed. Akaka. I purposely made "our" friendship a little "ai mei". I didn't want just pure friendship. ;)
Yeap I'm that evil.
I really like what I wrote. GOSH I'm being more and more perasan. Never mind. I mean, I can seldom write story, and yes, I work best under pressure, if you mean writing (minus BM).

I dont feel like writing now. Sigh. Nighty nightz!

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