Happy Father's Day. <3

>> Monday, 19 June 2006


DJ's carnival yesterday wasnt as fun as F2's. Hmm.

We, 4 Balau, sold PASTRIES! Thanks to Ser Siang!
His father looks EXACTLY like a Japanese! Whoaa. I wouldve mistaken him as one if he's walking on the streets. Haha! Jo and Susan thought he was cute while I was thinking of their definitiong for "cute". Lol.
The cheese tarts were beautiful. (RM9) The Father's Day cheese cake was MORE THAN HEAVEN. (RM15)

We, Jo, Wan Ying, Qinmei and I went to Final Destination 4. To say the truth, it wasnt very scary. I like Rhema's (I think) role where she's a barber ghost or something, holding the scissors. xP The only scary thing was Wan Ying's scream. It wasnt those usual high-pitched, glass-breaking one, hers was low and husky, and it was so weird. Weird, I tell you, WEIRD. The weirdest scream I've ever heard! Even the guys' were "nicer" (blah?) than hers! Haha! No, I didnt scream at the corpse at the end of the haunted house, only Jo, Wan Ying and Qinmei. The guy mustve been crying inside, crying that there's so many hopeless ones who entered this "sacred" place. LOL! (RM3)

My routine when entering a (fake) haunted house:
Before enter, excited + scared.
Entered, scared + excited + a lot of SCREAMING
Exited, still a little scared + extremely high + extremely excited (+ laughing) (+ "So shuang. Wanna go again?")

It's not hard to make me scared. Let me imagine stuff and you'll hv me, afraid of everything. ;)

3 Keruing's floured haunted house wasnt scary at all. Too bright and too little obstacles. I want like a maze, limited only for 2 person per entry, and if they cant get out in 5 minutes (10 minutes sudah boleh mati liao) there will be emergency St. Johns and PBSM for CPR. LOL!
The flour kena very little of me, but it kena my eyes.. T_____T (RM4)

I went for Henna in 3 Balau! =D I had it on my face, cuz I didnt want it in somewhere ppl usually hv (that's so me). Haha! (RM7)

Nobody's reading the "meh-est" story in the whole wide world... I guess I'll just quit my job. There's no pay anyway, not even a sweet! xP

They say I sing with emotion, Wan Ying thought my singing voice is so much gentler (blah!) than my normal voice, which I dont know I have to go =D or >=( Lol. That's the weirdest compliments (I think) I've ever received. If only I could use those emotions on my piano playing!
Speaking of piano, I'll be playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars Variations by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (I DAMN LOVE THE NAME) at the concert at the end of the year! Come and see the whole concert, pretty please? =3 You'll get to see me (if that's what you're gonna do -_____-;;) wearing dress/skirt and high heels! Haha! Your curse wont work, though, cuz I can walk on high heels. I usually say I can just fall wearing those cuz I'm just exaggerating. xD

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