>> Sunday, 25 June 2006

Oh yes, besides hating my comp, I hate laptops too. GOSH, without mouse = without piano in my life!
No, I'm not nerdy or anything. I just love the piano. ^^
And since I'm using the laptop, I cant write out what I wanna post here. It's actually 2 more, uh, stories from Taste Berries for Teens. I typed it out and saved it in my comp.
I hate this laptop. The Spyware Doctor thingy keeps popping up. ARGH.

Ooh yeah, Cheer 06!
And my twin cousin sisters will bomb me with "Shirtliff rox!" "Dynamitez sux!" and stuff. If, I meet them. Haha!
No way Shirtliff's gonna win! Ok, so you'll get 2nd. Akaka!
IGNORE ME. (Sri Bintang ppl might've hate me now.)

Yeap yeap, I had a weird dream which involves the matter of life and death! Akaka. So J-Fox was dead and I was extremely SAD. Whenever I heard that song (I forgot the song's name...) I will cry. (I think this had a little connection with the chat we had. I had the dream that day!) I met up with Jo in some weird place (I'm not quite sure whether it's J-Fox's grave). She brought me to an extremely crowded restaurant and I met up with her family. She had a western "uncle" - big, tall, curly blonde hair, red, wears blue shirt and brown pants. He was talking about Jo's embarassing stuff (I forgot everything), and Jo lead me out of the restaurant. Even though we were further and further away from the table, I still can hear the "uncle"'s voice, which is actually the same volume. I said to Jo, "Your uncle's voice is very loud." She said nothing.
Ok, if J-Fox ever know this I'll be haunting you guys who tells him. Haha!

The sweetest love story - love which stretch for YEARS.
The 2nd sweetest love story - love which involves different races (Ooh, I love Charissa's family! =D SERIOUS.)
Ok I'm just boring.

Ppl in my class are so kiasu. SERIOUS. I cant imagine how kiasu Singaporeans are - until now! xP

BM - 67 (Ooh yeah. I prepared to fail this.)
BI - 88
Maths - 97
A. Maths - 62
Biology - 70 (Ooh yeah, I was expecting a 60+)
Chemistry - 43 (WTF I WAS EXPECTING A 60+)
Physics - 53 (Ironically, I crap all the way from the objectives to the
essays and I got better in this than Chemistry. Sometimes unfairness is
Sejarah - 77
Moral - 84 (Sometimes able to crap is not such a bad thing after all.)
EST - 78
Chinese - 73

From Lilian's blog, the Italian exchange student seems to be like Mr. Bean aka dorky. GOSH. I thought all Italians are beautiful!

Let's play this.
How do you pronounce "ghoti"?

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