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>> Sunday, 4 June 2006

I just came back from Langkawi yesterday. Whoaa, the beach is just so white, the sea is so greenish blue, but the weather is so freakin' hot. -_____-;;
Langkawi = shopping paradise! xP
We stayed at Aseania Resort, which is so damn far away from the town. Iish. The resort was OK, the air-cond wasnt that cold though. Hmm. I read Cecelia Ahern's (PS, I Love You!) Where Rainbow Ends. Ooh DAMN KAO NICE. But I didn't get to read finish cuz it's time to check out.. Boo hoo. T____T Really, I have to change my POV to read this. I'm kinda "old", you see. xP Nah, it's just that I seldom read these books that I hv to get used to it first. Ah IT'S SO DAMN NICE!! x3 Alex and Rosie were childhood best friends since they're 5 year old, and the whole book is mostly about them. It's really easy to read, so I'd already read half of the book.
It must be a really sweet thing to hv a childhood best friend, even though he/she is the same sex as you. xP I dont hv one.. My relatives are usually just playmates, not friends (at least not now). I'm not so close to them. SIGH. What does childhood best friend usually means? Friends you made during your kindergarten years? Ah, I have none of those.. SOBZ. Wan Ying I'm so envy of you. You're so lucky! So if childhood best friend means friends you made during your lower primary years, I have some. Yes, some. I lost contact with most of them. Who cares with keeping contacts when you're still small? SIGH. Such a sad thing.
Grace Lee from F3 in DJ and Tan Yu Ning who sat beside me during Standard 1, if you see this (LOL) send me a mail! YOU'RE WANTED. xP
I've never received a post card before. And letters. Ok I've received letters before, from my (lost-contact) pen pals and cousin (who seldom replies), but that's it. AH, such sad case. And international postage is $$. Well, not really (2 letters = RM1.80!), but can you imagine how LONG the letter will reach US? Ooh, really long. Even this whole sending-letter thing in Malaysia needs at least 3 days.. Unless you use Pos Laju, of course, which is more $$. Anyone kind enough to send me one? I'll reply! I love letters and emails and post cards and I love replying them. xP

I'm obsessed with Where Rainbow Ends. Serious. Just couldnt stop thinking about it. Today, I dreamt about the book. I was either in the Book Village in Langkawi or in TTDI Library. I was finding for the book (to buy), but I cant find it, so I proceed to the other section, where you borrow books. I was confused a little with the names, of course. Then I came to the 'A' shelf. I was running through the books with my finger, murmuring, "Ahern, Ahern..." AKAKA! I'm seriously obsessed and I have to get out of it.
I hope TTDI Library has the book. If it doesnt, I guess I have to wait! Anyone have the book? xP I dont think the school library has one.. Perhaps I'll check when I'm on duty. Or when there's nobody else in the library when I'm duty-ing. ;)
I'm not THAT anti-romance novel. Hey, a girl's gotta dream. ;)

I've been thinking about childhood best friends. If I have one, will my life be different as the one I'm having now? Will I jump grade, enter DJ, enter science stream? Will I be shy, coward, selfish? Will I have a nicer body (akaka) than the one I'm having now? (Gosh I'm FAT FAT FAT. No, not Nabi's FATS.) Hmm. I miss all my primary school friends. Really. I have to conduct a search in Friendster, go through every profile of the friends, especially those in DJ, DU and Tmn Sea. *nods*
Perhaps I'll ring Tan Yu Ning's doorbell and say, "Hi, may I see Yu Ning?" And then pray that he stays there, then "Hi! Do you still remember me?..." If, sadly, he doesnt, perhaps I'll just leave my contact details and ask for his. But ppl are getting more and more protective these days.. SIGH.
I need a whole lot of courage to do that. Ai de Gu Li for me! xP *clapx2. clapx3. clapx4. clapx2*

So many to do, so little time.. There's only 1 week left for me to sleep till 11am.. xP

URGENT To-dos:
» Complete Nilam thingy
» Sew all batches to librarian uniform
» Watch Pride and Prejudice, Phantom of the Opera
» Finish reading The Confessions of Max Tivoli
» Book-hunting in TTDI library! xP

Telefonen (German if I'm not wrong) means, of course, telephone in English!
Books in foreign languages are so interesting. Too bad I got a Reader's Digest with weird language, it's definitely not German! Can't even interpret a thing except for the Maruskuu or something, which probably means March. Akaka. Perhaps it's Swedish.
Another benefit of learning music: Italian and German and French! Yes, even French, but it's quite uncommon. La Mer means The Sea. It's so cool to study in International School! xP

When we were buying tickets in Galeria Perdana, I accidentally made a black nearly tripped over. I'm quite sure he's a black instead of an Indian, cuz he doesnt look like one. Akaka. So he was like, "Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry" x2 (akaka), and then I kept reply, "It's OK, it's OK, it's OK" x2 (xP). And then he was like, uh, doing that sound I dunno how to explain, it's like the kissing sound I guess. Ask your guy friends to do it and you know. So my bro was, "Eeyer, he do the sound", then go "You suddenly look like a F5". Uh... huh. I dont get it.

What? Kissing and hugging in public = violating the law?! Exaggerated. Well I've nv seen kissing in public, but hugging is like the common-est thing! At school, at shopping malls, at the street... There's nothing to be "OMG He's hugging her OMG" about. I kesian that couple who was caught doing that (if they did, cuz they insisted that they just held hands).

Once again,
GRACE LEE (F3, DJ, 1S in Yuk Chai) and TAN YU NING (F3, some sec school, 1S in Yuk Chai) are WANTED.
I miss Weng Kit. That guy whom I always stole Xiao Xing Xing from, that guy who wasnt very healthy that time, that guy who's quite pale, that guy who I phoned almost every day cuz I didnt buy the book, that guy who reads HP, that guy who indirectly taught me how to swallow yucky pills, that guy who went for some weird Chinese speaking class, that guy who argued with me about the pronunciation of Da Wang/Dai Wang (akaka), that guy whom I questioned over and over again about his address and religion cuz he's not sure whether he stayed at Tmn Mayang and Tmn Megah and I didnt believe that there's atheist in this world. Hah. I miss you! I heard that he went to NZ.. Hmph! Betrayal!! Nah, not really. I didnt keep contact with him after Standard 3. SIGH. Such sad case! He reminded me of Alex in WRE.. I dont know why. Haha! I'm definitely not Rosie! xP

Of course, I've think a lot after reading the book, but I'm not feeling blue now. Plus, I dont rmb a thing about it. Haha.
Like everyone else, I hv an alter ego. In front of ppl I'm Miss Hyde, in the night I'm, uh, Miss Jekyll?! No, wait, I think I hv 3 sides. 1 is the one you usually see, the other is my evil self (seriously evil), and the other is the blue side.

Wan Ying! I'm so envy of you, having a childhood friend! Of course, if you hv an extremely cute guy as a childhood friend, I'll be more envy of you. ;) I might be jealous of you, cuz you get to spend every second with him. I'll be standing far away, looking at you two joking and laughing, while I try to hide the feeling I had inside. The feeling where my heart twitches, bleeds. And then, in my mind, I'm planning a perfect plan, to separate you two, and make him mine... WAHAHA.
Really, you people should just IGNORE ME. I'm seriously obsessed with WRE. A serious obsession. Gotta take my mind of the friendship and love of Alex and Rosie.

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