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>> Friday, 30 June 2006

Ooh, REVERSED Snow White story! I seriously love that crap. The modified ones are in bracket and italicized. =)

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a pair of happy husband and wife, which was the King and Queen. They always wanted to have a baby. One day, the Queen got pregnant and finally gave birth to a baby boy. He had fair and smooth skin all over his body, and he had lips as red as crimson (blood). The Queen named him Snow White who grew up became quite a sissy guy.
And so you see, in another land far far away, there lived a princess which was exactly opposite from Snow White. Her name was Charming, Princess Charming, and she was so tomboyish. (...that her parents were sick of pairing her up with other princes.)
Snow White's parents paired her son and Charming together. They met each other in a restaurant and they immediately fell in love with each other. (Snow White and Charming met in a matchmaking website. They lied about their true gender and had decided to meet each other one day. On that day, they met, and was constantly insulting and arguing with each other, but they still fell in love with each other.)
Meanwhile, there's Gay wizard who, of course, was gay as in homosexual. He was jealous of Charming for stealing Snow White from him (Snow White never liked him anyway, even though he's sissy but he's perfectly straight). He killed Charming with grapes, which she swallowed the whole thing and choke. Gay wizard kidnapped Snow White. The 7 dwarfs who popped out from nowhere saved Charming from the Death. When she knew that her beloved Snow White was kidnapped by the evil Gay wizard, she immediately rushed to his house. She reached there in time, before Snow White was raped by Gay wizard. (...before Snow White lose his virginity to Gay wizard.) Charming fought with Gay wizard and killed him.
And there they lived happily ever after. (...which wasn't at all 'happily' because they still insulted and argued with each other, but that's where all began, so why not continue it?)
Oh yes, it's seriously stupid. But I like it. Haha. My favourite character will be, of course, the Gay wizard. No, not because of his wizard thingy. I usually like the minor characters. Hah!
JOANNE P. : Pn Norita wants us to call her when we're done (gotong-royong). Are we done?
ALL: No! (We're done actually.)
JOANNE P. : But she asks me to call her when Pn Lim leaves the class, and now, it's obvious that Pn Lim had left the class! (Everyone laughs)
DILLION: I'll make it up for you la.
JOANNE P. : No! (went to the front door)
DILLION: Block the door! (Someone blocked the door) (Joanne walked towards the back door) Block! (Another blocked the door) (Joanne walked back and forth from the front door to the back then to the front)
JOANNE P. : Eh, don't like this la. If we don't call her, we'll be in trouble, especially me!
DILLION: I'll make it up for you la! We'll just call her in another 10 minutes.
JOANNE P. : (Voo) Mun Kit said call her in 5 minutes, you want 10 minutes, then how?
DILLION: Take the median la, 10 plus 5 divided by 2, call her in 7.5 minutes la. (Everyone laughs again)
JOANNE P. : You stupid ar? Chern Jie, get off the door. (Chern Jie still blocks the door) Chern Jie, please lar. (Chern Jie walked away from the door, Joanne ran to the staff room. Pn Norita came in.)
Oh yea, I love my class.
The sequence is a bit messy cuz I forgot most of the parts except for those dialogues, but you get the idea. This is what studying had made us. (LOL, median.)

Jo said that a crush usually lasts for 18 months, if it lasts longer than that it's love. Ooh, interesting. And then there's something else I dont remember.
I always felt as if Jo often exaggerates. Haha. Perhaps everyone's different. ;)

I, uh, represents autumn, Jo as spring (I think summer suits her), Wan Ying as summer (I think, that those really really hot days in summer, represents her xP) and Joanne as winter. Hmm, neutral as in what way? Not crying is not neutral, it's unemotional (like 89757). Neutral as in, "OK lar, wtv lar" or what? That's not neutral, that's indecisive (So libran-like, so me). Neutral as in, "I support any team, as long as it goals cuz it'll be ultimately boring if there's not a single goal in the whole 90 minutes"? Ok, that's called neutral. Lol.

If I'm a boss (I'll be dreaming of slaving all of you. Mwahaha.) my workers will seriously hate me and cursing me behind my back. Why? Cuz I'm a perfectionist. Haha. Joanne (Teo) got a bit frustrated when I told her to cut exactly the pic's shape, not leaving the border any colour except for black. Haha.
I suck at observing for details. I think I'll just be a papparazzi, since I always "hold a mic".

Ghoti = Fish!
Enough ; People ; Nation

"For a man to achieve all that is demanded of him he must regard himself as greater than he is." -- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Never follow the crowd in what you do; the crowd has never produced anything of lasting quality, value or beauty." -- Denis Waitley

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