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>> Friday, 30 June 2006

Ooh, REVERSED Snow White story! I seriously love that crap. The modified ones are in bracket and italicized. =)

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a pair of happy husband and wife, which was the King and Queen. They always wanted to have a baby. One day, the Queen got pregnant and finally gave birth to a baby boy. He had fair and smooth skin all over his body, and he had lips as red as crimson (blood). The Queen named him Snow White who grew up became quite a sissy guy.
And so you see, in another land far far away, there lived a princess which was exactly opposite from Snow White. Her name was Charming, Princess Charming, and she was so tomboyish. (...that her parents were sick of pairing her up with other princes.)
Snow White's parents paired her son and Charming together. They met each other in a restaurant and they immediately fell in love with each other. (Snow White and Charming met in a matchmaking website. They lied about their true gender and had decided to meet each other one day. On that day, they met, and was constantly insulting and arguing with each other, but they still fell in love with each other.)
Meanwhile, there's Gay wizard who, of course, was gay as in homosexual. He was jealous of Charming for stealing Snow White from him (Snow White never liked him anyway, even though he's sissy but he's perfectly straight). He killed Charming with grapes, which she swallowed the whole thing and choke. Gay wizard kidnapped Snow White. The 7 dwarfs who popped out from nowhere saved Charming from the Death. When she knew that her beloved Snow White was kidnapped by the evil Gay wizard, she immediately rushed to his house. She reached there in time, before Snow White was raped by Gay wizard. (...before Snow White lose his virginity to Gay wizard.) Charming fought with Gay wizard and killed him.
And there they lived happily ever after. (...which wasn't at all 'happily' because they still insulted and argued with each other, but that's where all began, so why not continue it?)
Oh yes, it's seriously stupid. But I like it. Haha. My favourite character will be, of course, the Gay wizard. No, not because of his wizard thingy. I usually like the minor characters. Hah!
JOANNE P. : Pn Norita wants us to call her when we're done (gotong-royong). Are we done?
ALL: No! (We're done actually.)
JOANNE P. : But she asks me to call her when Pn Lim leaves the class, and now, it's obvious that Pn Lim had left the class! (Everyone laughs)
DILLION: I'll make it up for you la.
JOANNE P. : No! (went to the front door)
DILLION: Block the door! (Someone blocked the door) (Joanne walked towards the back door) Block! (Another blocked the door) (Joanne walked back and forth from the front door to the back then to the front)
JOANNE P. : Eh, don't like this la. If we don't call her, we'll be in trouble, especially me!
DILLION: I'll make it up for you la! We'll just call her in another 10 minutes.
JOANNE P. : (Voo) Mun Kit said call her in 5 minutes, you want 10 minutes, then how?
DILLION: Take the median la, 10 plus 5 divided by 2, call her in 7.5 minutes la. (Everyone laughs again)
JOANNE P. : You stupid ar? Chern Jie, get off the door. (Chern Jie still blocks the door) Chern Jie, please lar. (Chern Jie walked away from the door, Joanne ran to the staff room. Pn Norita came in.)
Oh yea, I love my class.
The sequence is a bit messy cuz I forgot most of the parts except for those dialogues, but you get the idea. This is what studying had made us. (LOL, median.)

Jo said that a crush usually lasts for 18 months, if it lasts longer than that it's love. Ooh, interesting. And then there's something else I dont remember.
I always felt as if Jo often exaggerates. Haha. Perhaps everyone's different. ;)

I, uh, represents autumn, Jo as spring (I think summer suits her), Wan Ying as summer (I think, that those really really hot days in summer, represents her xP) and Joanne as winter. Hmm, neutral as in what way? Not crying is not neutral, it's unemotional (like 89757). Neutral as in, "OK lar, wtv lar" or what? That's not neutral, that's indecisive (So libran-like, so me). Neutral as in, "I support any team, as long as it goals cuz it'll be ultimately boring if there's not a single goal in the whole 90 minutes"? Ok, that's called neutral. Lol.

If I'm a boss (I'll be dreaming of slaving all of you. Mwahaha.) my workers will seriously hate me and cursing me behind my back. Why? Cuz I'm a perfectionist. Haha. Joanne (Teo) got a bit frustrated when I told her to cut exactly the pic's shape, not leaving the border any colour except for black. Haha.
I suck at observing for details. I think I'll just be a papparazzi, since I always "hold a mic".

Ghoti = Fish!
Enough ; People ; Nation

"For a man to achieve all that is demanded of him he must regard himself as greater than he is." -- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Never follow the crowd in what you do; the crowd has never produced anything of lasting quality, value or beauty." -- Denis Waitley



>> Sunday, 25 June 2006

Oh yes, besides hating my comp, I hate laptops too. GOSH, without mouse = without piano in my life!
No, I'm not nerdy or anything. I just love the piano. ^^
And since I'm using the laptop, I cant write out what I wanna post here. It's actually 2 more, uh, stories from Taste Berries for Teens. I typed it out and saved it in my comp.
I hate this laptop. The Spyware Doctor thingy keeps popping up. ARGH.

Ooh yeah, Cheer 06!
And my twin cousin sisters will bomb me with "Shirtliff rox!" "Dynamitez sux!" and stuff. If, I meet them. Haha!
No way Shirtliff's gonna win! Ok, so you'll get 2nd. Akaka!
IGNORE ME. (Sri Bintang ppl might've hate me now.)

Yeap yeap, I had a weird dream which involves the matter of life and death! Akaka. So J-Fox was dead and I was extremely SAD. Whenever I heard that song (I forgot the song's name...) I will cry. (I think this had a little connection with the chat we had. I had the dream that day!) I met up with Jo in some weird place (I'm not quite sure whether it's J-Fox's grave). She brought me to an extremely crowded restaurant and I met up with her family. She had a western "uncle" - big, tall, curly blonde hair, red, wears blue shirt and brown pants. He was talking about Jo's embarassing stuff (I forgot everything), and Jo lead me out of the restaurant. Even though we were further and further away from the table, I still can hear the "uncle"'s voice, which is actually the same volume. I said to Jo, "Your uncle's voice is very loud." She said nothing.
Ok, if J-Fox ever know this I'll be haunting you guys who tells him. Haha!

The sweetest love story - love which stretch for YEARS.
The 2nd sweetest love story - love which involves different races (Ooh, I love Charissa's family! =D SERIOUS.)
Ok I'm just boring.

Ppl in my class are so kiasu. SERIOUS. I cant imagine how kiasu Singaporeans are - until now! xP

BM - 67 (Ooh yeah. I prepared to fail this.)
BI - 88
Maths - 97
A. Maths - 62
Biology - 70 (Ooh yeah, I was expecting a 60+)
Chemistry - 43 (WTF I WAS EXPECTING A 60+)
Physics - 53 (Ironically, I crap all the way from the objectives to the
essays and I got better in this than Chemistry. Sometimes unfairness is
Sejarah - 77
Moral - 84 (Sometimes able to crap is not such a bad thing after all.)
EST - 78
Chinese - 73

From Lilian's blog, the Italian exchange student seems to be like Mr. Bean aka dorky. GOSH. I thought all Italians are beautiful!

Let's play this.
How do you pronounce "ghoti"?


If You Want a Ride in My Car

There was a time when I thought my dad didn’t know a thing about being a good father. I couldn’t remember him every saying the words, “I love you. “ It seemed to me his sole purpose in life was to say “no” to anywhere I wanted to go and anything I wanted to do. Including getting a car. Some parents bought their kids cars when they got their driver’s licenses. Not my dad – he said I’d have to get a job and buy my own.

So that’s what I did. “I’ll show him,” I said to myself. “If he won’t get it for me, I’ll get it for myself.” I got a job as a busgirl at a very nice, ocean-view restaurant and saved every penny I could. And when I had enough to buy my own car, I did! The day I brought that car home, my dad was the first one I wanted to show it off to. “Look, Dad, a car of my own – all on my own. If you ever wanted a ride, I’ll only charge you five dollars,” I offered with a smug smile.

“I see,” was all he said.

One day, my father’s truck had to go to the shop and wouldn’t be ready to pick up until the next evening. So he needed a ride to work. “If that five-dollar offer is still open,” my dad said, “I’ll take you up on it.”

“Okay, but you have to pay on delivery. I don’t accept credit.”

“I see,” was all he said.

The sun wasn’t even up when we left the house, but it was already getting warm out. It was going to be a hot day. As I dropped my dad off, I watched him, dressed in his work clothes and boots, getting his tools from the trunk of my car. Watching his every move, hoping that he’d hurry so that I could get back home and get ready for my own day, I squinted in the rear view mirror at his sun-weathered face, and even from a distance I could tell there were more lines than I ever remembered being there before. I thought about it and then realized how hard my dad works for his family. My father is a cement finisher.

Watching him lift the heavy tools from the car, buckets full of trowels, knee pads and other finishing tools, there was something about him that looked a little fragile than I recalled. In that instant, it occurred to me that he actually got down to his hands and knees to sweat over hot concrete to make a living for his family. And he did this day in and day out, no matter how hot it got. Never, not once, had I heard him complain about it. Never had he held it up to his children as being some great sacrifice he made for us. I thought about how much he must love us – so much that he’s willing to do this hard labour in hot weather, and without so much as ever complaining or asking for anything in return. To him, we were “worth” it. And never once did he “charge” us for it.

When he slammed the trunk, his tools set off to the side, he walked over to my window to hand me my five dollars. I rolled down the window and said, “Good-by, Dad. Keep your five dollars. It’s on me. Don’t work too hard. I love you.”

At first he looked puzzled, then in a clumsy sort of way – pleased. “I won’t,” he said, then added, “Thanks for the ride in your beautiful new car.” His eyes met mine then glanced away in the direction of his waiting tools, he cleared his throat and said, “Oh, and… me, too.”

As I drove away, I knew “me, too” was enough because my father showed me his love with his actions, day after day, year after year. In that moment, I decided I’d give him a ride in my car any time he wanted – free of charge.

Marie Parada, 18

~ Taste Berries for Teens


What' I'd Like to Tell You - If I Could

>> Wednesday, 21 June 2006

I was testing the microphone in the high school auditorium where I was going to conduct a workshop for teens, when a voice nearby asked, “Do you need anything? Is there anything I can do to help?”

I fully expected to see a custodian, vice-principal, counsellor or any other adult who might have been assigned to oversee my needs for the program I was doing for students. Instead, there stood a handsome, muscular, well-dressed young student. “Hi!” he said, “I’m Rob Ballen.”

“Nice to meet you, Rob,” I said. “I’m Bettie Youngs, and I’ve heard many good things about you – including that you have been elected student-council president three years in a row. The first thing I noticed as I drove onto the school grounds today was the billboard that read, ‘Welcome, Dr. Youngs.’ By the way, I heard you were responsible for putting up the billboard and I want you to know it’s a nice touch and made me feel welcome!”

“Oh, it was nothing,” Rob replied.

“Well, it was meaningful to me, and yes, there is a way for you to help. A good friend of mine, Helice Bridges, has developed a little exercise that’s sort of like an award ceremony. A blue ribbon with the words ‘Who You Are Makes A Difference’ is used to acknowledge a person for something they’ve said or done that has made a difference to you. In my workshop with your class today, I’ll be calling on a number of students, but I need a volunteer to start it off. Would you mind if I called on you to come forward first?”

“Oh, that’d be fun!” he said, without hesitating or asking anything more about exactly what it was he would be expected to do.

“Good,” I said. “I’ll count on you then!”

The students filed into the auditorium in various states of anticipation and expectations. “Sometimes we don’t express what’s really in out hearts,” I began. “This is particularly true when it comes to telling others, ‘Thanks for being there for me, for making a difference in my life.’ But it’s important that we do this. First, it lets a person know that what he did was significant to you, Second, it gives the person the courage and motivation to do it again, to you and to others along the way.

“We needn’t wait for some major event to happen. We can acknowledge others when they accomplish a worthwhile goal, as well as for their acts of kindness, for acting out of integrity – especially when it’s not always popular to do so. I’ll like to show you a simple exercise that can help you acknowledge someone for making a difference to you in some way. I’ll like to ask you to pay close attention to your feelings as we go through this process. I need a volunteer from the audience. Who would like to…” Rob’s arm shot in the air. “…volunteer? Okay, Rob, would you come up, please?” His classmates hooted and cheered and whistled good-naturedly. He was obviously well-liked.

Rob came up and stood beside me. The top of my head just barely reached his shoulders. His presence with me in front of them caused his classmates to giggle nervously and fidget with their belongings. After all, here was their handsome classmate standing beside a visitor who held a microphone in her hand, and who had the ability to call on them in front of their peers. It was their school, however, and they held the power to pay attention in a noisy manner or pay attention in a respectful manner. Power danced between them and me in perfect balance.

“Rob,” I said, “I would like you to know that the wonderful welcome that your classmates gave me when I arrived at school today made feel warmed, honoured and welcomed. Since you were the once responsible for organizing it, I would like to thank you for being so thoughtful.” My words were met with claps, whistles and cheers. Even so, I knew they were happy it was Robby up there and not them. Now only quiet chatter should be heard among a few friends. “As you can see, I’m holding a blue ribbon with the words, ‘Who You Are Makes A Difference.’ Your leadership actions made a difference to me. Thank you. Because you have acknowledged me, in a sense, you have asked that I acknowledge you. Best of all, your actions caused me to want to connect with you and your classmates in a meaningful way. May I pin this ribbon on your shirt?” Little gasps, nervous giggles – and a few good-natured and mild-mannered catcalls – arose from the audience of adolescents.

Rob looked first to me and the glanced over the faces in the audience. “Yeah, sure,” he acquiesced. Smiling from ear-to-ear, he leaned down so I could reach the pocket of his shirt and pin the ribbon on it. All eyes were now upon Rob, all motions stilled by my audience’s nervousness. This was far too close for comfort in the minds of these young people still learning the social rules of human touch. Classmates poked each other to distract themselves from getting too close to the experience, no doubt relieved this was happening to Rob and not to them.

I continued the ceremony. “When you take this shirt off, Rob,” I said, amplifying my voice a bit because of the hoots and howls these “risqué” words brought, “I would like you to remove the ribbon and place it on the mirror in your bathroom, so that as you get ready for school each morning, you will be reminded that your thoughtfulness was genuinely appreciated. Your caring actions were important to me.”

I backed up a few steps. Now acting from the emotional energy of a speaker, rather than from the personal one-on-one I had just used, I looked at Rob and asked, “How does it feel to be acknowledged in this way?”

“Oh,” he said sincerely. “It feels good. I’m not sure if anyone has ever told me ‘thank you,’ for anything.” He became solemn and reflective. Shaking his head, he quietly repeated, “I don’t think anyone has told me ‘thank you.’” It didn’t seem appropriate for me to examine that further, although I’m sure the audience “got it.” Here was a young man who had on occasion done many considerate things for others. Yet, Rob hadn’t been told – or he didn’t hear – their thanks.

“Rob,” I continued, “now that we can all see how this exercise works, I’d like for you to call someone up from the audience and acknowledge that person for making a difference to you.

“Oh,” said Rob, macho posturing to impress, “that’ll be easy. Chad, get your booty up here.” Chad, his best friend, bounded up. Once again, the classmates cheered and clapped. The two guys playfully punched each other a time or two, then stood at attention in front of me. Standing next to Rob to oversee and assist him with the ceremony, I nodded for him to begin.

“Hey, bud!” Rob began in a voice filled with spunk and spirit, “I’ve got a blue ribbon here, as you can see, with the words ‘Who You Are Makes A Difference.’” He turned to me and mouthed the words, “Now what do I say?”

“I would like to tell you how you made a difference to me,” I instructed.

“Yeah, I’d like to tell you how important you are to me,” he mimicked and then added, “And why.”

I observed, but said nothing.

“Why you’re important to me,” he began, looking first at Chad, then the floor, then at the ceiling, then at me, “is because…” He stopped, cleared his throat and tried again. “Why you’re important to me is because,” and once again he looked first at Chad, then the floor, then at the ceiling, then towards the back of the room and back again at me, “is because…” He stopped, cleared his throat, sniffled, and this time Mr. Football used the hand of his “golden arm” to clear away the cloud of tears blurring his vision. The audience watched in disbelief, and perhaps in fear. Oh, no. Was it possible that their hero, the pillar, was going to cry?

“Oh Chad, ol’ bud,” Rob began again, “I’ve never told you, I never really wanted you to know… but you… you… saved my life. I don’t know if you ever knew it, and if you did, you didn’t let on. Remember the time last year when I came to your house at 11:30 at night, and you knew I had been drinking? You took my car keys from me, and though we argued over it, you refused to give them to me. You knew that I couldn’t drive, and you called my mother, told her that I had fallen asleep and asked if I could spend the night at your house. I never told you, but my parents had gotten in a huge fight that night, and my dad said he was leaving. He had filed for divorce. I was so mad and hurt, and I thought, ‘What will my friends at school thing? How can I tell them that my parents are divorcing when my mother is the PTA president and my dad always helps drive us to the football games? Now he’s leaving my mother and moving away. My class isn’t going to want me to be class president,’ and…” Rob covered his face with one hand, then letting out a big sigh, continued. “You saved my life, Chad.” The silence of the audience blared louder than any words could. Robby, now looking into the eyes of a very shocked Chad, continued, “I was going to drive off old Highway 164 that night. You saved my life.” Chad reached over and pulled him into his arms. The two boys hugged each other for what seemed like a very long time.

The audience sat stunned, aghast that their hero had once entertained such thoughts – or was even capable of them.

Now just another teenaged, Rob, with shoulders slumped, took a seat.

Chad, still dealing with all this, stood motionless beside me.

“Chad,” I said softly. “Here’s a blue ribbon for you. I’d like you to acknowledge someone who has made a difference in your life.”

It was a fairly sedate Chad who called upon Mr. Hudson.

“I’d like to call up the shop teacher,” he said. A bewildered-looking teacher in the second row of the bleachers got up and came forward, taking his place beside Chad.

“Ah, you know that I gave you a hard time all last semester in shop class,” Chad stammered. All the students in the audience were all but holding their breath. Though I didn’t know the situation at that time, they knew just who the shop teacher was. “I guess I better begin by saying, I’m sorry,” Chad said. “It’s just that…” he stopped, as though choosing his words carefully. It caught me by surprise, too, when Chad continued with the words, “Dad, it just seemed to me that you’d touch the other guys on the arms or shoulders, or help them with their projects, but you didn’t do that for me. It made me so jealous. You stopped touching me when I was in the seventh grade. I thought, ‘Why do these kids deserve his touch and I don’t?’ Anyway, I gave you a rough time and I’m sorry. I admire you because you are such a good teacher and all the kids like you and think you’re great. I do, too, Dad. I want to give you this blue ribbon because I think you’re the best teacher ever. And you’re a great dad, too. And I love you. Can I pin this on you?”

It was a meek and tearful father who received the blue ribbon.

“It’s your turn, Mr. Hudson,” I said.

“I’ll call Suzee Merril,” said the best teacher at the school.

“Suzee,” he said, “as you can see, I’m holding a blue ribbon with the words ‘Who You Are Makes A Difference.’ I would like to tell you how you made a difference to me. You were the first girl to take shop class, and that was a courageous thing to do. I’d like to…”

Suzee called up Bob, her brother. And her brother called up Tammy.

“Tammy,” Bob said, “as you can see, I’m holding a blue ribbon with the words ‘Who You Are Makes A Difference.’ I would like to tell you how you made a difference to me. I’m no Einstein, but here I am, finally a senior, and it’s because of you. For the last three years, I got up and came to school only because I knew you’d be here. Though we’ve broken up and aren’t dating anymore,” he paused to look to Rebecca, his new girlfriend, sitting nearby with his class ring around her neck and his coat draped around her shoulders, “I know that I’d have dropped out of school, maybe worse, if it hadn’t been for you…” Though he noticed, he seemed unfazed by his new girlfriend’s scowl and look of absolute dejection. He looked again at Tammy and repeated, “If it hadn’t been for you.”

Tammy stood next to him, her arms tightly hugging her chest. This was difficult enough, loving him still – yet watching as he now dated another classmate was even more painful. Tammy didn’t want anyone else. She had hoped to marry her Bob. She was so hurt that she couldn’t lift her eyes to his, not even after his kind words. When he said, “You were the most important thing that ever happened to me,” her arms unwrapped and followed her hands to her face, where the heavy black mascara and eyeliner she wore now streamed down. She buried her face in her hands and sobbed uncontrollably. The only boy she had ever loved had confessed her importance – humbly and genuinely. It left her visibly shaken emotionally, but more, her entire body was literally shaking. He pinned the blue ribbon on her collar, looked at her tenderly and said through his own tear-filled eyes, “Thank you for being there for me. I will always love you.”

It was a good place to stop; what I had wanted to teach, to communicate, had been accomplished.

Bettie B. Youngs,
Excerpted from Gifts of the Heart

~ Taste Berries for Teens


The Paintbrush

I keep my paintbrush with me, wherever I may go,
In case I need to cover up, so the real me doesn’t show.
I’m so afraid to show you me; afraid of what you’ll do,
I’m afraid you’ll laugh or say mean things; afraid I might lose you.
I’d like to remove all the layers, to show you the real, true me,
But I want you to try to understand; I need you to like what you see.
So if you’ll be patient and close your eyes, I’ll remove the coats real slow,
Please understand how much it hurts, to let the real me show.
Now that my coats are all stripped off, I feel naked, bare and cold,
And if you still find me pleasing, you are my friend, pure as gold.
I need to save my paintbrush though, and hold it in my hand,
I need to keep it handy in case someone doesn’t understand.
So please protect me, my dear friend, and thanks for loving me true,
And please let me keep my paintbrush with me, until I love me, too.

~ Taste Berries for Teens


Happy Father's Day. <3

>> Monday, 19 June 2006


DJ's carnival yesterday wasnt as fun as F2's. Hmm.

We, 4 Balau, sold PASTRIES! Thanks to Ser Siang!
His father looks EXACTLY like a Japanese! Whoaa. I wouldve mistaken him as one if he's walking on the streets. Haha! Jo and Susan thought he was cute while I was thinking of their definitiong for "cute". Lol.
The cheese tarts were beautiful. (RM9) The Father's Day cheese cake was MORE THAN HEAVEN. (RM15)

We, Jo, Wan Ying, Qinmei and I went to Final Destination 4. To say the truth, it wasnt very scary. I like Rhema's (I think) role where she's a barber ghost or something, holding the scissors. xP The only scary thing was Wan Ying's scream. It wasnt those usual high-pitched, glass-breaking one, hers was low and husky, and it was so weird. Weird, I tell you, WEIRD. The weirdest scream I've ever heard! Even the guys' were "nicer" (blah?) than hers! Haha! No, I didnt scream at the corpse at the end of the haunted house, only Jo, Wan Ying and Qinmei. The guy mustve been crying inside, crying that there's so many hopeless ones who entered this "sacred" place. LOL! (RM3)

My routine when entering a (fake) haunted house:
Before enter, excited + scared.
Entered, scared + excited + a lot of SCREAMING
Exited, still a little scared + extremely high + extremely excited (+ laughing) (+ "So shuang. Wanna go again?")

It's not hard to make me scared. Let me imagine stuff and you'll hv me, afraid of everything. ;)

3 Keruing's floured haunted house wasnt scary at all. Too bright and too little obstacles. I want like a maze, limited only for 2 person per entry, and if they cant get out in 5 minutes (10 minutes sudah boleh mati liao) there will be emergency St. Johns and PBSM for CPR. LOL!
The flour kena very little of me, but it kena my eyes.. T_____T (RM4)

I went for Henna in 3 Balau! =D I had it on my face, cuz I didnt want it in somewhere ppl usually hv (that's so me). Haha! (RM7)

Nobody's reading the "meh-est" story in the whole wide world... I guess I'll just quit my job. There's no pay anyway, not even a sweet! xP

They say I sing with emotion, Wan Ying thought my singing voice is so much gentler (blah!) than my normal voice, which I dont know I have to go =D or >=( Lol. That's the weirdest compliments (I think) I've ever received. If only I could use those emotions on my piano playing!
Speaking of piano, I'll be playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars Variations by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (I DAMN LOVE THE NAME) at the concert at the end of the year! Come and see the whole concert, pretty please? =3 You'll get to see me (if that's what you're gonna do -_____-;;) wearing dress/skirt and high heels! Haha! Your curse wont work, though, cuz I can walk on high heels. I usually say I can just fall wearing those cuz I'm just exaggerating. xD


Trying to peel off those colours.

>> Saturday, 17 June 2006

To Jo
for being such a novel-ish friend.

How many times have I restarted the comp? 10 times... AT LEAST!! GHUK!! I don't care about manners now. This comp is so going for another of reformatting, and I'm saving all my backing up all my beloved stuff into the CD Jo gave to me for that GSP thingy. Hah! I'm downloading so many stuff that I think the comp was getting mad at me. Movies, songs, anime pictures, mangas, piano scores. Hmm. I'm backing up all my stuff. Haha. This comp is certainly going for another trip to the computer store to get it reformatted. It's just practically useless. ROAR.
Perhaps it's my sis and bro, for playing so many Adventure RPG. And my bro for surfing Cartoon Network websites and play games, go Googling and click on a website and play games. But do online games actually send virus in? o_O
I bet that after I post this post, I have to restart the comp again.
Hmm, I only restart this comp when I was onlining. But the comp doesn't go crazy when other people plays it. What's wrong with me?! T_____T I dont hv Down Syndrome, therefore I look perfectly fine! TO WAN YING AND JO, I'm certainly still 15, much younger than you guys (I picked Sophie cuz I think she resembles me a lot, not because of other stuff including Howl) and even a kid-at-heart, and therefore I look and AM young! Plus, I'm not that fat. My BMI is perfectly nice for an Asian. Boo hoo, this comp is not racist right? Cuz I'm as black as a Malay. Drinks too much Milo + loves the beach + hates putting sunblock + Dad is the black species. Akaka.

On Sunday Jo will go like "Her dad is the black species," or "Assamualaikum," or "The girl who has Down Syndrome." Jo is really quite.. predictable. I guess.
#1 If you see her guy whispering to her, you'll be hearing "My heartbeat quickened." You dream too much, read too much, and you write too much. #2 Gossiping is not for her cuz she'll just say it out anyway. ("Tumour." I remember everything, so BEWARE!!!)
She's more flowery heart than anybody else.

No! I'm bad at counselling! I sucked at it! Jo, what do you expect in me? A future counsellor? You better expect me as Mojojojo wannabe. Mwahaha. Or Him or Drakken. Haha. I'm really evil, though I dont usually show it. ;) I wanna be a psychologist not because of counselling stuff, and certainly not about hypnotizing, Wan Ying (I'll hypnotize you and ask about your crush(es)!! Haha!). It's because of the dumbest reason - I watched a Japanese drama about a psychologist. It's seriously beautiful, and that's why I wanna be a psychologist, which, unexpectedly, actually becomes my #1 choice. Hmm. The main actor is not even handsome to keep me go "OMG beautiful eyes/lips."
Nah, journalism is just the 2nd choice.
Gossiping about people behing their back, and they're their friends, too! I'm in their list. Don't think I dont know! I knew it since like a long time ago. NO, I'm not that blunt! I'm just blurr at everything I'm not supposed to be blurr at. I'm kinda sensitive. I think. Akaka. Once again, I pick Sophie cuz she resembles me quite a lot and she's all I wanna be, and sometimes tidying Jo's stuff reminds me of Sophie (and that's the main point). Plus, I'll be just almost like Sophie if I'm hardworking enough and there's no comp, piano, TV and my imaginations to distract me. Yeap, I'm quite of a cleanliness freak, just that I'm too lazy to tidy things up so my table and bed is really messy. Haha. And NO, I didnt choose Sophie because of Howl (serious!) and not because she's "unique", as in, OLD? Haha! GOSH. Howl is older than her (but his voice is sexayy)! ARGH.
I solemnly swear that everything I said above is true. I didnt know I was wearing a colour on me.. But of course I know that I wasnt the true me in front of you guys, just that I dont know who I really am. I'm not that evil, and I'm not angelic either. I believe in other people a bit too easily. Cheering me up is easy, but making me down is easier. I might not look sad or angry or anything, but you'll never know what I'm saying about you inside. Mwahaha.
Give me a little bit of courage and motivation and I'll show you that I can be more than what I want myself to be. Really..
Jia you!

Tom and Jerry's very own paradise.
Have you found Betty under your bed, under your desk, or just, BEHIND YOU?



>> Thursday, 15 June 2006

I hate myself. ARGH.

My results were OK. Pn Norita said that no girls failed BM, so I'm quite sure I pass everything safely. Yayness! I love my Bio marks (akaka).
Someone read my chinese essay till she cries. LOL. The story (I'll never write fakta for English and Chinese) is about the friendship of a girl, that is "me", and "my" late-friend. "We" met since kindergarten and had been best friend since. The guy is such a sweet guy; he wanted to write a book especially for "me", he wanted to fold 999 origami birds for "me" (inspiration from the Chinese story I read in Friendster), and I think there's one more thing I don't remember. Akaka. Before he got to finish his book and the origami birds, he died in an accident. This whole thing was "my" memory, or something like that. "I" don't quite remember his looks already because "I" didn't have a photo of him.
Is it really that touching? Well at least somebody gave some response I never knew I will get! Akaka.

There's no more innocence in children. Have you seen any kids not cursing "F*ck"? Or kids who don't know a thing about Nokia N90? Haha, if you found any, keep them in the museum. They're just the rarest thing. Kids these days are getting more and more grown-up. The, uh, age thingy was brought forward. So sad lar, can't find any kids who doesn't has a cellphone. They act like grown-ups that sometimes I wonder where did innocence of a child went. Innocence now is like exist only in babies. GOSH.
I hate people cursing, but I can't do anything cuz it's not my business. My bro was like cursing everybody in this world that I just feel like belasah him and tell him not to curse. Is cursing really that "shuang"? I dont mind if you curse "Sh*t" though. Akaka.
Now the relationship between friends is not that simple. Keep the "I'm in love with my best friend" thing out of your mind. It's like, there'll be competition between friends. I don't mind any small ones, like "Haha, my BM is higher than yours!" or "My shirt is nicer than yours!", I mean, it's impossible to have no competition between human, but "You don't deserve that kind of marks; I do"?! GOSH. It's like so hurt to the other person if he/she befriended you because of no reasons, just purely wanna be friends.

Note to self: NEVER compete too much of myself with human. Or anything.

The flowery-heart girl's crush life is always like TV dramas. Akaka. Perhaps she just exaggerated it abit. Maybe she wrote too much fictions.

I'm officially the advertiser and commenter of SERIES OF NIGHTMARES: WHISPERS OF A GHOST fanfic. GOSH. How *ahem* is that?! Never mind, since I've been given that *ahem* job, I might as well just do it.
The weirdest horror fanfiction you've ever read. You'll always check under your bed whether if there's any bloody red eyes staring at you, whether if there's any sharp claws already grab your leg, whether if there's any bluish greenish purplish furry monster behing your closet. Better pray before you fall asleep, because you'll never know when is your last breath. *gasp*
Constantly laughing out loud (and shivering moments), all you wanna comment about it is "LOL" or "ROFL" or "LMAO" or some other things that have similar meaning.
You'll regret if you dont read it, though. ;)

Cheer 2006! Haha! So going to go! xP

When I'm absorbed on certain something, it's impossible for me to get hungry. That explains why I didn't feel hungry when I stayed back in school today. Haha, Jo and Joanne, didn't you notice me eating nothing after school?

I. Have. No. Confidence. At all. I feel so useless. =(

I think I write best under pressure (minus BM). Woot, explain my English and Chinese essay! I can never write something like that during my free time. I didn't say it was good, but I can't write that standard of stories unless I'm under pressure. Is this a good thing, then? Hmm.



>> Monday, 12 June 2006

Why is everyone so moody lately... -_____-;;
Hmm, I seemed like, "tak apa lah," when I saw my A. Maths results.. Actually, it wasn't that bad. 62! Gosh I'm lan xi-ing. Haha.
I'm feeling a little blue. Yeap, I'm that easily influenced.

The Dragon's Child is such a flowery heart person.. O_O She seemed like, so quiet and obedient and stuff, but OMG she's so flowery heart. Or maybe she's just attracted to him (don't ask me who he is, cuz I don't know too) and she mistaken it as a crush or something. Hmm, I usually do feel like that too, but, haha, don't ask me who, cuz it's like, a thousand or so. Akaka. Nah, not that much. I guess. I don't count these attraction stuff. Lol. Like this time I saw JJ and thought he was cute, I'm attracted, blahs. The next minute I saw, uh, Won Bin, and then I'm attracted to him. That easy, but it's not crush. (DUH, JJ and Won Bin! xP)

Right, I dreamed that somebody liked WalNut, but it's seriously long, and so many ppl involved, OK, just a few, like, uh, 6 or 7 or so, but usually my dreams only have 2 or 3 people. Oh, I remembered once that I dreamed, we all will become gorillas in the future, and my mom and her sister will go save the world. Har har. That's just the stupidiest dream I've ever had, but I felt so afraid in the dream. Akaka.
Right, the WalNut dream. I don't quite remember it. The details weren't very interesting, just usual, happened in school, a classroom in Block B or C. There was no teacher in class. Wan Ying was staring blankly at the notice board again, and unfortunately, Jo wasn't in there. WalNut and I was doing our homework. 3 guys sat behind of us, another in front.
Mr C: You like her ar? (to Mr Y)
Mr Y: Which one?
Mr C: There, in front of Mr S (SH*T SH*T SH*T I sat in front of Mr S.), beside her. (Which is WalNut.)
Mr Y nodded.
Wan Ying turned and smiled to me wickedly (cuz she heard it), and I smiled back to her. WalNut seemed like she didn't heard any of it.
Haha, I think I'm polluted, or perhaps I read too many lovey dovey stories. Har har.
I can only tell you Mr S and Mr C, and the guy who sat beside Mr S but was just a kelefe, but definitely not Mr Y, cuz you'll laugh laugh laugh and laugh and the next thing you know you're in Tg. Apple.
Oh, in case you're wondering why I'm cursing when I thought Mr Y liked me (sorry lar, heard only the front part and go panicky already), it's because I don't like him, plus I don't really have any "hao gan" for him. Haha.

There's school tomorrow, it's 10:24PM now, and I haven't pack my bag yet.
Never mind, I love staying up late, though just until 11.30PM or so and I have to go "Zzz..."

Somebody cried when she (I think, but Jo said te person is not male nor female LOL) read my Chinese essay. Haha! And Pin thought it was very TV drama-ish, and she felt like laughing. T_____T I really like what I wrote (LOL), and I didn't want to stop when I was writing the ending. Haha! It's about I reminisince about my "old friend" who died in an car accident. Is it? Bleah. So he was a really sweet guy. Oh gosh I would've fall for him if he existed. Akaka. I purposely made "our" friendship a little "ai mei". I didn't want just pure friendship. ;)
Yeap I'm that evil.
I really like what I wrote. GOSH I'm being more and more perasan. Never mind. I mean, I can seldom write story, and yes, I work best under pressure, if you mean writing (minus BM).

I dont feel like writing now. Sigh. Nighty nightz!


Writing, anyone?

>> Wednesday, 7 June 2006

Have you ever dreamt of writing a best-selling novel? Yeap! xP
Do you like to read and think about issues and what changes are needed? Uh huh uh huh. *nods*
Are you interested in people and cultures and how they work? Umm, I guessed so. Quite.
Do you like to create (stories, plays, webpages, pictures, etc)? YES! I modify pictures (and then perhaps will be involved in copyrights stuff). Akaka.
Are you imaginative? I hope so.
Do you enjoy interacting with people? So so.
Have you ever wondered why people think and act the way they do? Yes! And that's partly why I wanted to take psychology. xP
Are you interested in the issues of media, news-reporting and how the ‘truth’ gets processed? A bit. I think.
Do you like history, politics, philosophy, literature, sociology, and popular culture (films, TV, Internet, music etc)? It depends. If the, uh, lecturer (xP) is nice and fun and all, I'll like it. And if I try hard enough to like it. xP
Do you enjoy science-fiction, fantasy, role-playing games or surfing the Web? Duh! I read science-fiction - no wait, is it Star Wars? Then I dont think I like it. LOL! - and fantasy. I'm so gonna try my hands on cosplay! Though I hate sewing. -_____-;; (If you see somebody who looked like me and Yuna on the street one day, that must be me. xP) And I'm definitely surfing the web now!
Do you wonder what technological change will bring in a few years, and how that will affect people and cultures? Yeap. Almost-always. xP
Would you like to see more equality between the genders, the races, the classes and the world’s cultures? Triple DUHs.
Do you wonder about the power of statistics? Uh, statistics? No, not really.
Have you ever found yourself troubled about ‘black and white’ issues or simple answers? *Don't even get the question* But I dont think so.
And have you ever wondered why the world is the way it is now, and if things could be different? Yes yes yes!

So does comm studies suits me?
Hmm, it said that "a degree in communication will get you into the areas of arts, mass media, popular culture, public affairs and just about any field where information and people meet." Don't really get it, but it seems boring. xP
Uh, is this social study? O_O GOSH, I thought I'll nv take social study! Cuz my cousin sis took social study and she ended up teaching Sejarah. xP She said it was supposed to just be a part-time job. OH GOD.

Journalism are not for people who are:
» don’t like writing (I love it!)
» are not motivated to do work (If only I like the work. xP)
» don’t have a good sense of direction (If you mean North South East West, count me out.)
» are tardy (Umm.)
» are not interested in what is happening around them (I am! I think)
» not thick skin (Uh, I can if I must xP)

‘To be a journalist, you need to have an innate sense of curiousity – of finding out how things work, why people do certain things or think in certain ways, and what can be done about it,’ she (Sharifah Rozita Bt Syed Sulaiman) says. In short, she feels that journalism is for people who are interested in life itself.
O..K. I dont think I have the 'innate sense of curiosity'. Much. Interested in life? Uh, I'm not sure about that.

The starting salary for journalists with a degree in a relevant field in a media organisation ranges from RM1,500-1,800. In the corporate sector on the other hand, a communication executive with three to five years experience in a fairly sizeable organisation or a multinational organisation can earn approximately RM4,000-5,000. A senior manager or head of department with 10-15 years experience can command RM12,000-15,000. There are very few such positions around and the job can be highly stressful.
OMG beautiful money! xP But is this (RM1.5k - 1.8k) just for experienced journalists? Oh, not. Beautiful money! xP I think I'll just do journalism. xP Just kidding.

(Source: doctorjob.com.my)

Oh no. I'm obsessively obsessed with Cecelia Ahern. You see, I got inspired to, uh, take journalism cuz she took it too.. -_____-;; Someone please help me! I dont want anyone to be my, uh, guide (everyone needs one, but I just take advices) for my future!

I wanna laugh. I really wanna laugh. It's supposed to be a secret why I wanna laugh. Akaka. So just let me laugh like siao po and you'll think that I deserved to stay in Tg. Apple while the thing is I'm the owner. Haha!
I think Jo loves fiction. Those on the Net, you know.

Domain that ends with .fi is from Finland. The unknown-language-might-be-Swedish Reader's Digest I, uh, "read" in the resort is Finnish. I'm sure I'm not migrating to Finland in the future! GOSH, cant even interpret a thing!

You know what? Perhaps I'll start a story in winglin.net, entitled, uh, I dunno, "Modern Snow White"? Jo took B&B, and Cinderella is hot. Akaka. There's even Cinderella Man. LOL! Ok, just joking. I wont start that weird story. But might someday. People! Keep your eyes wide open! I might just writing a story in winglin.net using a totally different name and you thought it was some girl from US. LOL! Just joking. No, am I? Akaka.
I'm really excited now. Haha!

There's "aha reaction" in psychology... O_O

Look up on me, people, for I will be the next Dan Brown! Nah, I cant write mysteries sort of stories. I dont hv the brains. I always thought that these ppl are SMART. Cuz I nv could solve the mystery. I'm such a lousy detective. xP Hmm, or I'll just be the next Diana Wynne Jones. But I cant seem to write funny stories. It always ended up a bit melancholic, like "White Rose" or "1000 origami birds" (Nah, they dont hv English names; I just translated it directly) some of you hv read (Jo: OMG there's so much feeling! Wan Ying: "Ngo bai lei wai si". Pin and Iyin and Sook Shiang for being the most discouraging readers ever: It doesnt seem to connect.), they were supposed to be something happy.. T_____T I think I'll just be the scriptwriter for Autumn in My Heart. xP


Childhood friends

>> Sunday, 4 June 2006

I just came back from Langkawi yesterday. Whoaa, the beach is just so white, the sea is so greenish blue, but the weather is so freakin' hot. -_____-;;
Langkawi = shopping paradise! xP
We stayed at Aseania Resort, which is so damn far away from the town. Iish. The resort was OK, the air-cond wasnt that cold though. Hmm. I read Cecelia Ahern's (PS, I Love You!) Where Rainbow Ends. Ooh DAMN KAO NICE. But I didn't get to read finish cuz it's time to check out.. Boo hoo. T____T Really, I have to change my POV to read this. I'm kinda "old", you see. xP Nah, it's just that I seldom read these books that I hv to get used to it first. Ah IT'S SO DAMN NICE!! x3 Alex and Rosie were childhood best friends since they're 5 year old, and the whole book is mostly about them. It's really easy to read, so I'd already read half of the book.
It must be a really sweet thing to hv a childhood best friend, even though he/she is the same sex as you. xP I dont hv one.. My relatives are usually just playmates, not friends (at least not now). I'm not so close to them. SIGH. What does childhood best friend usually means? Friends you made during your kindergarten years? Ah, I have none of those.. SOBZ. Wan Ying I'm so envy of you. You're so lucky! So if childhood best friend means friends you made during your lower primary years, I have some. Yes, some. I lost contact with most of them. Who cares with keeping contacts when you're still small? SIGH. Such a sad thing.
Grace Lee from F3 in DJ and Tan Yu Ning who sat beside me during Standard 1, if you see this (LOL) send me a mail! YOU'RE WANTED. xP
I've never received a post card before. And letters. Ok I've received letters before, from my (lost-contact) pen pals and cousin (who seldom replies), but that's it. AH, such sad case. And international postage is $$. Well, not really (2 letters = RM1.80!), but can you imagine how LONG the letter will reach US? Ooh, really long. Even this whole sending-letter thing in Malaysia needs at least 3 days.. Unless you use Pos Laju, of course, which is more $$. Anyone kind enough to send me one? I'll reply! I love letters and emails and post cards and I love replying them. xP

I'm obsessed with Where Rainbow Ends. Serious. Just couldnt stop thinking about it. Today, I dreamt about the book. I was either in the Book Village in Langkawi or in TTDI Library. I was finding for the book (to buy), but I cant find it, so I proceed to the other section, where you borrow books. I was confused a little with the names, of course. Then I came to the 'A' shelf. I was running through the books with my finger, murmuring, "Ahern, Ahern..." AKAKA! I'm seriously obsessed and I have to get out of it.
I hope TTDI Library has the book. If it doesnt, I guess I have to wait! Anyone have the book? xP I dont think the school library has one.. Perhaps I'll check when I'm on duty. Or when there's nobody else in the library when I'm duty-ing. ;)
I'm not THAT anti-romance novel. Hey, a girl's gotta dream. ;)

I've been thinking about childhood best friends. If I have one, will my life be different as the one I'm having now? Will I jump grade, enter DJ, enter science stream? Will I be shy, coward, selfish? Will I have a nicer body (akaka) than the one I'm having now? (Gosh I'm FAT FAT FAT. No, not Nabi's FATS.) Hmm. I miss all my primary school friends. Really. I have to conduct a search in Friendster, go through every profile of the friends, especially those in DJ, DU and Tmn Sea. *nods*
Perhaps I'll ring Tan Yu Ning's doorbell and say, "Hi, may I see Yu Ning?" And then pray that he stays there, then "Hi! Do you still remember me?..." If, sadly, he doesnt, perhaps I'll just leave my contact details and ask for his. But ppl are getting more and more protective these days.. SIGH.
I need a whole lot of courage to do that. Ai de Gu Li for me! xP *clapx2. clapx3. clapx4. clapx2*

So many to do, so little time.. There's only 1 week left for me to sleep till 11am.. xP

URGENT To-dos:
» Complete Nilam thingy
» Sew all batches to librarian uniform
» Watch Pride and Prejudice, Phantom of the Opera
» Finish reading The Confessions of Max Tivoli
» Book-hunting in TTDI library! xP

Telefonen (German if I'm not wrong) means, of course, telephone in English!
Books in foreign languages are so interesting. Too bad I got a Reader's Digest with weird language, it's definitely not German! Can't even interpret a thing except for the Maruskuu or something, which probably means March. Akaka. Perhaps it's Swedish.
Another benefit of learning music: Italian and German and French! Yes, even French, but it's quite uncommon. La Mer means The Sea. It's so cool to study in International School! xP

When we were buying tickets in Galeria Perdana, I accidentally made a black nearly tripped over. I'm quite sure he's a black instead of an Indian, cuz he doesnt look like one. Akaka. So he was like, "Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry" x2 (akaka), and then I kept reply, "It's OK, it's OK, it's OK" x2 (xP). And then he was like, uh, doing that sound I dunno how to explain, it's like the kissing sound I guess. Ask your guy friends to do it and you know. So my bro was, "Eeyer, he do the sound", then go "You suddenly look like a F5". Uh... huh. I dont get it.

What? Kissing and hugging in public = violating the law?! Exaggerated. Well I've nv seen kissing in public, but hugging is like the common-est thing! At school, at shopping malls, at the street... There's nothing to be "OMG He's hugging her OMG" about. I kesian that couple who was caught doing that (if they did, cuz they insisted that they just held hands).

Once again,
GRACE LEE (F3, DJ, 1S in Yuk Chai) and TAN YU NING (F3, some sec school, 1S in Yuk Chai) are WANTED.
I miss Weng Kit. That guy whom I always stole Xiao Xing Xing from, that guy who wasnt very healthy that time, that guy who's quite pale, that guy who I phoned almost every day cuz I didnt buy the book, that guy who reads HP, that guy who indirectly taught me how to swallow yucky pills, that guy who went for some weird Chinese speaking class, that guy who argued with me about the pronunciation of Da Wang/Dai Wang (akaka), that guy whom I questioned over and over again about his address and religion cuz he's not sure whether he stayed at Tmn Mayang and Tmn Megah and I didnt believe that there's atheist in this world. Hah. I miss you! I heard that he went to NZ.. Hmph! Betrayal!! Nah, not really. I didnt keep contact with him after Standard 3. SIGH. Such sad case! He reminded me of Alex in WRE.. I dont know why. Haha! I'm definitely not Rosie! xP

Of course, I've think a lot after reading the book, but I'm not feeling blue now. Plus, I dont rmb a thing about it. Haha.
Like everyone else, I hv an alter ego. In front of ppl I'm Miss Hyde, in the night I'm, uh, Miss Jekyll?! No, wait, I think I hv 3 sides. 1 is the one you usually see, the other is my evil self (seriously evil), and the other is the blue side.

Wan Ying! I'm so envy of you, having a childhood friend! Of course, if you hv an extremely cute guy as a childhood friend, I'll be more envy of you. ;) I might be jealous of you, cuz you get to spend every second with him. I'll be standing far away, looking at you two joking and laughing, while I try to hide the feeling I had inside. The feeling where my heart twitches, bleeds. And then, in my mind, I'm planning a perfect plan, to separate you two, and make him mine... WAHAHA.
Really, you people should just IGNORE ME. I'm seriously obsessed with WRE. A serious obsession. Gotta take my mind of the friendship and love of Alex and Rosie.


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