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>> Wednesday, 31 May 2006

Ok, I actually dont wanna blog, but I feel like it, so, uh, this post is full of craps. You're warned beforehand! xP

I just read some of my old posts, the first few ones, and I've discovered SO MANY GRAMMAR MISTAKES. Ok sorry I've been writing and editting too many stuff lately. Akaka. Kz so anyway, it's like, "hAyEeZ .. today we come (came) 2 skool early 2 practice our dance, and go (went) back early .. cuz da malays got (to) puasa .. kesian them .. =]". Kesian?! ARGH. Seriously damn O_O. Haha. Hey, what do you expect? Something professional, perfect in grammar and language and stuff? Akaka. But I didn't expect THAT much faults.. Hmm.
AND, I saw this: "finally da mouse is was fixed .. [but I've already] so get got used 2 using [the] keyboard .. but i'm easily change I can change easily anyway .. nyahahahaha~ but maybe i'll like Jay Chou after JJ!! hehe~ Jay is da 2nd in my heart" ARGH! Disgrace! SADNESS! I'm so so so sorry, JJ, for that time I'm just a poor, innocent child. Stop the drama, Win Zee. Hmm, what actually made me said that anyway? Perhaps everyone's in love with Jay, so I "pretended" to like him too. Hmm, seriously stupid. Haha.
A lot of "hAyEeZ", "yOz", "bUhbWaiZ" and stuff.. Gosh it's so hard to type it LiKe thAt! Hmm, I never write greeting words at the beginning of the post.. Lack of manners? Haha. So anyway, I'll just say "Hi!" to you guys now.


Ok back to where I've stopped. xP
I think I'd blacklisted before.. Is it? Hmm, I dont rmb, but this was what I wrote last time, when I wore PJ clothes to school and was caught by Merah the (Red) Indian. You know what? I think I'm kinda heartless. Is it? Well, I didnt feel anything when Merah was writing down something that time.. Hmm, I prepared for the worst? Haha, even I myself dont know.
White represents pure or innocence, yellow represents sunshine and purple represents horror, while pink represents sweet. Blue represents freedom.
I still didn't get silver. Haha. And I think black represents sexiness, darkness or elegance, red represents blood, or violence. ARGH I never liked red. Red gives me HORROR. Well, not really. But I think Elle's sign is simple.

"How do I look?" The vainest-of-the-vain lady asked.
"Pretty," said A.
"Ugly," said B.
"Then how do I look? Pretty or ugly?" The vainest-of-the-vain lady asked again.
"Pretty ugly," said C.

I'll be off to somewhere at 3AM and I'm still blogging here.. Poor time management.

I'm in the mood of writing fiction. Well I'm writing one right now, but, of course, it's not published in the Net so you better quit your search in Google/Yahoo/MSN. Akaka. Anyways, I'm not so good at writing long ones, or at least writing long chapters. Hmm, sad. Lol!
Let me dream the dream of writing...
No, no no, dont chase after me and ask me what I'm writing about, cuz I think it's kinda weird. I mean the story. Haha.

My (another) cousin sis (I have LOADS of cousin sis) had a hole in her heart.. The weird thing is that it was discovered now instead of last time. Perhaps the hole was drilled (akaka) recently? My (another) cousin sis once had a hole in her heart, too, when she was borned. Premature baby. The doctor said that if it doesn't close when she's 12, she had to go for surgery. And when she was 12 the hole DID closed. SCARY. Her mom always had problems while giving birth to baby girls. When she had this cousin sis of mine, she had slight high blood pressure. For the next 2 boys, it was quite successful. And then for the last one, a girl, my aunt's blood pressure suddenly rised up so high, that this girl also was a premature baby.

Haha, I did one personality test before, which said that your favourite number is the number of relationships you'll have (in the future) until you meet your Mr/Mrs Right (is there such thing as Mrs Right? Cuz I think it's rather stupid). Hmm, my favourite number is 9. And 6. THAT'S the problem. Ultimate favourite number is, of course, 9. Hmm, 9 ex-BFs? AKAKA! That's so funny!
And and and Jo told me that if you wanna see your future husband/wife's looks, peel the apple in a spinning way (ok it's hard to explain) and never let it broken. When it's 12 in the midnight, bite the apple and face the mirror, and his/her face will reveal.. I'm shivering now. HELP ME. So anyway, there's this story, this person did that, and he/she saw the face when he/she was dead. After a few days later, he/she was dead and, uh, that's the face.
HELP ME I'M SHIVERING VIOLENTLY IN THE COLD AIR AND- Ok I'm shivering. SCARY. I love and hate horror stories. I just hate conflicts, especially when it happens in me.

I like this: "Don't cry because it came to an end. Smile because it happened." but I dont know why. Hmm. Does this mean anything? LOL.
"The worst way to miss someone is to sit by his/her side and knowing that you can never have him/her." This is sad, but it's beautiful. BEAUTIFULLY BEAUTIFUL.

Hmm, the word "extraordinary" reminds me of something.
"And you are..?"The director raised an eyebrow.
"Stoppable, Ron Stoppable," said Ron.
"Are you ordinary?" the director asked again.
"Uh huh, pretty ordinary. Very ordinary. Extra-ordinary."
That's the reason why I like Ron. Haha, so stupid but so funny. If I met someone like that how would I react? *imagines* I cant imagine. Lol. He's so.. unimaginable. Is this a good thing?

"Don't cry because it came to an end. Smile because it happened."

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