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>> Monday, 1 May 2006

I think, that my tear glands are, uh, getting more and more flexible.
Imagine crying over the death of Dumbledore! T T I think I usually cry over somebody's death.. fictional death. Hmm. I think I'm a bit pessimisstic.

Since I've mentioned Dumbledore, I might as well rant about HP6. OK, I know I'm really slow and stuff but I didn't force you to read all this crap! xP
The front part is like, CRAPS. Serious. The climax happened in like Chapter 24 or something, where Dumbledore brought Harry to some place, to remove a Horcrux of Voldemort. Eventually it's FAKE and Dumbledore died for NOTHING. UNFAIRNESS!! No wonder there will be no HP7. I think.
Voldemort's past was interesting though. Akaka. I wonder how handsome he actually looked like. Isn't it great if Voldemort isn't evil at all? Like that he'll be the center of attention, instead of Harry. xP So anyway, they mentioned so much about DA that I don't really get it.. Eventually it's Dumbledore's Army. Akaka. Perhaps it popped out in HP5 which I've forgotten everything about it.
Horcrux is seriously cool. But I don't quite understand why must the person kill to, uh, divide his soul. Nevertheless, immortality!
AND, I don't understand why Harry would actually fall for GINNY instead of HERMIONE. It seems that no Love Potion is used.. Perhaps it has something to do with HP5. It seems so weird to let both of them together, though I dont know why. O_O
I was expecting Snape to be like half of a royalty, since he's the Half-Blood Prince.. Disappointed la. Akaka.
One's advantage is also one's disadvantages. I know I read that somewhere in the beginning of the book.. Perhaps the 2nd chapter. About Dumbledore believes and sees the good in Snape that he, uh, couldnt see his evilness.
I wasn't very shocked when I knew Snape killed Dumbledore. Perhaps it's because I knew it already. But if I hadn't knew it, I probably wont go "BETRAYAL!! CURSE SNAPE!!!!" I mean, it's "predictable". Snape does looked like a murderer, though he, uh, seems "nice" to save Harry in HP1. If you say Harry killed Dumbledore, I would probably spam J.K. Rowling and blackmail her and stuff. Akaka. But also I would be impressed of Rowling, for that she was able to twist everything around. Perhaps Harry is under the Imperius Curse. Akaka.
Btw, I think the title doesnt suits the book much. I think it's more on Voldemort's side instead of Snape's.

Kanta Vanness looked extremely sizzlingly sexayy in this pic. SEXAYY.

And and and guess who this is.

First reaction: Eh, who's this teacher? (Found in last year's Nostalgia)
2nd reaction: Wait a sec, she looked familiar... (checked name)
Tan Cheng Kiok? Uh...

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