A Walk to Remember

>> Monday, 10 April 2006

Have anyone read A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks?
What a loss!
The whole novel is in Landon Carter's point of view, about him and Jamie Sullivan. I know that you know who they are, so I wont say much. This Jamie is oh-so devoted to the Big Guy Upstairs, and carries a Bible to everywhere she goes. Seems kinda nerdy. And anyway, something happened between both of them, and it's oh-my-god that's so sad! And I actually cried.. Who wouldn't? Why, of all people, must it happen on both of them?!
Thank the Big Guy Upstairs, it's a hwh ending. Lol, there's no such thing as hwh (not Homework Hour!), but it actually means Hanging with Hints ending.. LOL!
"Oh, and I forgot to tell you this: miracle do happens."
I wanna watch the movie! But somehow, I couldn't imagine Mandy Moore in Jamie Sullivan's place. =/ AND, it's just so different from the book. I guess movies based on books are supposed to stand by its own!
Ahaha. Both Shane West and Mandy Moore looked so old. xD
In case you wonder what and who the hell is the Big Guy Upstairs, He's actually the almighty Lord.
When there's a pop quiz and we all failed, she would say, "I think it's the Lord plan to give us challenges."

I went to visit Jo at CF last Friday. Gosh, the people seemed to have a powerful vocal.
Cuz, OMG, they could sing for so long!
Concert ar? =p
Neways, Jo got my blur disease. She turned to me. I waved to her. She turned back again.
When I asked her today, she said, "huh? Got ar?!" O_O

I was thinking of music therapy.. I need at least G8, and obviously I must pass my oral, which seems kinda impossible. Probably I need a distinction. Ah.
Anyways, I gotta get a brainwash.
Why, again, you ask?
Cuz I always thought of "exotic" jobs.
Think psychologist and music therapist!

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