Sam-Soon VS Howl

>> Saturday, 8 April 2006

My current obsession: My Lovely Sam-Soon! x3

Sook Shiang and Iyin are crazy over Hyun Bin while I'm crazy over the script. =p
Sam-Soon (Kim Sun-Ah) is a pastry chef who looves chocolate.
Jin-Heon (Hyun Bin) is the non-boss like boss of Bon Apetit restaurant.
Hee-Jin (Jeong Ryeo-Won) is Jin-Heon's girlfriend who has some kind of stomach disease.
Henry Kim (Daniel Henney) is non-doctor like doctor of Hee-Jin.
Hee-Jin is a nice girl with a really skinny bod but overall she smiles too much. Lol. But, uh, yea, there's no such people as downright evil, right? Look at Dr. Drakken! xP

"Ironically, Kim Sun-Ah is the one who is better on the piano, as she studied music and majored in piano in Ball University in the States, while as Hyun Bin had a 2-month crash course before the production of the K-drama started. Also, having studied in the States, Kim Sun-Ah is proficient in English and actually helped as a translator for Daniel Henney during production. It's amazing how Kim Sun-Ah was able to mask all that and gave us Kim Sam-Soon, the Bridget Jones of South Korea, with a figure to match the character."

Kim Sun-Ah's real look

"Momo is an orphan, without parents, grandma, UNCLE. She doesn't talk. It's not that she can't talk; she likes to listen to people. She listens carefully and patiently. People who have problems would be happy again after Momo listened to them. But I talk too much. I should've listen more," said Sam-Soon.
"Sometimes you're just like Momo," said Hyun Bin.

Howl's Moving Castle is soo contrast to the book.
In the book...
Howl: old and vain and evil and funny.
Sophie: older and sarcastic and evil and funny.
Michael: 12.
Calcifer: huge evil fierce looking.. thing.

In the movie...
Howl: young and nice and serious.
Sophie: going back and forth between young and old and she's nice.
Michael: 6.
Calcifer: small.

Howl looked extremely oh-so-handsome when his hair is blonde and messy and long and he is unfriendly and cold but somehow a little caring.
At the end of the book, Howl suggested that he and Sophie will live happily ever after. "There'll be a lot of troubles." =3
Howl's voice is sexayy. I have the whole 8 CDs of Pride to listen to Takuya Kimura's voice! xD

"Sophie, you're victimising us," said Howl.

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