>> Thursday, 27 April 2006


Pn. Chuah was not in school last week because she's attending some course.
Pn. Chuah was not in school this week because she's in the hospital
Brain tumour, directly on the middle of the forehead. She's having an operation at 2, perhaps it's over already, perhaps not.
Pn. Ng said that her brother once had a 1.8cm diameter brain tumour at the back of his head, and he couldn't recognize his relatives for half a year.
Pn. Chuah looked OK last 2 weeks, and she actually laughed at Joe Shen when he said putting cellophane tape to cover the nail polish.
Life is like chocolate; you'll never know what you'll get.

You know what?
Being an atheist is somewhat a sad case. When you're asked to pray for somebody, you don't know how to. Cuz you're an atheist.
I'll continue staying as a Buddhist unless my husband's a Christian. Hopefully not Islam! Cuz I hate fasting. xP

Pn. Tan CK is actually a qualified Physics/Chemistry. She teaches Add Maths because DJ lack of Add Maths teacher. O_O
Well, it's not quite a loss, cuz she's like a very good teacher and quite famous.
If only she teaches Physics.. xP
Luckily she didn't realized than I'm Pn. Kee's daughter. If not ar, -_____-;;
I don't look like my mom, so I dont think she realized. I think. Cuz Wei Jin doesn't think so. Akaka. He said my mom's really good, and even had his thumb up - literally.

I now quite understand where my tears actually come from. Not from the tear glands la. I meant WHY I would cry.
#1 Laugh too much
#2 Yawn
#3 Being scolded (it depends)
#4 Watching a sad sad movie/drama where Jamie Sullivan or Eun-Suh died (OK, something like that)
#5 Reading a sad sad book/manga where Jamie Sullivan died or Mizuki gotta left the school (something like that)
#6 Seeing somebody cried so violently (minus kids and babies)
#7 Discussing about our future without *ahem* (choi)
You get the idea. So, you see, it's very very hard to make me cry. And it's harder for me to make myself cry.

Jo looked like Mickey Mouse. Well, maybe she doesnt looks like one; she reminded me of Mickey Mouse.
Akaka. She'll kill me tomorrow if she reads this.

Everybody's a power generator today. Akaka. I'm not that easily "struck" by electricity, especially those that was gave out by girls. -_____-;;

Natalia Ng would be coming this Saturday! Finally I could see her true face.. If she actually attends.

Everybody's in love with DBSK. Sook Shiang, uh, maybe not love but love Max cuz he looked like her Zhe Zhe. Hooi Teng maybe not love but love DBSK cuz they're cute.
I dont know how they actually looked like, so I went Google-ing.

OMG OMG OMG I passed my librarian OMG OMG OMG.
Is this why Grace Hew asked me to wear a tie? xP

I think I need to attend drama school. xP

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