Deja vu?!

>> Saturday, 22 April 2006

I think I have some kind of weird deja vu. First Chopin's songs, then My Lovely Sam-Soon, now A Walk to Remember. Lol.

A Walk to Remember is, uh, weird, I guess. I finally know the meaning of "Based on a novel by someone" (how slow). Akaka.
Neways, both Mandy Moore and Shane West didn't look like students! And it's so "gangster-like". Akaka.
I thought I wouldn't cry, cuz I know when everything would come, like "You're beautiful", "I got leaukaemia", "Will you marry me?" and the love thingy from the Bible. But I still cried.. T T Jamie Sullivan died! Unfairness! So Landon gotta live till he dies like this? Must be lonely. xP
If I hadn't read the book, the movie might be a favourite. Haha.
It seems that high school students arent virgin, which seems scary to me.. O_O

My Lovely Sam-Soon finally came to an end! I think the ending is a bit rush~ And I can't really feel the climax (if there's one).. I like Jin-Heon's hair! Though he looked older in it.

My librarian theory exam is like, O_O||| Definitely fail, cuz I thought it would be mostly about the Dewey thing, and objective questions. xP
Practical was OK~ We actually finished it in like 1 hour. We thought we're too slow and rush on the second book, when there's still 30 mnutes. xP
I hate processing non-fiction books. It could actually make you go frustrating.

Perhaps some of you knew something happened to our class. Some PREFECT just don't care about betrayal or not. I'm not sure whether I'm allowed to say out his name, but better not. Well, he reported our class. Spot check. Well, I never really mind, cuz it's EST. Lol. Yu Szen's MP3 and Lynn's cellphone kena rampas, and both suspended for 2 days. Yu Szen is obviously worried, but Lynn seemed, uh, "whatever" and go "luckily I still have another phone", which I go O_O cuz digantung is really serious.
Yu Szen warned him about "you better watch out", the guys hated him so much that they cursed him so much and even threw his stuff away. GOSH. That's so scary! He might need to transfer school when things get worse. And all of 4 Balaus might as well be suspended for school. Perhaps kicked out too.
If you're a prefect, would you report this stuff to the other prefects? I know I wouldn't. If I were sent for spot check, I'm forced to, cuz it's my job. But I know I wouldn't report, no matter how I hate him/her. But neways, I would prevent myself hating other people. Hmm, I would probably forget about it and treat him/her like normal people. Lol. So neways, it's like, you're betraying everyone who had treated so good. Or not treating you badly.

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