>> Sunday, 30 April 2006

Your Extroversion Profile:
Cheerfulness: High
Excitement Seeking: High
Sociability: Medium
Assertiveness: Low
Friendliness: Low
Activity Level: Very Low

This is insulting.
You Are Teal Green

You are a one of a kind, original person. There's no one even close to being like you.
Expressive and creative, you have a knack for making the impossible possible.
While you are a bit offbeat, you don't scare people away with your quirks.
Your warm personality nicely counteracts and strange habits you may have.

And so contrast to the one above.

Your World View

You are a fairly broadminded romantic and reasonably content.
You value kindness and try to live by your ideals.
You have strong need for security, which may be either emotional or material.

You respect truth and are flexible.
You like people, and they can readily make friends with you.
You are not very adventurous, but this does not bother you.

Everything is contrast.. O_O

You're Confident...Sometimes

You can seem confident when the occasion calls for it
But inside you may be experiencing a bit of self doubt
A little more inner confidence could take you far...
And convince others that you're as confident as you try to seem



>> Friday, 28 April 2006

Got this from somewhere.

How You Approach Life and How You Appear To Others
Modest, unobtrusive, and often rather quiet or shy, you are a person who is content to be in the background or to serve as an assistant, in the supporting role rather than in the lead. You are quite humble in your own assessment of yourself and you have a very strong perfectionistic attitude, with a tendency to be overly self-critical. No matter how well you do something, you always see the flaws in it and how it could be improved. Often you will simply refuse to attempt something because you feel you cannot meet your own high standards.

The Inner You: Your Real Motivation
Harmony and balance are your keynotes. You instinctively understand the need to accommodate other peoples' interests and desires, and you are always fair and willing to meet the other person half way. Tactful, diplomatic, and with considerable social awareness, you do all you can to avoid conflict and discord. You express a spirit of cooperation and compromise and often achieve through charm and discretion what would have been impossible to achieve by a direct, forceful approach.


I SERIOUSLY passed my librarian! Let's celebrate! xP
Kevin actually failed his theory.. VERY unexpected.
And, uh, on May 6, there's a photo session, for librarians and also TRAINEES. Does that mean that I gotta wear librarian's uniform? ARGH.

I am bored.

Maybe there'll be another BU3-er transferring to DJ! Akaka.

Pn. Chuah survived! Hallelujah! xP



>> Thursday, 27 April 2006


Pn. Chuah was not in school last week because she's attending some course.
Pn. Chuah was not in school this week because she's in the hospital
Brain tumour, directly on the middle of the forehead. She's having an operation at 2, perhaps it's over already, perhaps not.
Pn. Ng said that her brother once had a 1.8cm diameter brain tumour at the back of his head, and he couldn't recognize his relatives for half a year.
Pn. Chuah looked OK last 2 weeks, and she actually laughed at Joe Shen when he said putting cellophane tape to cover the nail polish.
Life is like chocolate; you'll never know what you'll get.

You know what?
Being an atheist is somewhat a sad case. When you're asked to pray for somebody, you don't know how to. Cuz you're an atheist.
I'll continue staying as a Buddhist unless my husband's a Christian. Hopefully not Islam! Cuz I hate fasting. xP

Pn. Tan CK is actually a qualified Physics/Chemistry. She teaches Add Maths because DJ lack of Add Maths teacher. O_O
Well, it's not quite a loss, cuz she's like a very good teacher and quite famous.
If only she teaches Physics.. xP
Luckily she didn't realized than I'm Pn. Kee's daughter. If not ar, -_____-;;
I don't look like my mom, so I dont think she realized. I think. Cuz Wei Jin doesn't think so. Akaka. He said my mom's really good, and even had his thumb up - literally.

I now quite understand where my tears actually come from. Not from the tear glands la. I meant WHY I would cry.
#1 Laugh too much
#2 Yawn
#3 Being scolded (it depends)
#4 Watching a sad sad movie/drama where Jamie Sullivan or Eun-Suh died (OK, something like that)
#5 Reading a sad sad book/manga where Jamie Sullivan died or Mizuki gotta left the school (something like that)
#6 Seeing somebody cried so violently (minus kids and babies)
#7 Discussing about our future without *ahem* (choi)
You get the idea. So, you see, it's very very hard to make me cry. And it's harder for me to make myself cry.

Jo looked like Mickey Mouse. Well, maybe she doesnt looks like one; she reminded me of Mickey Mouse.
Akaka. She'll kill me tomorrow if she reads this.

Everybody's a power generator today. Akaka. I'm not that easily "struck" by electricity, especially those that was gave out by girls. -_____-;;

Natalia Ng would be coming this Saturday! Finally I could see her true face.. If she actually attends.

Everybody's in love with DBSK. Sook Shiang, uh, maybe not love but love Max cuz he looked like her Zhe Zhe. Hooi Teng maybe not love but love DBSK cuz they're cute.
I dont know how they actually looked like, so I went Google-ing.

OMG OMG OMG I passed my librarian OMG OMG OMG.
Is this why Grace Hew asked me to wear a tie? xP

I think I need to attend drama school. xP


Deja vu?!

>> Saturday, 22 April 2006

I think I have some kind of weird deja vu. First Chopin's songs, then My Lovely Sam-Soon, now A Walk to Remember. Lol.

A Walk to Remember is, uh, weird, I guess. I finally know the meaning of "Based on a novel by someone" (how slow). Akaka.
Neways, both Mandy Moore and Shane West didn't look like students! And it's so "gangster-like". Akaka.
I thought I wouldn't cry, cuz I know when everything would come, like "You're beautiful", "I got leaukaemia", "Will you marry me?" and the love thingy from the Bible. But I still cried.. T T Jamie Sullivan died! Unfairness! So Landon gotta live till he dies like this? Must be lonely. xP
If I hadn't read the book, the movie might be a favourite. Haha.
It seems that high school students arent virgin, which seems scary to me.. O_O

My Lovely Sam-Soon finally came to an end! I think the ending is a bit rush~ And I can't really feel the climax (if there's one).. I like Jin-Heon's hair! Though he looked older in it.

My librarian theory exam is like, O_O||| Definitely fail, cuz I thought it would be mostly about the Dewey thing, and objective questions. xP
Practical was OK~ We actually finished it in like 1 hour. We thought we're too slow and rush on the second book, when there's still 30 mnutes. xP
I hate processing non-fiction books. It could actually make you go frustrating.

Perhaps some of you knew something happened to our class. Some PREFECT just don't care about betrayal or not. I'm not sure whether I'm allowed to say out his name, but better not. Well, he reported our class. Spot check. Well, I never really mind, cuz it's EST. Lol. Yu Szen's MP3 and Lynn's cellphone kena rampas, and both suspended for 2 days. Yu Szen is obviously worried, but Lynn seemed, uh, "whatever" and go "luckily I still have another phone", which I go O_O cuz digantung is really serious.
Yu Szen warned him about "you better watch out", the guys hated him so much that they cursed him so much and even threw his stuff away. GOSH. That's so scary! He might need to transfer school when things get worse. And all of 4 Balaus might as well be suspended for school. Perhaps kicked out too.
If you're a prefect, would you report this stuff to the other prefects? I know I wouldn't. If I were sent for spot check, I'm forced to, cuz it's my job. But I know I wouldn't report, no matter how I hate him/her. But neways, I would prevent myself hating other people. Hmm, I would probably forget about it and treat him/her like normal people. Lol. So neways, it's like, you're betraying everyone who had treated so good. Or not treating you badly.


A Walk to Remember

>> Monday, 10 April 2006

Have anyone read A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks?
What a loss!
The whole novel is in Landon Carter's point of view, about him and Jamie Sullivan. I know that you know who they are, so I wont say much. This Jamie is oh-so devoted to the Big Guy Upstairs, and carries a Bible to everywhere she goes. Seems kinda nerdy. And anyway, something happened between both of them, and it's oh-my-god that's so sad! And I actually cried.. Who wouldn't? Why, of all people, must it happen on both of them?!
Thank the Big Guy Upstairs, it's a hwh ending. Lol, there's no such thing as hwh (not Homework Hour!), but it actually means Hanging with Hints ending.. LOL!
"Oh, and I forgot to tell you this: miracle do happens."
I wanna watch the movie! But somehow, I couldn't imagine Mandy Moore in Jamie Sullivan's place. =/ AND, it's just so different from the book. I guess movies based on books are supposed to stand by its own!
Ahaha. Both Shane West and Mandy Moore looked so old. xD
In case you wonder what and who the hell is the Big Guy Upstairs, He's actually the almighty Lord.
When there's a pop quiz and we all failed, she would say, "I think it's the Lord plan to give us challenges."

I went to visit Jo at CF last Friday. Gosh, the people seemed to have a powerful vocal.
Cuz, OMG, they could sing for so long!
Concert ar? =p
Neways, Jo got my blur disease. She turned to me. I waved to her. She turned back again.
When I asked her today, she said, "huh? Got ar?!" O_O

I was thinking of music therapy.. I need at least G8, and obviously I must pass my oral, which seems kinda impossible. Probably I need a distinction. Ah.
Anyways, I gotta get a brainwash.
Why, again, you ask?
Cuz I always thought of "exotic" jobs.
Think psychologist and music therapist!


Sam-Soon VS Howl

>> Saturday, 8 April 2006

My current obsession: My Lovely Sam-Soon! x3

Sook Shiang and Iyin are crazy over Hyun Bin while I'm crazy over the script. =p
Sam-Soon (Kim Sun-Ah) is a pastry chef who looves chocolate.
Jin-Heon (Hyun Bin) is the non-boss like boss of Bon Apetit restaurant.
Hee-Jin (Jeong Ryeo-Won) is Jin-Heon's girlfriend who has some kind of stomach disease.
Henry Kim (Daniel Henney) is non-doctor like doctor of Hee-Jin.
Hee-Jin is a nice girl with a really skinny bod but overall she smiles too much. Lol. But, uh, yea, there's no such people as downright evil, right? Look at Dr. Drakken! xP

"Ironically, Kim Sun-Ah is the one who is better on the piano, as she studied music and majored in piano in Ball University in the States, while as Hyun Bin had a 2-month crash course before the production of the K-drama started. Also, having studied in the States, Kim Sun-Ah is proficient in English and actually helped as a translator for Daniel Henney during production. It's amazing how Kim Sun-Ah was able to mask all that and gave us Kim Sam-Soon, the Bridget Jones of South Korea, with a figure to match the character."

Kim Sun-Ah's real look

"Momo is an orphan, without parents, grandma, UNCLE. She doesn't talk. It's not that she can't talk; she likes to listen to people. She listens carefully and patiently. People who have problems would be happy again after Momo listened to them. But I talk too much. I should've listen more," said Sam-Soon.
"Sometimes you're just like Momo," said Hyun Bin.

Howl's Moving Castle is soo contrast to the book.
In the book...
Howl: old and vain and evil and funny.
Sophie: older and sarcastic and evil and funny.
Michael: 12.
Calcifer: huge evil fierce looking.. thing.

In the movie...
Howl: young and nice and serious.
Sophie: going back and forth between young and old and she's nice.
Michael: 6.
Calcifer: small.

Howl looked extremely oh-so-handsome when his hair is blonde and messy and long and he is unfriendly and cold but somehow a little caring.
At the end of the book, Howl suggested that he and Sophie will live happily ever after. "There'll be a lot of troubles." =3
Howl's voice is sexayy. I have the whole 8 CDs of Pride to listen to Takuya Kimura's voice! xD

"Sophie, you're victimising us," said Howl.


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