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>> Tuesday, 21 March 2006

Pn. Daljit didn't give us back our Sejarah paper, because not all people were present. She said all of us did/failed badly. ARGH.
For BM, Pn. Norita didn't want to give us back out BM paper. She said some failed. OMFG. She also said that some of those who did question 1 (materialistic) and the kes ragut failed to give what the question want. OMFG I DID THE FIRST ONE. And I dont really understand the question, so i wrote something like "did good deeds for rewards". Of course, I did write stuff like "buy Gucci shoes to show off". Hopefully I'll pass!
I got 35/60 for Add Maths, and got 52.5, without the book mark. FISH. But I think I'm not the lowest.
Maths was like the best maths results I've ever got in my whole entire life! I got 94. Haha. Poh Hui got 100. OMG SHE'S SUCH A GENIUS WHICH PLANET DID SHE COME FROM OMG.
And, for English, she (Poh Hui) got 91, which is the highest. OMG. I, eventually, got like the lowest - 69, after asking for 1 mark. ARGH I COULDNT ADD ANOTHER MARK. Well, nvm!
Iish, I actually did NOT get a 80+ for my English. Such disgrace!
AND, as a daughter of an Add Maths teacher *lan xi*, I actually got like the lowest. HA-HA.

I got my Physics and Chemistry back!
You see, some people ar, just wouldnt stop getting higher than me. xP
And, so much thank god, I passed both Physics and Chemistry!
Yes, keep the congratulations comin'! xP
I got 61 for Physics and 73 for Chemistry. ^ ^

Until now, Biology is the lowest.
Until now, my percentage is damn kao fishing low.
BUT, until now, I know I wont get last in class. Some people fail.
I just wish I could pass BM!

I couldnt imagine how I would react if I fail a subject. ANY subject. Though Sejarah is like confirm to fail, I dont think I can handle it.
It seems so long ago that I had my last paper. Yet it seems so recent. HAHA.

We sang "fen shou kuai le" (happy.. breakup?!) to Doraemon. Nope, we didnt get a cake. xD
I'm hopeless.

Jojo said I'm kinda "motherly". I'm still very young! Energetic! =p And and and she said I'm like a counsellor.
Jojo: "Wan Ying is the mental problem-maker."
Zee: "She's my sidekick. She help me to get some business runnin'."
Jojo: "If a guy wanna get married, he'll marries Sher Min first, then Joanne Teo and Shu Zhen. Wan Ying, the mental problem-maker, would annoy them until they got depression and blahs and they'll come and find Zee for counselling. Then Zee gets rich."
Wan Ying: "Who's the guy then?"
Jojo: "Me."

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