Theory exam

>> Tuesday, 14 March 2006

SMK Tropicana is beautiful!! How I wish our school are like theirs. But the bad thing is that it's kinda cramp. =/
The theory was OK, I guess. Some did just in 1 and a half hour, for me I did it for 2 and 30 minutes.Well the first 4 questions were OK. And for question 5, the music piece that came out was an opera from Wagner, and, wth, he's a GERMAN, so everything on the music is in GERMAN, and they asked for German terms, then I go "WTF curse Wagner why isnt he an Italian".

A short German lesson for you guys: (=p)

  • Rasch - Lively
  • Pauken - Timpani (a percussion instrument)
I tembak correctly for the 2nd one. Haha.
If anyone of you can pronounce them correctly, I worship salute you.
I can't believe it; tell me I'm dreaming that we are still "we".
It was amazing, said you were lucky that you found me.
It was on a rainy day that we met you didn't have a place to go.
I said we just met so let's go slow,
But no, you just told me to keep you from the cold.
Sorry I can't take it, why did you fake it? Why did we kiss?
And I'm just down.
You left me with a note without a sound;
I figured I must have been such a child.
You just don't know how much I've been around.
When my heart just frowns when you're down,
I'll be your teddy bear; I'll be your clown.
I'll take you round and round and,
If you don't mind I would be your standing ground,
Even if that means I'd drown.
And baby, that'll be my one last vow.
- JJ Lin
I'm bored, so I'm just training my memory. xD

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