>> Friday, 24 March 2006

I ______ my BM!
Fill in the blanks:
A. Passed B. Failed C. Nearly passed D. Nearly failed E. Flunk
Akaka. Please do not curse me!

So anyways, my percentage is SOO low. SOO not Balau standard. Hopefully I'll be in the top half of the class! > <

I heard that there's a foreign teacher in the afternoon session! When I was taking a walk at school today, I saw him. I went undercover as a student. You see, I'm a full-time spy + hunter (for cute guys). ;) Anyways, after I saw him, I think it's OK to let him stay in the afternoon session. Why?
#1 He doesnt has blonde hair. Or nice hair.
#2 He's not quite tall.
#3 He's not quite thin.
OK OK! The above wasnt the truth. Those are what I had in my mind. The truth is, he doesnt look cute! And, yeap; he's not quite tall, as a foreigner. Perhaps he's a mix; he had - what I think - a bit of Indian-ish look. But why would a foreigner teach in local schools?

I wrote a comment in Jo's/ Senpai's (Shampoo)'s fanfic: "... Jo has betrayed us all!" And then, she phoned me. She asked me, in a worried tone: "Why did you write 'jo has betrayed us all'?" I thought, geez you're so cute. I laughed. "Because you got better results than us la." xP

I happened to be at BU3 today. Took a walk in the whole school. Just the whole school. Kinda boring. Haha. They had this board for "Hal Ehwal Murid", and they had the name lists. Gosh, very free is it? So, I went to look for my friend. Just for fun. I saw my friends' name AND my old old friend's name! I hope I'm not mistaken. GOSH, I hadnt seen him for 4 whole years!
The first time I met him was in Standard 3. We jumped class and met in Standard 5. He sat behind me, and we (Pei Wen, Kai Qing [Hmm, I hadnt seen them too], Matthew and I) always crap. The one which I remember the most was when they were guessing Pei Wen's crush. I gave hints. The first name I told them was "salted fish" (Xian Yu). Second was "Lucky" (Ji Xiang). If they're "smarter" a bit, they would know that you could combine both names and form the real name -Xian Xiang (oops). So we argued and argued and argued and I asked them, "You like her ar?" The good ol' days!

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