Innocent Steps

>> Sunday, 12 March 2006

My theory exam is tomorrow and I'm blogging now. Haha. xP

Anyone of you watched Innocent Steps yesterday at 8TV? OMG OMG OMG it's so damn freakin' good!! x3 Moon Geun Young is cute, and Park Gun Hyung is kinda handsome, looks more like a HK to me. xP
Well, the movie is all about dancing, where Chae-rin (Moon) (she impersonates her sister), a Chinese, came to Korea and marries Young Sae (Park), which is just a show to the public. Young Sae is once a dance instructor, but his rival Hyun Soo took away his partner. And, of course, Chae-rin and Young Sae fell in love with each other. A few weeks later, Hyun Soo's follower hurt Young Sae's leg and took Chae-rin away (I think he's just lazy to train her =p). They won in the dance competition, but Chae-rin decided not to dance anymore. Before she went back to China, she visited Young Sae, and the danced for the last time. Movie review
Chae-rin had a hard time learning dancing, so Young Sae drew the steps.
Chae-rin once told Young Sae what she wants for her birthday. She wants to go to a 63 floor building, and receive 20 roses and a perfume. When her birthday arrived, she was already taken by Hyun Soo, but Young Sae prepared the roses and perfume for her.
Chae-rin loves fireflies and brought the "immature fireflies" to Korea. After she was taken by Hyun Soo, Young Sae helped to rear it for her.
When Chae-rin came back for the last time, the fireflies were fully grown, and she saw Young Sae re-paint the steps.
And I cried in the ending. T T

A firefly always wait for its true love to come.
But when it can't find its true love.
It will lose its light...
and die...

Why wait for something,
when you can look for it?
Love this line. =)
I just found out that 8TV cut out lots of scenes.. T T

Anyways, I passed my Biology! Surprisingly, I wasnt sad. Haha. I got 57.
Highest - 77 (Wei Wern)
2nd highest - 76 (Charissa)
3rd highest - 72 (Shu Zhen)
These ppl are craaazzay!!

I think I'm more on the Korean side. ;)
And and and can we celebrate that I can finally cry for movies? xP

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