Howl is so old.

>> Thursday, 23 March 2006

I... passed my EST! Lol. I got 60 for it. O_O
And I passed my Moral. 70 I think. Haha.
Still, my percentage is DAMN KAO LOW.
I'm afraid that I was going to fail my BM.. It's the last paper we havent get back, and it's very important; I hadnt failed before in my life and I hope I wont NOW, because it's the last paper I'm getting back. I wouldnt mind failing other papers, unless it's the last one. Cuz I put so much hope in it, I hope I wouldnt be disappointed!

I'm reading Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones now. It's DAMN KAO GOOD!! Howl seemed kinda cute and polite and friendly and somehow sarcastic and flirtatious in the book. He doesn't look like that in the movie though. =/ Oh, by the way, he's 27. DAMN KAO OLD. Why must she put him so old! =p
Anyways, this book is worth reading. It's so funny, that I couldnt concentrate on reading; I gotta concentrate on stop laughing too! =p I thought of buying it after I read it. ^^ FYI, I borrowed this book. DAMN KAO GOOD. Go buy it people! Kinokuniya, Popular, MPH, Borders, anywhere! =p

Hmm, I still havent been to Borders.

On Sunday, we went to Ikano (is it?) and there's a Popular bookfair. Woot, guess what? I bought Pride at RM29.90!! ^ ^ It's VCD though; I prefer DVD. Anyways, I've ALWAYS wanted to watch that show again. Takuya Kimura was so kawaii in there, although he's OLD.

I know why I hate and fear EST - cuz I fear oral! HATE ORAL. But I gotta face it sooner or later! So hopefully later. I'll get nervous and scared by that time, so you wont see me getting nervous and scared 10 minutes before EST! =p

Oh, Jojo said that I have sexy *ahem* and husky voice. Husky: Hoarse or rough in quality. O_O

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