Nope, not kidnapped

>> Sunday, 26 February 2006

No, I'm not kidnapped (hurrah or boo hoo? =p). The modem went crazy. Iish.

Form 4 is TOUGH!!! Cuz I hate studying, that's why. Let's see.. Chemistry's equation formulae are confusing. Physics calculations are confusing. Add Maths answers are confusing. Until now, I like only Biology among my other electives. I should be in art class. Or better, drop out of school! xD I know I'm just crapping, but school is tough!! > <

Eventually I joined Interact. I'm not even persuaded to join it! Wan Ying asked me whether I wanna join, I said "Why not?" Then the 2nd day she asked "Are you sure you wanna join?" I answered "Yea, sure. I lack of persatuan, besides, the uniform is nicer than ____, and, I've decided to join". So it's more of I persuaded her.
After the interview, I'm just a probate. The meaning behind this "probate" means I've failed. Ha-ha. But, luckily, Wan Ying failed "together" with me. You see, the reason we failed might be _____ and _____. ;)

I'm tagged by Rene!

1. Weird habit
- Hmm.. my words speaks louder than my action!
- I speak a bit too fast and a bit too loud, and I stammer. Just a lil la.
- Curse anyone I hate. Mwahaha.
- Laugh laugh laugh.

2. Weird obsession
- JJ? Lol.
- Izumi Sano (Hana Kimi)
- Umeda-sensei (Hana Kimi) (Too bad he's a gay xP)
- Dark
- Krad

3.Weird Cravings
- Hidamari no Tami =3

- JJ's pictorial album! *hint hint* =p
- Umm, something weird... change our education system to US system! xP
- Every subject as an elective! xD

4. Weird anatomy
- Iish my nose.
- My eye bags~~!!
- Oh, my mouth is too big...
- And and I'm too short and too fat.. T T

5.Weird dreams
- Hmm, I dreamt that my brother is an organ-eating monster! > <
- Oh, oh, I hv this dream "episodes" of the dragon dream, where currently there's only "2 episodes". Akaka.
- JJ is my brother~! And I saw his girlfriend. Do you think it's a Deja vu? Look at Yumi!

People to be tagged: Jessy, Mavis, Yin Yee, Tze Xian, Charlotte. =)


I just bought JJ's 4th album! And, because of some financial problems (not enough $$), I decided not to buy the 3rd album's karaoke. And I found out that I actually lived that. xD I'm still waiting for the pictorial album. =/ *hint hint*

I'm bankrupt. I've decided not to buy mags (at least not so much la) about JJ. Waste money ler. =p

I finally know the true meaning of TGIF. Lol.

The Gift by Danielle Steel is GRRReat! =)

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