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>> Wednesday, 8 February 2006

School is same as always. Sleepy. Boring. Worse still, I dont understand Bio and Chem and Physics and Add Maths. Everything's been going too fast. All I do was copying stuff and answer and go "huh?" everytime. Pure science is so not my thing. Argh.

I heard that this Jonathan in 4 Jati is cute. From Iyin and Sook Shiang, he is as red as a tomato.
A good way to say "he has pimple all over his face". xD
Then Iyin said: "If he doesnt hv those pimples, he might be cute."
If it's like that...
I need to know how he looks like. xD

Librarian training is.. OK. Wrapping books is hard. I prefer my way. xD

Wen Jo said I looked like Nicol David, she said she found that pic in the Physics textbook (pg 38, F4 textbook! xD). See, that's her on the left. I looked at it and say: "I thought she's an English." And then I go: "Am I that ugly?" xD Seriously. Is she a Malaysian? =/

Ok, maybe she DOES reminds me of me a little. But she looked much more prettier than me. Cuz I dont play squash. =/

Wen Jo's Love and Amnesia. (a MUST! And dont steal Prince Torrence from me cuz he's mine.)
Wen Jo's A Rose and A Gun
Wen Jo's To Love with the Purest Soul

Wan Ying's My Secret Diary. Dont get disappointed cuz that diary is just a story. But it's based on true story! OMG.

I love bishounen. <3 Bishounen has a slim waist? Means he's lean?
Cuz lean guy rox. Muscular guys gave me the thought that he's fat.
I'm so so sorry, JJ and Won Bin. I wonder Kim Jae Won has muscles.

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