>> Saturday, 4 February 2006

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! Get loads of angpows!

My CNY was OK. I didnt sleep very well though. =/ The angpows were great, around RM400++ for me, plus that 15 year old angpow my gave.. mwahaha *$$*. Anyways, I watched a bit of Perhaps Love. Iish. My twin cousins bought 19 DVDs, RM98. They said the DVD wasn't actually RM5 (damn. kao. cheap), but the people saw they bought so many, so.. discount la. OMG I envied them. If only I have the chance.. Also, I envied their straightforward. They could just say "geez, she looked crappy in that dress" with her in front of us. Once we watched this 2006 concert thingy in 8TV. I told them that K-One lip-sync. They then said Stupid la, cannot lip-sync also. Then S.H.E came out, they said Their dresses looked crappy. I think they looked OK, but Ella's sport shoes.. >_< She seriously has no fashion sense. =p

Oh, there's this one cute photo my brother took when we were in Kedah. It's a must-see, especially Yeo's big boss!

Aww, aren't they cute? 2 of my cousins. Puppy love. <3 Yeo's big boss, please contact them, they're so suitable as the spokepersons of your wonderful chrisanthemum tea.

I just went to Audrey's CNY party. My dad used 30 minutes to find her house. Geez, if only he followed the map. She invited lots of people. I wish I have that much friends. We ate first. There's so much curry, and I practically have nothing to eat. FYI, I anti-chillie. I just hung out with Wen Jo (aka W. J. J. Hong or Jo Jo), Wan Ying, Sher Min and Joanne (Teo).
After that, we were so bored, we visited every corner of her house. Gosh, she's so rich. The bathroom is like in a hotel. GOSH. Then we went down to play Heart Attack. Scary game. Advise: never teach your grandma/grandpa this game. We drank Coke+Bacaldi or however you spell it. The Bacaldi thingy contains 40% alcohol. GOSH. I drank a cup of that mixture. We even played "bom bom cha", whoever showed the wrong hand position should drink (sip) the, er, mixture. It's so BITTER. I'll never like alcohol. My parents would kill me if they know this.

I hate homework. I still have tons to do. Iish.

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