Nope, not kidnapped

>> Sunday, 26 February 2006

No, I'm not kidnapped (hurrah or boo hoo? =p). The modem went crazy. Iish.

Form 4 is TOUGH!!! Cuz I hate studying, that's why. Let's see.. Chemistry's equation formulae are confusing. Physics calculations are confusing. Add Maths answers are confusing. Until now, I like only Biology among my other electives. I should be in art class. Or better, drop out of school! xD I know I'm just crapping, but school is tough!! > <

Eventually I joined Interact. I'm not even persuaded to join it! Wan Ying asked me whether I wanna join, I said "Why not?" Then the 2nd day she asked "Are you sure you wanna join?" I answered "Yea, sure. I lack of persatuan, besides, the uniform is nicer than ____, and, I've decided to join". So it's more of I persuaded her.
After the interview, I'm just a probate. The meaning behind this "probate" means I've failed. Ha-ha. But, luckily, Wan Ying failed "together" with me. You see, the reason we failed might be _____ and _____. ;)

I'm tagged by Rene!

1. Weird habit
- Hmm.. my words speaks louder than my action!
- I speak a bit too fast and a bit too loud, and I stammer. Just a lil la.
- Curse anyone I hate. Mwahaha.
- Laugh laugh laugh.

2. Weird obsession
- JJ? Lol.
- Izumi Sano (Hana Kimi)
- Umeda-sensei (Hana Kimi) (Too bad he's a gay xP)
- Dark
- Krad

3.Weird Cravings
- Hidamari no Tami =3

- JJ's pictorial album! *hint hint* =p
- Umm, something weird... change our education system to US system! xP
- Every subject as an elective! xD

4. Weird anatomy
- Iish my nose.
- My eye bags~~!!
- Oh, my mouth is too big...
- And and I'm too short and too fat.. T T

5.Weird dreams
- Hmm, I dreamt that my brother is an organ-eating monster! > <
- Oh, oh, I hv this dream "episodes" of the dragon dream, where currently there's only "2 episodes". Akaka.
- JJ is my brother~! And I saw his girlfriend. Do you think it's a Deja vu? Look at Yumi!

People to be tagged: Jessy, Mavis, Yin Yee, Tze Xian, Charlotte. =)


I just bought JJ's 4th album! And, because of some financial problems (not enough $$), I decided not to buy the 3rd album's karaoke. And I found out that I actually lived that. xD I'm still waiting for the pictorial album. =/ *hint hint*

I'm bankrupt. I've decided not to buy mags (at least not so much la) about JJ. Waste money ler. =p

I finally know the true meaning of TGIF. Lol.

The Gift by Danielle Steel is GRRReat! =)


depressed and sarcastic

>> Wednesday, 8 February 2006

School is same as always. Sleepy. Boring. Worse still, I dont understand Bio and Chem and Physics and Add Maths. Everything's been going too fast. All I do was copying stuff and answer and go "huh?" everytime. Pure science is so not my thing. Argh.

I heard that this Jonathan in 4 Jati is cute. From Iyin and Sook Shiang, he is as red as a tomato.
A good way to say "he has pimple all over his face". xD
Then Iyin said: "If he doesnt hv those pimples, he might be cute."
If it's like that...
I need to know how he looks like. xD

Librarian training is.. OK. Wrapping books is hard. I prefer my way. xD

Wen Jo said I looked like Nicol David, she said she found that pic in the Physics textbook (pg 38, F4 textbook! xD). See, that's her on the left. I looked at it and say: "I thought she's an English." And then I go: "Am I that ugly?" xD Seriously. Is she a Malaysian? =/

Ok, maybe she DOES reminds me of me a little. But she looked much more prettier than me. Cuz I dont play squash. =/

Wen Jo's Love and Amnesia. (a MUST! And dont steal Prince Torrence from me cuz he's mine.)
Wen Jo's A Rose and A Gun
Wen Jo's To Love with the Purest Soul

Wan Ying's My Secret Diary. Dont get disappointed cuz that diary is just a story. But it's based on true story! OMG.

I love bishounen. <3 Bishounen has a slim waist? Means he's lean?
Cuz lean guy rox. Muscular guys gave me the thought that he's fat.
I'm so so sorry, JJ and Won Bin. I wonder Kim Jae Won has muscles.


No. 4

>> Sunday, 5 February 2006

4 Jobs I’ve had In My Life:
Student (lol), "dish-washer" (LOL), (lousy) writer, daydreamer

4 Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:
Perhaps Love, Narnia (lol), The Sound of Music, My Fair Lady

4 TV Shows I Love(d) to Watch:
Pride, Winter Sonata, CSI: Miami, Wonderful Life

4 Places Where I’ve Lived:
Taman Megah
Gurun. (for a while)
Alor Setar. (for a while)

4 Places I’ve Been On Vacation To:
Kelantan (ah, beautiful beach =3), Genting Highland, Cameron Highland, A' Famosa Water Park

4 Places I Would Rather Be:
Melbourne, Australia (Esther, where are you?)
New York, America (Cindy, I'm lost.)
Beach. Any BEAUTIFUL beaches. ^^
Pasar malam. =p

4 Of My Favourite Foods:
Waffle, Fish & Chips, Apple, Cheese

4 Websites I Visit Daily:
My blog

4 Beautiful People Worth Tagging:
Anyone bored. Or itchy hand. ;)



>> Saturday, 4 February 2006

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! Get loads of angpows!

My CNY was OK. I didnt sleep very well though. =/ The angpows were great, around RM400++ for me, plus that 15 year old angpow my gave.. mwahaha *$$*. Anyways, I watched a bit of Perhaps Love. Iish. My twin cousins bought 19 DVDs, RM98. They said the DVD wasn't actually RM5 (damn. kao. cheap), but the people saw they bought so many, so.. discount la. OMG I envied them. If only I have the chance.. Also, I envied their straightforward. They could just say "geez, she looked crappy in that dress" with her in front of us. Once we watched this 2006 concert thingy in 8TV. I told them that K-One lip-sync. They then said Stupid la, cannot lip-sync also. Then S.H.E came out, they said Their dresses looked crappy. I think they looked OK, but Ella's sport shoes.. >_< She seriously has no fashion sense. =p

Oh, there's this one cute photo my brother took when we were in Kedah. It's a must-see, especially Yeo's big boss!

Aww, aren't they cute? 2 of my cousins. Puppy love. <3 Yeo's big boss, please contact them, they're so suitable as the spokepersons of your wonderful chrisanthemum tea.

I just went to Audrey's CNY party. My dad used 30 minutes to find her house. Geez, if only he followed the map. She invited lots of people. I wish I have that much friends. We ate first. There's so much curry, and I practically have nothing to eat. FYI, I anti-chillie. I just hung out with Wen Jo (aka W. J. J. Hong or Jo Jo), Wan Ying, Sher Min and Joanne (Teo).
After that, we were so bored, we visited every corner of her house. Gosh, she's so rich. The bathroom is like in a hotel. GOSH. Then we went down to play Heart Attack. Scary game. Advise: never teach your grandma/grandpa this game. We drank Coke+Bacaldi or however you spell it. The Bacaldi thingy contains 40% alcohol. GOSH. I drank a cup of that mixture. We even played "bom bom cha", whoever showed the wrong hand position should drink (sip) the, er, mixture. It's so BITTER. I'll never like alcohol. My parents would kill me if they know this.

I hate homework. I still have tons to do. Iish.


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